14 Pros and Cons of Working for Pizza Hut

If you were to survey a variety of the population on their favorite food, many responses would come back for pizza.

This almost universally beloved dough creation has roots as far back as the year 1000 in Italy.

What we know and obsess over didn’t get rolled out until the late 1700s.

Since then, pizza parlors everywhere seem to believe theirs is tops. 

Perhaps the most well-known out of all the pizza makers is Pizza Hut.

There’s even a location across from the pyramids in Cairo!

With all that clout, it’s clearly an interesting place to be associated with.

So, what’s it like as an employee of Pizza Hut?

Pros of Working for Pizza Hut

1. Personal Pizza

The main attraction at Pizza Hut is, naturally, pizza.

Whether you’re on the clock or not, you get to indulge yourself. 

At work, employees get free food during their shifts.

It’s not just scraps, either.

Everyone is entitled to one personal-sized pan pizza, bread or cinnamon sticks, and a beverage.

A small salad is also included.

The best part of that is it’s not just the food that makes you want to take a nap, there are greens in there as well.

Want to get a bite on your day off?

There’s still a 25% discount!  

2. Communication Skills

There’s nothing like food service that will improve communication skills.

The reason is, there are so many people one has to talk to throughout a shift.

That goes from the person putting together the pizza to the person greeting customers.

Working at Pizza Hut will open you up to a plethora of attitudes and gratitudes.

A place like this is sort of ground zero for building customer service and being able to communicate in the worst of situations.

These are real, hard-earned lessons.

3. Flexible Schedule

You see a lot of young people working here because of the flexibility.

Many are in college or just starting out on their own and need a job that can work around their lives.

That can be tough to find, especially when there’s not much of a job history.

Pizza Hut accommodates the needs because it can.

Basically, there are times that are busier than others, when it comes to ordering pizza, and much of that time is after class has been dismissed. 

4. Supportive Environment

You may get hired at Pizza Hut for one thing, but eventually, everyone gets cross-trained.

This is great for business, but it might be even better for the employees.

Not only is it easier to switch schedules at the last minute, but it creates an understanding.

Everyone behind the counter knows the trials and tribulations of each position.

That creates sympathy amongst coworkers and a greater willingness to help out.

The end goal for everyone is just to get through the shift, so we might as well all play the same game. 

5. Tips

Sure, it would be better if everyone was getting paid enough so that tips didn’t exist.

However, until we’re at that point, there are positive things about tips.

For one, the tips left in the front jar are divided amongst those who are there, aside from management.

That means everyone gets a little piece of the pie.

Drivers get tips, too! Another great thing about tips is that it’s cash right now.

Less of a money crunch leading up to payday is always helpful. 

6. Benefits

If you love Pizza Hut enough to stick around as a career move, there are some big benefits.

Aside from healthcare, corporate Pizza Hut offers a lot.

Benefits to look forward to are a month of vacation, parental leave for both new parents, volunteer days, childcare, dry cleaning, adoption assistance, and even half-day Fridays. 

7. Diversity

When it comes to universal foods, pizza is on the list.

That means all ethnic backgrounds are going to be open to working at Pizza Hut.

As an employee, you’ll get to learn more about coworkers with cultural traditions that are different than your own.

On top of that, you’ll get to be exposed to an even wider variety of people who come in as customers.

Short interactions on the phone or at the register can really provide all kinds of new perspectives. 

Cons of Working for Pizza Hut

1. High vs Low Seasons

Just like in retail, there are times of the year when the transactions are more frequent than others.

So, Pizza Hut will have a revolving staff that expands throughout the year.

Unlike retail, these aren’t classified as seasonal jobs.

When the pizza ordering slows down, there are perhaps too many people on the schedule.

That can be a pain for a number of reasons.

To begin with, management will likely do what they can to make sure everyone gets hours.

Fewer hours for everyone is the only real way to accomplish that.

Fewer hours equal less pay, which might indirectly push employees out the door.

2. Low Pay

Speaking of pay, employees can’t handle a cut in hours because they already don’t make enough.

The tip jar isn’t just a suggestion, it’s a necessity.

Not getting a lot of money for your time isn’t as much of a problem for students who still live at home, but they don’t even makeup half of the workforce.

Many adults looking to make ends meet apply to Pizza Hut because they will get access to quick cash in the form of tips.

Unfortunately, low pay is one of the main reasons employees leave.

Workers with experience or comparable skills don’t stay around long enough to level up. 

3. Old Technology

The internet and smartphones have evolved society, just not Pizza Hut.

These days, prospective diners have several options in which to enjoy a particular type of food.

Pizza Hut has yet to update its internal system to accommodate the changes in the way people get their food.

Pizza, the original delivery food, no longer has to rely on the restaurant drivers to get food out.

Thanks to various apps, a number of people could show up to take the box home.

That’s causing the system to get clogged and confusing for workers trying to get orders out the door.

4. Lack of Career Growth

Coming in as a newbie to Pizza Hut can be exciting when you realize there are several positions in the restaurant one could have.

Cross-training makes you sort of an expert at running all things.

That gives employees the sense that they are sort of gearing up for better things down the line.

Unfortunately, that is often not the case.

Due to income, many would-be promotions never materialize.

There just isn’t enough incentive to keep them around.

Moving up takes a long time and many can’t hold off on bringing more money home.

5. Stretched Too Thin

It’s all fun and games until you’re the reason management isn’t hiring new people.

Cross-training provides you with more skills but it also enables management to find more ways to stretch out the staff that already exists.

Coming to work and being expected to become the jack of all trades during a shift is a lot of pressure for anyone.

This expectation leads to juggling and that can cause the ball to drop in one way or another.

6. Management

One big gripe Pizza Hut employees everywhere seem to have is with the management.

Whether it’s poor scheduling or lack of helping out when needed, managers are not what the employees need them to be.

This problem might be upper management’s issue.

Perhaps they did not extend the right amount of training to people who would be in charge of entire stores. 

7. Smell of Pizza

Depending on your level of dedication to pizza, this may or may not be a bad thing.

However, it might be offputting to other people in your life to constantly be bombarded with the smell.

That goes double-time for delivery drivers. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Pizza Hut – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Pizza HutCons of Working for Pizza Hut
1. Personal Pizza1. High vs Low Seasons
2. Communication Skills2. Low Pay
3. Flexible Schedule3. Old Technology
4. Supportive Environment4. Lack of Career Growth
5. Tips5. Stretched Too Thin
6. Benefits6. Management
7. Diversity7. Smell of Pizza

Should You Work for Pizza Hut?

There can be plenty of benefits to working for a global brand.

Aside from name recognition and the ability to move around, being exposed to pizza all day can also be counted as a perk.

However, depending on the job title, it may not be the type of environment you would see as a long-term employment situation.

Before starting at Pizza Hut, it would be wise to examine both the positions available and what your career trajectory is planned to look like.

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