How to Become a Travel Agent in North Dakota

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Are you interested in becoming a travel agent in North Dakota?

If you enjoy working with people and travel, you should certainly consider it.

There are no requirements to become a travel agent in North Dakota, but there are some things you can do to make the process smoother and more successful for you. 

Search Travel Agent Training Programs

Get information on Travel Agent Training programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Travel Agent Duties in North Dakota 

As a travel agent in North Dakota, you’ll work with clients to plan their trips.

You may choose to work with clients who are planning to travel to North Dakota, or clients in North Dakota wishing to travel to other areas. 

 It’s very important to understand your client’s needs and their wishes.

This will allow you to make each client’s trip the best it can be.  

You may perform duties including booking flights, transportation, and hotel accommodation.

Planning itineraries and recommending specific destinations are also common duties. 

It’s important to be ready to handle any issues that come up before or during travel.

Remember, your clients are depending on you. You are the expert, after all. 

Specific duties for a travel agent in North Dakota include:

  • Making flight and hotel reservations
  • Recommending specific attractions 
  • Booking tours and dinner reservations
  • Creating a schedule or itinerary
  • Ensuring that passports and visas are in order when needed
  • Providing advice or information about the destination

Licensing Requirements to be a Travel Agent in North Dakota

There are no specific licensing requirements to become a travel agent in North Dakota.

Generally, you are required to have a high school diploma.

If you choose to work with a travel agency, you may need to get certification, or go through their training program. 

If you plan to be an independent travel agent in North Dakota, you don’t have to be certified.

However, it’s still recommended. Certification can help you establish yourself as a legitimate travel agent. 

States that Require Licensing

There are a few states that require you to be licensed to act as a travel agent.

If you plan to work with clients in California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, and Washington, you’ll need to be licensed to practice in these states. 

Travel Agent Programs in North Dakota

University of North DakotaUniversity of North Dakota 

The University of North Dakota offers an online travel agent certification program.

The course requires 100 course hours and takes 6 months to complete. 

You’ll study the travel industry, including cruise lines, airlines, and hotels.

You’ll learn about popular tourist destinations, and how to sell travel services.

You’ll learn how to market yourself as a travel agent, and the customer service skills you’ll need. 

Once you’ve completed the program, you can take the Travel Agent Proficiency test, or TAP.

This allows you to show that you are a legitimate travel agent, and that you have the skills needed. 

This program costs $2,245.

This cost includes the cost of the TAP test. 

North Dakota State University North Dakota State University 

North Dakota State University offers the only bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Event Management program in North Dakota.

This 4 year program prepares you for many potential careers, including a travel agent, tourism manager, marketing manager, and restaurant owner. 

You’ll learn management strategies, finances, technology needed, and time management.

As you continue your education, you’ll select electives based on the field you plan to go into. 

The program also offers internship options.

You can begin working in the industry while you are working to get your degree. 

Penn FosterPenn Foster

Penn Foster offers an online travel agent program.

You will learn about air travel in the U.S., popular tourist destinations around the world, and tourism.

You’ll also be prepared for the Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) exam once the course is completed.

Travel Agent Representative Schools in North Dakota – Summary Table

School Name Address
University of North Dakota Grand Forks, ND 58202, United States
North Dakota State University 1340 Administration Ave, Fargo, ND 58105, United States
Penn Foster 925 Oak St, Scranton, PA 18515, United States

North Dakota Travel Agent Salary

The average salary for a travel agent in North Dakota is $38,683.

Salaries range from $35,249 to $45,050.

This is a reasonable salary, particularly due to the low education requirements for travel agents. 

How much you make as a travel agent will depend on your experience, education, whether you choose to specialize in a certain type of travel, and certifications. 

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Fargo $34,441
Bismarck $35,836
Grand Forks $32,969
Minot $35,286
Mandan $35,836
Dickinson $35,286
Jamestown $34,588
West Fargo $34,441
Williston $35,286
Wahpeton $33,891

Regional Salary in North Dakota

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Fargo, ND-MN60$43,070$20.71$59,280$30,850
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Travel Agents, OCC Code 41-3041, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are travel agents in demand in North Dakota?


the travel agent industry is expected to grow considerably.

In fact, the demand for travel agents is expected to grow by 20% over the next decade, which is much faster than average.

How do I get started as a travel agent in North Dakota?

Becoming certified isn’t required to be a travel agent in North Dakota.

However, it is recommended, particularly if you don’t have any experience in the field.

If you have experience in a related field, like wedding or event planning or sales, this can help you get started as well.

What skills do you need to be a travel agent in North Dakota?

Strong customer service skills and attention to detail are essential for being a North Dakota travel agent.

You should also be very organized, and have a passion for travel.

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