11 Future-Proof Stem Careers for Millennials

Stem Careers

If you are thinking about your future job, you have probably heard a lot of people tell you to go into STEM.

Careers in science, technology, engineering and math are predicted to be in high demand over the next several decades, making them a good choice for anyone who values job security and high earning potential.

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1. Doctor


Why Become a Doctor?

As our population ages and medical care becomes more complicated, there will be an increased need for doctors.

While this field requires a high amount of post-secondary education, it is very lucrative.

Many doctors will start their careers by working very long hours, but, by the midpoint of their careers, many of them have the opportunity to choose their schedule.

Doctor Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$242,190
Avg. Pay / hour$116.44
Education4+ Years

2. Dentist


Why Become a Dentist?

The demand for dentists over the next two decades is predicted to increase.

Education requirements are slightly less than doctors, and the earning potential is nearly as good.

Dentists can choose to work for a major chain of dental offices or set up their own dental office.

Dentist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$167,160
Avg. Pay / hour$80.37
Education4+ Years

3. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Why Become A Chemical Engineer?

Chemical engineers work for a wide variety of companies doing everything from designing cosmetics to determining the quality of petroleum.

Chemical engineers can usually find jobs in their field with just a bachelor’s degree.

Jobs in this field can be found all over the world, typically with medium to large companies.

Chemical Engineer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$121,840
Avg. Pay / hour$58.58
Education4+ Years

4. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineer

Why Become a Biomedical Engineer?

Biomedical engineering is a relatively new field, but it is projected to grow over the next several years.

Biomedical engineers work with the interface between biology and mechanical or physical interfaces and equipment.

They were essential to the development of pacemakers, prosthetic limbs, and other modern medical advances.

Biomedical Engineer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$101,020
Avg. Pay / hour$48.57
Education4+ Years

5. Materials Engineer

Materials Engineer

Why Become a Materials Engineer?

Materials engineers are similar to chemical engineers in that their work can be done in a large variety of fields.

Materials engineers can work in the aerospace field developing new airfoil materials or for a food manufacturer developing new packaging material.

You will have your pick of companies to work for, as nearly everyone needs someone in this role in their factories.

It is even possible to become specialized in a field such as food engineering or space materials.

Materials Engineer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$101,950
Avg. Pay / hour$49.02
Education4+ Years

6. Accountant


Why Become an Accountant?

Accountants have always been in demand at a variety of financial firms, and the profession has long been considered a stable one.

The job is often more than simple bookkeeping; accountants today are often expected to analyze data and make recommendations about future investments and the viability of current ones.

Accounting is a career field that is present in a lot of different industries.

While many people choose to work for government agencies or banks, it is also possible to work for big non-profit groups or in career fields as diverse as aerospace to theme parks.

Accountant Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$83,980
Avg. Pay / hour$40.37
Education4+ Years

7. Geophysicist


Why Become a Geophysicist?

Geophysicists analyze the data generated from events such as earthquakes and floods.

They then use this data to redraw maps and make predictions about future environmental and geographic events.

While this is a relatively small career field, it can be very interesting for people who are interested in solving problems on a large scale.

Geophysicist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$103,550
Avg. Pay / hour$49.78
Education4+ Years

8. Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

Why Become a Financial Analyst?

Financial analysts are responsible for taking the raw data from accountants and bookkeepers and making predictions about the viability of current and future investments.

There are opportunities for financial analysts with large and small financial firms, banks, and a wide variety of consulting firms.

Compensation can run the gamut from small amounts for financial analysts who work for non-profit or government agencies to millions of dollars a year for financial analysts who run their own consultancy firms.

Financial Analyst Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$103,550
Avg. Pay / hour$49.78
Education3-4 Years

9. Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Why Become a Civil Engineer?

Civil engineers are responsible for building roads, bridges, and other parts of the infrastructure our nation relies on.

CEs are able to work for government agencies as inspectors. do design work on public projects or work for private companies on redevelopment projects.

It is possible to have a good amount of stability in this career field or to advance into management with some experience.

Civil Engineer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$95,490
Avg. Pay / hour$45.91
Education4+ Years

10. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Why Become a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical engineers are some of the most versatile engineers.

Nearly every manufacturer needs to have at least one ME on its staff.

Duties can include everything from redesigning equipment, developing a new manufacturing process, or making the current design of a vehicle or consumer product more efficient.

While mechanical engineers are some of the lowest-paid engineers, the career field offers a lot of flexibility and job security.

Mechanical Engineer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$97,000
Avg. Pay / hour$46.64
Education4+ Years

11. Biochemist


Why Become a Biochemist?

Biochemists are responsible for analyzing organic substances.

Work can include running chemical tests on unknown substances from a body at a crime scene or determining the composition of a consumer product to ensure it complies with regulations.

Biochemistry is a field that is constantly being updated; people in this career field should expect the need to constantly update their skills and knowledge.

Biochemist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$113,460
Avg. Pay / hour$54.55
Education4+ Years

Jamie Willis