14 Pros and Cons of Working for Golden Corral

One thing most Americans have in common is they love to eat.

Because of that love of food, there are a variety of buffet-type restaurants available in the United States.

One such buffet is called the Golden Corral.

The Golden Corral is one of the most popular and well-known of its type in the country.

What is it like working for Golden Corral?

Below, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of working for Golden Corral and whether we think you should work there or not.

Pros of working for Golden Corral

Below are some of the pros employees have expressed about working for Golden Corral.

Free food

One of the most common pros for most restaurants and fast food places is free food.

Employees can often get free food while they are on their shifts.

Free food is a good incentive for those who work with food all day long.

Based on reviews, we can’t tell if the free food is limited throughout your shift or not.

Either way, free food is definitely a bonus.

However, in some locations, employees don’t get free food, but they can get it at a much lower cost than any of the customers.

Fast-paced work environment

This one might not be for everyone, but if you like a work environment where you are consistently working with little time to sit around, then this is for you.

People who like the fast pace of the Golden Corral view this as a positive thing in the workplace.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, some people don’t want to work very hard or fast.

A fast-paced environment is viewed as a bad thing for those people who can’t handle that type of work.

Good pay

As with many of the pros and cons, this one is subjective and location-based.

For some employees and locations, the pay is pretty good.

Unfortunately, different locations have different costs of living.

In places with a higher cost of living, the pay doesn’t go as far, so employees say that Golden Corral doesn’t pay very well.

The vast majority of employee reviews say that they were satisfied with their pay.

Flexible schedule

It is always nice when you find companies and jobs with flexible schedules.

Golden Corral is one of those companies that have a flexible schedule.

This helps when you have other commitments in life to take care of such as family things, appointments, and whatever else might come up in life.

Although most employees said that they had a flexible schedule, some were not happy with the scheduling.

This leads us to believe that the flexibility of the schedule is location-specific.

Good benefits

One of the greatest perks of a job is when it offers both great pay and great benefits to the employees.

Most of the employees seem to be satisfied with the benefits they receive from Golden Corral.

The benefits Golden Corral offers depend on the location you are working at.

With that said, most employees, aside from a few, say that they were happy with the benefits they were offered.

Some of the benefits employees have received include dental insurance, health insurance, vision, and paid time off.

Nice coworkers

The coworkers are overall nice to work with, according to most employee reviews.

However, there will always be someone who makes the work life miserable for everyone else.

That goes with just about any job you come into contact with.

Fortunately, the good people far outweigh the bad ones.

The vast majority of employees have had nothing but good to say about the people they work with, which leads us to believe the company values its employees enough to weed out the bad ones.

Work isn’t too hard to do

This is one of those pros that is subjective.

It depends on the person as to whether the work is hard or not.

Many employees say that once you get into a routine, the work isn’t too bad.

However, others who are not good on their feet say that the work is too hard and physically demanding.

Whether the work is too hard and demanding depends on your physical abilities and work preferences.

Cons of Working for Golden Corral

Since we looked at the pros of working for Golden Corral, now we are looking at the cons.

Lack of communication

The overall work experience is decent, but many employees wish that they had better communication between employees and upper management.

Sometimes, communication gets lost between staff and managers, which leads to added stress and confusion in the workplace.

Unfortunately, most jobs and companies have communication issues or misunderstandings.

Miscommunication is just a part of being human.

Bad upper management

Upper management sometimes treats employees poorly.

This seems to be a common thing throughout many different jobs and companies.

There seems to be a lack of contact between upper management and their staff.

Many employees have complained about how they have been treated by upper management.

Most of these complaints have come from the general managers.

Customers can be a pain

Like with any job involving the public, employees have to deal with rude and impatient customers daily.

Unfortunately, this can’t be changed unless humans stop being human.

Sometimes customers come in thinking they are the most important in the world, or sometimes someone just has a bad day and takes it out on the staff.

Poor scheduling for managers

While the scheduling for lower employees and staff is pretty flexible, managers are left with lots of work and hours to cover.

The scheduling for managers could use some adjustments so that they aren’t left feeling overworked and underpaid.

This could either be an issue at the company level or location-specific.

Either way, some managers feel that Golden Corral could do better with scheduling for the managers.

Overworking the managers seems to be an issue across all sorts of different companies, not just Golden Corral.

Fast-paced environment

Yes, we are aware that we mentioned the fast-paced environment in the pros section.

However, this is also a con for many employees.

If you like working at a fast pace, then it is a pro, but some people prefer a slower pace of work.

Those people who have a harder time working quickly can often feel stressed and frustrated during the time they are working at Golden Corral.

Fortunately, most employees don’t seem to be as bothered by the fast-paced environment as long as they don’t have any physical limitations.

Opinions don’t matter

Unless you are a general manager, your opinions don’t matter to upper management, or anyone else, for that matter.

Sometimes employees have good ideas that could help Golden Corral for the better.

Unfortunately, some of those ideas are pushed to the side.

This can leave employees feeling as if they don’t matter to the company.

However, sometimes, if you have a good enough idea, you can get it moved up to upper management.

It depends on a lot of factors on whether they will accept or implement your ideas.

Lack of training

Managers and other employees all agree that there could be better training available for Golden Corral employees.

Golden Corral has a lack of training that many people notice in the workplace.

They often feel that they have to figure things out for themselves with little to no guidance on the proper ways of doing things in that setting.

Many employees agree that if Golden Corral invested more in training, the work would be easier to deal with and everyone would be on the same page on how things should be run.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Golden Corral – Summary Table

Pros of working for Golden CorralCons of Working for Golden Corral
Free foodLack of communication
Fast-paced work environmentBad upper management
Good payCustomers can be a pain
Flexible schedulePoor scheduling for managers
Good benefitsFast-paced environment
Nice coworkersOpinions don't matter
Work isn't too hard to doLack of training

Should You Work for Golden Corral?

It depends on the type of work that you want to do as to whether you should work at Golden Corral.

Overall, Golden Corral seems like it is a good place to work.

You get good benefits, decent pay, and free food.

If you enjoy working at a fast pace, you will probably do well at Golden Corral.

If you find a fast-paced environment to be too hard and stressful, then this job is probably not for you.

Sometimes, you will come into contact with rude customers, but if you don’t mind the occasional impatient or rude person, you will do just fine.

If rude people bother you, then you might want to find a different type of job that doesn’t involve dealing with the public.

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