How to Become a Travel Agent in Kentucky

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Anyone can call themselves a travel agent, but you need some skills and knowledge to be able to do a good job.

Kentucky has very few rules in this area.

They only require that the business be registered.

Anyone can also do their own planning, but a good travel agent can do that for a person better than they could themselves.

Kentucky could be a good state to work as a travel agent.

Search Travel Agent Training Programs

Get information on Travel Agent Training programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Travel Agent Duties in Kentucky

A travel agent’s main job is to plan and execute travel arrangements.

This could be business travel or an extravagant family vacation.

You need to be knowledgeable about many destinations and be able to get the best deals for your clients.

You may also need to help clients make decisions, and guide them to some degree.

Offering solid travel advice is an important aspect of the job.

There is some salesmanship involved as well.

Your company may want you to sell certain vacation packages, and most will want you to sell travel insurance.

You need some people skills either way.

Duties can also include promoting the business, planning, budgeting, and general office jobs that need to be done.

Licensing Requirement to Become a Travel Agent in Kentucky

You do not have to have a license, 

The business itself has to register with the state, and that includes any individual travel agents in the business.

If you are self-employed you would only have to register your business, as any self-employed person would.

The state requires you to register your business every year, and there is a minimal cost to do so.

Renewing is very easy.

You must also post a bond, or a surety bond, with the state which acts as a sort of insurance policy.

It guarantees payment if you act fraudulently or otherwise cause harm to someone you are doing business with. 

It would not cover travel disruptions.

It only covers what the business is liable for,

Travel Agent Programs in Kentucky

Licensing is not required, so you don’t legally have to do anything other than register with the state.

There are professional organizations that have tests where you can prove your knowledge and skill level.

Having passed one of those professional tests could help you get a job as a travel agent.

There are several programs that will help you learn what you need to know, and will even help you take the test to get accredited by a professional organization.

Eastern Kentucky University offers an online course you can do at your own pace.

The program costs $2,245 and includes 100 hours of instruction.

Several junior colleges and other universities also offer this program. 

In this course.

In these, you will learn all you need to know about the travel industry, and how to be a travel agent.

It will also prepare you for the Travel Agent Proficiency test that is given by the Travel Institute.

The Kentucky Travel Industry Association also offers an online course that costs $250 and can be completed on your schedule. 

This program helps you become a travel professional, which is slightly different from a travel agent.

A travel professional is a consultant, while the agent makes the reservations.

You could easily do both.

Salary for Travel Agents in Kentucky

Travel agents in Kentucky average $37,910 per year, and that ranges from $34,000 to $44,000, depending on experience and expertise.

That is well below the national average of $40,287, which ranges from $36,000 to $46,000

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Lexington-Fayette $34,423
Louisville $34,849
Owensboro $34,477
Bowling Green $33,267
Covington $35,899
Hopkinsville $33,039
Frankfort $33,560
Henderson $34,697
Richmond $34,086
Aberdeen $32,745

Regional Salary in Kentucky

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Lexington-Fayette, KY40$46,690$22.45$71,880$38,550
Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN80$45,590$21.92$65,240$17,990
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Travel Agents, OCC Code 41-3041, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job outlook for travel agents?

Nationwide the job outlook is good, with a 20 percent increase from 2021 through 2031.

The Bureau of labor statistics projects about 7,500 job openings per year.

A lot of those will be replacing people who have retired.

Prospects are great in Kentucky, which is expected to have more jobs than the national average in this field.

Kentucky leads the nation in job vacancies expected in coming years, according to

Kentucky has about 400 travel agencies, which is lower than a lot of states, and that is expected to change in coming years.

Can you be a travel agent without education?

The short answer is yes.

Agencies can hire anyone they like and may set their own requirements.

Licensing is not required.

If you have been involved in the travel industry in another state, you could start working immediately in Kentucky with an agency, or start your own.

Anyone can start a travel agent business in Kentucky, and do business as soon as you register with the state.

Since there is no licensing, what is the advantage of a school program?

The training programs help you learn all you need to know about being a travel agent.

If you don’t have experience, there would be a lot of things you would not know.

The training program also gets you ready to take a test with a state or national travel agency.

That test certifies that you have the knowledge and ability to be a travel agent.

That will help you get a job, and many travel agencies require at cleat that level for travel agents.

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