How to Become a Travel Agent in Maine

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As a travel agent in Maine, your job will be to plan travel itineraries, organize tours, book transportation, and secure accommodations.

Whether you are an in-state travel agent or someone who works internationally, you want to prepare for your career.

Here is a guide to show you where to train and what to expect when employed as a travel agent in ME.

Search Travel Agent Training Programs

Get information on Travel Agent Training programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Travel Agent Duties in Maine

Maine is a New England state well-known for being at the northeastmost corner of the nation.

Maine is also one of the smaller by land mass states and is a lesser populous state than nearby New York or Pennsylvania.

Having a job as a ME travel agent requires different strengths than you need compared to other places.

You most likely will be planning travel to places outside of Maine, and you need applicable travel knowledge and experience of traveling beyond the state.

Your daily duties will cover the following: 

  • Planning travel itineraries
  • Purchasing tickets for transportation
  • Preordering food and meals
  • Booking hotels and other accommodations
  • Organizing sightseeing tours, events, excursions, and activities for groups
  • Determining safety risks and understanding precautions

Your goal will be to help clients travel safely and enjoy their time traveling.

Along with consulting with clients traveling, you may need to maintain contact during their trip in case of an emergency. 

Depending on your level of expertise as a travel agent, your work will also entail coordinating with various travel industry professionals.

This includes ticket agencies, tour companies, vendors, and hotels. A hospitality industry background can serve you well in the travel agent world.

Licensing Requirements to Become a ME Travel Agent

In Maine, you do not have to get a travel agent license or be certified to work legally.

Like most in the nation, the state does not make travel agents get a special license or attend a training course.

However, you will most likely want a business license if you plan on working solo as a ME travel agent.

The business license will protect your business and personal interests when offering travel services.

Travel Agent Programs

Central Maine Community CollegeCentral Maine Community College

At Central Maine Community College, students can enroll in a travel agent course that is quite extensive.

Over a year, students train in online coursework as they prepare to become ME travel agents.

The program results in certification and can lead to a business management degree.

In addition, students are prepared to sit for the Travel and Tourism Professional exam.

The TTP certification exam is a national exam useful for Maine travel agents.

University of Southern MaineUniversity of Southern Maine

The University of Southern Maine has a program called Tourism and Hospitality.

The program is a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality.

The course requires four years of school, including general and core subjects like math and English.

However, students can specialize in their favorite areas of tourism and hospitality.

This can lead to internships at businesses where students can work in the future.

Travel Agent Representative Schools in Maine – Summary Table

School Name Address
Central Maine Community College 1250 Turner St, Auburn, ME 04210, United States
University of Southern Maine 96 Falmouth St. Portland, ME 04102, United States


In the US, the annual salary for a travel agent is approximately $40,000.

This is based on the travel agent’s experience, expertise, and location.

How does this annual salary compare to a Maine travel agent?

In Biddeford, Maine, you can earn between $36,036 and $46,058 a year as someone who sells travel services. 

That salary is lower, on average, at $39,000 compared to the national estimate for travel agent salaries.

In Saco, ME, the annual salary is approximately $39,000 as well for a travel agent in-state.

Therefore, you will earn less as a travel agent in Maine in most cities. 

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Portland $36,207
Lewiston $35,840
Bangor $33,549
South Portland $36,207
Auburn $35,840
Brunswick $35,889
Biddeford $36,036
Sanford $36,952
Augusta $34,511
Scarborough $36,207

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Maintain a Travel Agent License to Work in Maine Legally?

No, in Maine, as with most US states, you are not required to have a travel agent license to work in the industry.

You can sell travel services and products without being licensed.

But you are required to be bonded with an insurance provider.

This is a business requirement to protect you and your clients if something goes wrong.

Will Maine Make Me Attend Training for Travel Agents to Sell Travel?

No, you are not legally required to go to school for travel agents to sell travel in Maine.

The state is similar to most other states and does not make you attend training.

However, it is a good investment in most cases to attend at least one travel agent training program.

You can network and find employment when you have connections with a travel agent school.

Do People Travel to Maine?

Of course!

Just like all the states in the nation, Maine is popular for its own reasons.

While the state is far away in New England compared to most states, this adds to the charm.

Along with famous author Stephen King who lived in Bangor, ME, you can work your way through plates of seafood cuisine and explore the fascinating boating culture of the state.

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