How to Become a Travel Agent in Delaware

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If you already have a background in the field of hospitality or travel, consider taking your professional career one step further by becoming a travel agent in Delaware.

Travel agents have rewarding careers that involve planning memorable travel experiences and networking with other industry professionals. 

Read on to learn more about travel agent duties, licensing requirements, and travel agent programs in Delaware. 

Search Travel Agent Training Programs

Get information on Travel Agent Training programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Travel Agent Duties – Delaware

Travel agents do more than just book flights or cruises.  

Delaware travel agents complete travel planning services for clients according to their needs.

Delaware travel agents carry out a wide variety of interrelated duties to secure the best airline fares, car rental rates, and excursion passes for their clients. 

Below are examples of additional duties carried out by Delaware travel agents. 

Conducting In-Depth Travel Research 

Researching far-away destinations and learning integral details about cities, states, towns, countries, and their laws or customs is a large part of a travel agent’s job.

They act as the eyes and ears for their clients, who come to them as experts and ask for help to choose the best travel destination and deals based on their preferences. 

Making Travel Recommendations

Travel agents act as travel counselors who listen to the information given to them by their clients and use that information to create memorable travel experiences.

Agents make unique recommendations based on pertinent factors like the desired location, budget, and number of people.

Travel Planning and Itineraries

Once clients and agents decide on a location and date of travel, the next step is for travel agents to begin travel planning by finding the best rates and deals on airline tickets, cruise tickets, rail tickets, and other related accommodations and entertainment venues to be included in the itinerary.

The agent will compile all of the trip details and provide it to the client as a guide or itinerary that outlines their trip every step of the way. 

Handling Customer Service for Clients and Travel Partners

Providing excellent customer service to clients, travel partners, and regulatory agencies is paramount for the success of Delaware travel agents.

Entry-level agents without customer service skills should seek to hone these skills by enrolling in online customer service training or online travel agent courses that can teach them how to handle disgruntled customers and other travel partners. 

Offering Recommendations or Selling Travel Insurance

Many US travelers opt to secure their travel by purchasing travel insurance.

Delaware agents with a license to sell travel insurance may offer this safeguard to their clients as part of their travel packages.

Agents not licensed to sell travel insurance should partner with licensed agencies or agents to provide their clients with a total travel solution and additional peace of mind. 

Licensing Requirements for Delaware Travel Agents 

Travel agents in Delaware aren’t required to have a license to carry out the duties of an agent.

However, agents who operate independently and those who work from home will likely be required to obtain a business or occupational license from the Delaware Division of Revenue. 

Delaware occupational licenses are required for each location operated by travel agents and travel agencies.

Occupational license fees must be renewed annually. 

The costs of occupational licenses or business licenses in Delaware will vary based on the size of the business and the business services offered. 

Travel Agent Programs in Delaware

Delaware State University Delaware State University 

About the Program

Delaware State University testing services and adult continuing education offers a self-paced travel agent course that teaches new and experienced agents basic, advanced, and continuing education skills for travel agents online.

Their classes include instruction on the following topics. 

  • Customer Service
  • Airline Booking
  • Cruise Booking
  • Specialty Travel 
  • Travel Planning

Online Certification Options

  • American Society of Travel Agents
  • CTA Certification
  • IATA Certification 

Travel Agent Representative Schools in Delaware – Summary Table

School Name Address
Delaware State University  1200 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States

Salary reports that Delaware travel agents make between $37,000 and $48,000 annually.

The average for Delaware agents falls around $41,000.

Factors that can affect salary: 

  1. Experience
  2. Location
  3. Agency Type: Independent, Large, Small 
Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Wilmington $38,546
Dover $38,649
Newark $38,516
Milford $38,843
Seaford $38,199
Middletown $38,522
Lewes $38,843
Smyrna $38,562
New Castle $38,546
Georgetown $38,843

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do travel agents make in Delaware? reports that travel agents in Delaware make an average annual salary of around $41,000.

Depending on several factors, agents can make more or less than the average amount.

Agents working with larger agencies in more prominent areas may command higher salaries than independent agents.

Do I need a license to work as a travel agent in Delaware?


The state of Delaware doesn’t require its travel agents to secure an official license.

However, some additional licensing requirements and occupational licenses may apply to agents who operate independently and those travel agents working from home.

There are also licensing requirements for agents who want to sell specialized travel services and travel insurance.

Are there any travel agent schools in Delaware?


There are a few online travel agent programs in Delaware, like the one offered by Delaware State University.

DSU offers a six-month, self-paced program that teaches new travel agents basic, intermediate, and advanced travel agent skills like travel planning, customer service, and travel marketing

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