14 Pros and Cons of Working for Little Caesars

Pizza is one of the American favorites, along with burgers.

Many places offer pizza as one of their options for food.

You can get pizza from a variety of places, such as Pizza Hut, some convenience stores, Dominos, and Little Caesars.

You might love eating at some of these places, but what is it like to work for them?

Today, we are exploring the pros and cons of working for one of the most well-known pizza places, Little Caesars.

Pros of Working for Little Caesars

Here are some of the pros employees have of working for Little Caesars.

Easy to stay busy

If you want a job where you always have things to do, working for Little Caesars is one of them.

Many employees agree that it is pretty easy to stay busy when working for Little Caesars.

You always have something to do, even when there are no customers there to take orders for.

Fortunately, if you want a job that doesn’t have much downtime with nothing to do, Little Caesars just might work for you.

Simple and easy work

While there is a lot of work available during your shifts, many employees have commented that the work is pretty simple and easy to do.

Most of the tasks are not too complicated, which means that the tasks themselves can be less stressful.

Unfortunately, you still have to work with customers, which can be stressful in itself.

Aside from complicated and rude customers, most employees like that the tasks are easy to do and they can stay busy throughout their shifts.

Decent work environment

Most employees consider the work environment to be pretty decent when compared to similar places of work.

The people are overall friendly, there are good benefits, and Little Caesars has free food during the shifts.

According to some employee reviews, there isn’t too much stress about getting all of the tasks done, and no one is breathing down your neck or micromanaging.

However, this might be specific to the location you are in.

Some employees say that their location isn’t as good of a work environment as others claim.

Good starter job

There are good and bad things to every job, and that includes Little Caesars.

Little Caesars might not pay as much as some people would like, but most can agree that it makes a good starter job in the industry.

You can easily make your start at Little Caesars and move to another job that pays better once you get some experience under your belt.

While Little Caesars is viewed as a decent starting place, there are not many opportunities to move up or be promoted.

Flexible schedule

If you need to rearrange your schedule for other life commitments, it is relatively easy to get things switched around.

Many employees have commented that the shifts are a good length, and most managers or supervisors are easy to talk with to get the time off or switch schedules around.

This is good when you have other commitments such as family, doctor’s appointments, or other things that need to get taken care of.

Reasonable hours

We touched on this a little bit above when talking about Little Caesars having a flexible schedule.

Little Caesars is said to have reasonable hours.

The shifts aren’t too long or too short.

They are just about the right length for the type of work that is expected of you.

With that said, some people are not happy with their hours, but for the most part, the majority of employees are very happy with the number of hours that they are assigned to work.

Nice people to work with

The people you work with can either make or break the environment you work in.

In many locations, the employees have stated that the people they worked with at Little Caesars were very nice to work with and make the workday fun.

Unfortunately, every job has good people and bad people to work with, including Little Caesars.

Very few employees have commented that they often left work feeling down due to the people they were working with.

Fortunately, this seems to be few and far between based on the reviews employees have left.

Cons of Working for Little Caesars

Now that we have talked about the pros of working for Little Caesars, let’s talk about the cons employees have had about working here.

Low pay

Like with any fast food or low-end restaurant, employees complain about the low pay they receive for the amount of work they have to do.

Considering these types of jobs are meant for teenagers or people just starting out in the workforce, it makes sense that the pay is lower.

As mentioned above, Little Caesars and other similar jobs are better as a starter job rather than a job where you move up.

If you want something that pays better, most employees recommend finding someplace different.

If you don’t mind the lower pay, it should be a decent fit.

Bad management

While most employees say that they had good coworkers that helped add to a decent work environment, there have been complaints about middle and upper management.

Unfortunately, middle management isn’t paid much more than lower employees, and it shows by the way they treat them.

Many employees have been overlooked or treated horribly by management for next to no reason at all.

Fortunately, this seems to depend on the location as to whether management is bad.

Some people have had great management at the location they worked at.

It’s all luck of the draw where management is concerned.

Always moving on your feet

Little Caesars, along with other food service jobs, involves a lot of moving and ups and downs.

Some people have a hard time with all of that standing, walking, bending, and constant moving during the workday.

For these people, all of the physical movement can be very hard for them and is considered a huge low point to the job.

While it can be a problem for some people, others seem to enjoy the constant movement over the possibilities of a desk job.


Some people tend to pick favorites to promote, no matter what job you are in.

Unfortunately, that goes for Little Caesars as well.

Many employees have said that their managers at Little Caesars tend to pick favorites to move up rather than the people who rightfully deserve it due to hard work.

If you work hard and show what you are made of, it sometimes isn’t enough if someone is best buddies with management.

Fortunately, the issues of favoritism or nepotism seem to be location-specific.

Not all employees or locations have that problem.

Managers have bad hours

As mentioned in the pros section, most employees have decent hours.

Unfortunately, if you are a manager, you end up with extra long hours and usually are responsible for opening and closing.

Even though you have longer hours as a manager, you are still paid roughly the same as the employees under you.

You get extra responsibility for roughly the same amount of pay.

Little to no overtime

When people have jobs with low pay, it usually helps pay the bills if they can get all the overtime they need.

Unfortunately, Little Caesars doesn’t want to pay for overtime.

If you try to get overtime, they heavily look down on it, and you are officially on their bad side.

If you are responsible for paying bills and have other commitments, sometimes you need that overtime to make ends meet.

With that said, some employees have to find a second job to help pay the bills every month.

Poor training

There’s nothing worse than showing up for a job that doesn’t train its employees well.

Little Caesars is no exception to this.

Some employees would like to see better training, especially the managers.

Unfortunately, many employees have found that once they became managers, they were told to figure it out themselves.

Any new position should have training for employees to do their job as effectively as possible.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Little Caesars – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Little CaesarsCons of Working for Little Caesars
Easy to stay busyLow pay
Simple and easy workBad management
Decent work environmentAlways moving on your feet
Good starter jobFavoritism
Flexible scheduleManagers have bad hours
Reasonable hoursLittle to no overtime
Nice people to work withPoor training

Should You Work for Little Caesars?

Like with any job, it depends on the person and the desires you have for your job.

The overall work environment doesn’t seem to be too bad, but it could be if you end up in a location with bad managers.

If you want the job to stay busy and interact with people or start out in the industry, then Little Caesars might be a good fit for you.

Unfortunately, if you need a job that pays well so you can pay your bills and other expenses, then you might want to look at a different company that pays its employees better.

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