15 Pros and Cons of Working for Lam Research

As a 2022 Fortune 500 company, semi-conductor company Lam Research has made a name for itself as a great employer in the United States and abroad.

Their commitment to providing employees with a competitive benefits package and sharing their successes in the stock market with employees can make them a desirable option for those who want to work in manufacturing.

In the article below, we’ll go over the main pros and cons of working for Lam Research.

Pros of Working for Lam Research

1. Decent pay

On glassdoor.com, one of the main pros that former and current employees list is that they feel that the pay is decent.

For a lot of workers, this pro outweighs some of the cons.

Depending on experience and other factors, manufacturing technicians in the company can expect to earn about $18.28 to $40.78 an hour by payscale.com’s estimates. 

2. Positive work environment

While this may vary between locations and departments, many employees at Lam Research note that they find it easy to get along with some of their coworkers.

Since you will spend so much of your time working here over long hours, it makes sense that you would want to enjoy the people that surround you. 

3. High productivity

Because of the high volume of work to do, you will leave a shift here feeling satisfied that you put in a hard day’s work.

While the level of productivity may be overwhelming for some, it is great for those who need to constantly have tasks to complete at work.

What’s more, you will rarely have an idle moment at work. 

4. Predictable work activities

At Lam Research, most of your shifts will look the same.

Since it is a manufacturing company, the duties of many of its workers do not vary from shift to shift.

As a manufacturing technician, you can expect to do similar tasks all day.

This means that once you get the hang of your work, you should not have too many problems staying on top of it from a training perspective. 

5. Good health insurance and other insurance benefits

One of the things that Lam Research is known to do in the field to differentiate itself as an employer is offering competitive benefits.

For employees based in the United States, Lam Research offers multiple top-tier insurance plans including medical, vision, and dental.

They also offer Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts to help stretch health insurance even further.

Other insurance policies offered by the company to employees include AD&D, disability insurance, and life insurance. 

6. Time off

Most employees here get a two weeks’ pause at work in December, paid time off, and holidays off.

This can help offset the low work-life balance throughout the year.

It can also make it feel more worthwhile to work the long hours in many departments.

The breaks can also help employees stay motivated throughout the year to continue performing at their best productivity level with the light at the end of the tunnel in sight.

7. The company’s success in the stock market can directly benefit employees financially.

For employees who opt-in for the stock purchase option, the company’s success in the stock market can help add a little extra cash to their pockets.

This is one of the key benefits that some employees share on glassdoor.com.

When a company succeeds in the stock market, it is a good indicator of their success as a company overall.

That can help employees feel secure in their jobs, since it means that the company doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

8. Student loan payment assistance

In the current job market, student loan repayment is a real concern that many job seekers have.

After all, when you put all of that time and money into your education to get the job of your dreams, you will want to see a return on your investment.

Student loan payment assistance is a relatively new benefit that Lam Research launched within the past couple of years.

Still, this benefit shows that they are paying attention to what their employees want and need.

They are also valuing their educated employees and providing an opportunity to get ahead with them financially.

Cons of Working for Lam Research

1. Lack of creativity

Since this is a research company, it should come as no surprise that Lam Research’s line of work is not the most creative one.

If you are a free spirit who needs variety and creative expression to thrive at work, Lam Research might not be an ideal match.

During the work day, most technicians do the same task repetitively to achieve the common goals of the company.

There is very little room for error or personal flair in this line of work.

If you enjoy having a clear direction on what to do every day and what to expect during each shift, though, this can be a plus more than it is a minus for you.

2. Long shifts

At Lam Research, many lab technicians and related roles report having 12-hour shifts on glassdoor.com.

This kind of long workday can be draining and taxing even if you love what you do.

What’s more, it leaves very little room for other activities such as hobbies, having a social life, and getting another part-time job if the pay is not enough to support yourself.

The hours can feel grueling and demotivating.

They can also contribute to burnout if you aren’t careful to make time to take care of yourself after hours.

3. Low work-life balance

Similarly to the previous con, many employees share that they have a low work-life balance while working at Lam Research.

Unless work is your whole life, the long hours and demands to work weekends can wear you down over time.

All work and no play can be a difficult lifestyle.

This is what makes Lam Research a challenging place to work for many folks who have families or other obligations outside of work.

Even if you simply love your free time, you may start to resent working here after a while.

4. Contractors’ jobs may not be as secure as employees.

If you are a temp worker or contractor, your job security may feel lower than other employees.

This is because historically, temp workers and contractors were anecdotally the first ones that Lam Research let go in their large lay-off sprees.

While contractors and temp workers tend to feel less secure in their job in most settings, the fact that Lam Research tends to lay off large numbers of workers randomly will not make this job feel secure.

When you always feel like you have one foot out the door, that can be a stressful way to live, so you should keep that in mind as a potential con when applying here for anything other than a permanent position.

5. History of massive lay-offs

In 2023, Lam Research laid off 7% of its workforce in Oregon and 400 workers in the Bay Area.

While this might not seem like a lot, it does give job applicants pause, especially since it was so recent.

When you apply to the company, you might wonder how long your job will last if they laid off many workers as recently as this February.

Job insecurity can be anxiety-provoking, so if you don’t like this level of uncertainty at a job, it’s probably best to apply elsewhere.

6. Raises don’t always keep up with the cost of living.

As some employees shared on glassdoor.com, Lam Research is not always good at matching the cost of living with their raises.

The pay can be great for some folks, but for others it is not enough.

If you live in a high cost of living area, the pay will not go as far as it would elsewhere.

This is why you should evaluate whether their average pay matches your needs before accepting a position here.

The main reason why you want to get a job is because of the money, so even if you love the work, the pay and expected raises matter a great deal.

7. Some departments are seeing job cuts due to moving jobs abroad.

On glassdoor.com, some employees shared that they see many jobs in their department moving to southeast Asia, particularly in the supply chain and manufacturing departments.

In the interview process, it may be helpful to ask questions about job security and the company’s intentions to keep jobs in the United States. 

15 Pros and Cons of Working for Lam Research – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Lam ResearchCons of Working for Lam Research
1. Decent pay1. Lack of creativity
2. Positive work environment2. Long shifts
3. High productivity3. Low work-life balance
4. Predictable work activities4. Contractors’ jobs may not be as secure as employees.
5. Good health insurance and other insurance benefits5. History of massive lay-offs
6. Time off6. Raises don’t always keep up with the cost of living.
7. The company’s success in the stock market can directly benefit employees financially.7. Some departments are seeing job cuts due to moving jobs abroad.
8. Student loan payment assistance

Should You Work for Lam Research?

If you want a manufacturing job that offers great benefits, decent compensation, and a productive workday, Lam Research might be right for you.

Of course, if work-life balance matters greatly to you, this company may not be the best fit.

Additionally, the company’s tendency to move jobs abroad and lay off massive amounts of workers at random might make you feel less secure than you would like while working here.

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