14 Pros and Cons of Working for Allied Universal

Allied Universal is a security and facility services company.

At Allied Universal, they provide businesses with the security and technologies their clients need so they can focus on their company.

Allied Universal hires many employees, and with that comes a variety of complaints and comments.

Below, we are going to talk about the pros and cons that past employees have had when working for Allied Universal.

Pros of Working for Allied Universal

Below are some of the most common pros that employees have had about working for Allied Universal.

1. Lots of work and overtime

Many employees talk about the countless amount of work that is available to those who want or need it.

Unfortunately, some jobs don’t have enough hours for some people, so this can be a huge upside to those who need the extra hours to support a family and pay the bills.

Along with the large amount of work available, employees have the option for lots of overtime.

Options for overtime mean more hours, which means more opportunities to earn money.

Unfortunately, this can be a huge downside for those employees who don’t want the extra overtime.

2. The work is fast-paced, so it is hard to get bored

For those people who don’t like boring or slow work days, Allied Universal can be a good option.

Most employees agree that Allied Universal has a fast-paced work environment, so if that is what you want, then Allied Universal might be a good fit.

Working at a fast pace means that you will never get bored sitting at a desk in one spot.

Unfortunately, that fast-paced work environment isn’t for everyone, but if it works for you, then have at it.

3. You get paid more often

With most jobs, you get paid every two weeks or twice a month.

At Allied Universal, employees have reported getting paid every single week.

This is helpful when you live paycheck to paycheck because your paycheck comes more often.

Unfortunately, your paycheck may not be as big because it is coming every week instead of every other week.

This seems to be one of the most common pros though, because who doesn’t love getting their hard-earned money more often?

4. Some locations have decent flexibility

There are lots of different sites and locations to move and transfer through.

With the many locations available, some of them have a lot of flexibility with the hours and the schedule.

Although this is the case for many employees, some employees have indicated this is not the case for their location.

The flexibility in schedule is dependent on the site or location you are assigned to as well as the clients you are working for.

5. Good starting point

Many employees agree that working for Allied Universal is a good starting point.

Although it is a good starting point, employees say that they would not recommend staying at Allied Universal on a long-term basis.

Allied Universal is seen as a stepping stone in the security business to get to better-paying jobs and companies.

If you are looking for a job in security to get more experience and earn a paycheck, then Allied Universal might be a good fit.

If you are looking for something more long-term with lots of options to move up in the company, then you might want to look elsewhere.

6. Easy to get lots of shifts

With extra work opportunities come extra shifts. Just like it is easy to get lots of work and overtime, it is easy for employees to get lots of extra shifts.

If you want as much work as possible, Allied Universal has many opportunities to get extra hours and shifts.

With those extra shifts comes more hours and more pay, which means bigger paychecks.

Although this sounds great, many employees agree that the extra shifts can get stressful and less enticing.

7.Easy to Apply

Another thing that makes Allied Universal a great option for someone looking for paid experience is the application process.

According to many employees, Allied Universal is easy to apply to.

With the high demand for workers, the application process is pretty easy.

This means that the chances of getting hired are relatively high.

A higher chance of getting hired means if you are struggling to find a job, that struggle might just come to an end soon.

That is if you have found yourself on the good side of the person hiring.

Cons of Working for Allied Universal

Here are some of the common cons employees have talked about when working for Allied Universal.

1. Poor communication

One con that most people who have worked for Allied Universal can agree with is poor communication.

Allied Universal doesn’t have great communication between the upper management, supervisors, and other employees.

Because of this, a lot of employees are left feeling thrown around with no idea what is coming from one day to the next.

Many current and past employees have said that they would like to see better communication skills throughout the company.

Poor communication seems to be a common issue among employee complaints.

2. Bad upper management

Along with poor communication, employees have complained about bad management.

At Allied Universal, it is reportedly common to get told off for no reason at all.

It is also reported that management will tell employees one thing and then the clients and supervisors another thing.

With no one on the same page, the employee gets the blame for things going wrong.

Bad management ultimately leaves a bad taste for the employees working there and the clients.

Bad management is the leading cause of miscommunication issues as well as disorganization in the company.

3. Unorganized

As mentioned above, employees have stated that management is very unorganized.

Communication throughout the company is poor, with the employees and clients leaving confused and upset.

Blame usually gets put on the employees, even though the mistake lies with management.

Many employees have left working at Allied Universal due to the unorganized manner in some of the locations.

Although this is true for a good majority of the company according to employees, it looks like the organization issues are location-specific.

4. Low pay

While employees in some locations praise Allied Universal for their pay, many employees are not so thrilled.

In some locations at Allied Universal, employees state that they have very low pay that isn’t sufficient to provide for a family or pay all of their bills.

Unfortunately, in today’s economy, everything is becoming harder to afford with low pay rates.

Judging from employee reviews, the pay rate varies between locations.

Some employees state that the pay is really good, while other employees state that the pay is impossible to survive on.

5. Expects employees to work overtime at the drop of a hat or be fired

Another con that has come up with employees is mandatory overtime.

Unfortunately, for many employees, their work doesn’t officially stop when their shifts are over.

Many employees have reported that they were forced to work overtime.

If employees had other plans and weren’t originally scheduled to work, they were forced to anyway and threatened with losing their job.

While lots of overtime can be a pro for those who want or need the money, forced overtime is a huge negative for employees who have other commitments besides their job.

6. Nepotism

Nepotism or favoritism seems to be a huge problem in various locations at Allied Universal.

Many present and past employees have complaints about management favoring other people over employees who are qualified to move up in the company.

Although this seems to be a recurring con with working for Allied Universal, this is a con to working at just about any job.

Unfortunately, there are people put into management positions who are not qualified due to higher-ups playing favorites.

7. Poor benefits

When you work at some jobs, you get access to benefits on top of what you are paid.

Allied Universal is no different.

Although Allied Universal claims to offer benefits, many employees have said that what you get for benefits is very poor.

The low pay and poor benefits are one reason why many employees say that Allied Universal is only good as a starting job rather than a long-term employment option.

Many employees view poor benefits as a reason to leave the company and find a similar company with better pay and more benefits.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Allied Universal – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Allied UniversalCons of Working for Allied Universal
1. Lots of work and overtime1. Poor communication
2. The work is fast-paced, so it is hard to get bored2. Bad upper management
3. You get paid more often3. Unorganized
4. Some locations have decent flexibility4. Low pay
5. Good starting point5. Expects employees to work overtime at the drop of a hat or be fired
6. Easy to get lots of shifts6. Nepotism
7.Easy to Apply7. Poor benefits

Should You Work for Allied Universal?

There are many pros and cons to any job, and Allied Universal is no exception.

The pros many employees can agree on include:

  • There is lots of work available
  • Some locations have a good amount of flexibility
  • It is hard to get bored due to the fast work pace
  • You get paid once a week instead of every two weeks

Some of the cons most employees talk about include:

  • Low pay
  • Nepotism
  • Poor communication
  • Disorganized workplace

With those pros and cons, the question is:

should you work for Allied Universal?

Based on the lack of organization and communication, it would only be a good idea as a short-term job.

If you are okay with the lack of communication and like the fast pace, it can be a decent job.

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