18 Pros and Cons of Working for Automatic Data Processing

Your paycheck could go through Automatic Data Processing or ADP, regardless of where you work. 

The company automates and runs payroll, HR solutions and functions, tax compliance, and many other data-oriented tasks that can be computerized and automated.

It is one of the largest companies of its kind with about 60,000 employees.

The company headquarters is in Rosedale, New Jersey, with offices in 36 states and several countries worldwide.

Almost 70 percent of its employees have at least a bachelor’s degree, and most were business majors.

Pros of working for Automated Data Processing.

1. Happy employees

According to Glassdoor, 84 percent of ADP’s employees said they were happy with their job and 79 percent said they would recommend the company to friends.

They rated it high for work-life balance, culture, values, and career opportunities.

Employees also accept new workers and make them feel like part of the group.

It has a reputation for a positive environment.

The company demands a lot but apparently treats its employees well.

2. Generous with time off

The work is fast-paced and can be challenging, but the company allows employees to have significant time off.

Employees get between 20 and 30 paid days off each year, and a lot of employees say this is their most important benefit.

The company also offers some time off to do volunteer work in the community. 

You start getting time off soon, you don’t have to wait a year to get paid time off.

The work is fast and hard at times, so the company compensates with a good vacation program.

3. Generous benefits package

The company offers its employees a good health insurance plan that includes vision and dental.

There is tuition reimbursement for continuing education, charitable contribution match, matched 401k, stock purchasing, and many more perks given to employees.

The health insurance package is one of the favorite benefits among employees of Automatic Data Processing.

There is a long list of benefits that this company gives its employees, from the lowest level to the highest.

4. Fast-paced environment

Employees stay busy, and it is a fast-paced environment for the most part.

Even so, employees say there is not a lot of negative pressure.

Employees work 8.7 hours per day.

A lot of the work is computerized, so working remotely is an option for most people.

Employees say the work environment is generally positive.

If you like to stay busy and have a lot to do, this could be a good job for you.

You won’t get bored working here.

5. Opportunities to advance

The company likes to promote from within, so you could advance within your department as people leave.

It is easy to move to another department or another job if you want to transfer.

You could start at the bottom and work your way up in your department, or change departments if you see something more interesting.

There are more opportunities in larger operations. 

6. Generally good leadership

Most employees feel listened to by their managers or supervisors.

The culture is one that listens to employees and wants employees to feel they have some input into decisions that are made.

Workers are given the opportunity to grow professionally in their jobs and are given good feedback on their work. 

Good leadership is often cited by employees as a positive aspect of their job.

7. Flexible working 

Especially since Covid-19, working remotely has become more common.

A lot may depend on what department you are in.

Many employees are allowed to work from home two days a week, and even more in some cases.

Most of the work involves computer technology, so working from home is just as effective as being there.

The company also has no dress code, and you can dress however you like.

8. Diverse and inclusive

The company has more women than male employees, and there are a lot of women in high positions.

This is true for most of their operations around the country.

They have a lot of diversity as far as people from different cultures and nationalities.

The company has a solid reputation for being inclusive and diverse in its hiring practices.

9. Workers get along

One of the most common positives reported about working for ADP is the relationship with other employees.

Most people like the people they are working with and that makes work more bearable, regardless of what else is going on.

There is generally a positive work culture at ADP.

Cons of working for Automatic Data Processing

1. The fast pace

Some people like the fast and busy pace, but that is stressful for some people.

If you don’t like deadline pressure, and expectations of getting things done quickly, this may not be a good job for you.

A lot depends on your personality here.

Employees say there is not a lot of negative pressure, but they do stay busy most of the time with a lot to do.

2. Heavy workload

Many people working at ADP feel overworked.

It is a complaint that is most often raised by employees when talking about working for Automatic Data Processing.

Some fall into depression and burnout as a result.

The company does treat people well but expects a lot.

In addition to the fast pace, workers are assigned a lot of work.

Some say it is too much work for each person to do.

Some people like a heavy workload, but if it is something you do not like, this would not be a good place to work.

3. Hard interview process

The company likes to take its time in hiring people and is careful.

You may have three or four interviews in different situations.

You might interview people you will be working with, which could be a positive.

There are one-on-one interviews, group interviews, and panel-type interviews.

It is not easy to get hired at ADP, but many say it is worth it.

It could take a month to go through the process.

Most people who work there have a college degree and it is generally expected for most jobs.

4. Work on vacation

While there is a generous vacation package, some employees are expected to work on vacation.

Most of the work is done via computer, so you would be able to work anywhere.

Some managers expect you to be available to answer questions and provide information while you are off work. 

You might get called on to do some actual work while you are away, and you may or may not be paid for that work.

They do offer time away, but they seem to never let you actually get away for a significant amount of time.

5. Smaller operations

In smaller operations, there may be only a few employees.

Your opportunities to advance or transfer will be limited in those situations.

You would also run the risk of having an unreasonable or difficult manager, which could make the job less than desirable.

The bigger operations offer more opportunities.

The chances of getting a bad manager are greater in smaller operations around the world.

6. Pay rates do not increase over time.

Pay is considered good, ranging from $40,000 to $180,000 per year, but employees report they do not often get significant raises.

There is an evaluation each year, and employees often get a one or two-percent increase in pay. 

There are bonuses for some employees.

A relatively common complaint is the lack of increases in pay.

7. Getting promoted is not easy.

Many employees say you have to work there for almost two years before you can get promoted.

A lot is left to the discretion of the manager in the department, so if you are not liked by that person, it will be tough to get promoted. 

The process seems different at different operations, so people do not always know what is needed to get a promotion.

8. Degree required.

For most jobs, a college degree is required, and it can be in almost anything.

Most employees have degrees in business or computer technology, but just having a degree is helpful.

You will have to have a degree to get promoted regardless of your amount of experience.

For many jobs, a degree is seen as more important than experience.

9. Lack of exposure

In a lot of jobs with ADP you are isolated from the public.

Some people would like this, but for others, it would be a negative.

You would be around the same people every day.

Most people like who they work with here, and that would help, but you could start to feel isolated after a while.

In some jobs, you work in a cubicle all day.

18 Pros and Cons of Working for Automatic Data Processing – Summary Table

Pros of working for Automated Data Processing.Cons of working for Automatic Data Processing
1. Happy employees1. The fast pace
2. Generous with time off2. Heavy workload
3. Generous benefits package3. Hard interview process
4. Fast-paced environment4. Work on vacation
5. Opportunities to advance5. Smaller operations
6. Generally good leadership6. Pay rates do not increase over time.
7. Flexible working7. Getting promoted is not easy.
8. Diverse and inclusive8. Degree required.
9. Workers get along9. Lack of exposure

Should you work for Automatic Data Processing?

There are a lot of positives and negatives with this company.

They pay well and offer good benefits to employees.

Most employees feel they are treated well by the company.

The bad side is the workload and the fast pace that is required.

If you enjoy pressure and a fast pace, this would be a good job.

If that sort of thing is distasteful to you, it is not a job you would like.

They treat you well but expect you to do a lot in return.

Whether the tradeoff is worth it is the question.

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