14 Pros and Cons of Working for Visa

About Visa

While most of us know the name “Visa” from using credit cards, this multinational financial services company has various payment processing solutions and hires employees worldwide.

Corporate Headquarters Information
Address: 900 Metro Center Blvd, Foster City, California 94404
Phone: 650-452-3200
Website: https://usa.visa.com
Career Site for Jobseekers: https://www.visa.com/careers

What Jobs Does Visa Hire For?

Visa hires for some of the following positions and roles within the company. 

Technology and Engineering Support

Employees in this category include software engineers, data scientists, system administrators, and other cybersecurity professionals.

They help the company with technology-related concerns like properly displaying company websites and intranet and debugging internal intranet systems.

Technology professionals at Visa may also work on credit card processing and other financial payment systems. 

Products and Innovation

Visa hires employees to keep their financial services offerings fresh.

Their product and team is responsible for launching new products and payment solutions for the company.

The products and innovation team creates and tests new products and services before sharing them with the sales and marketing team and gets the word out to the public, investors, and employees about the latest company updates. 

Business Operations

The Visa business operations team includes upper management professionals and the C-Suite.

It also includes front-end employees like customer service and call center representatives.

The operations team is an integral part of the Visa employment pool.

They are responsible for keeping the everyday operations of the company running.

They work together with other departments to assure all systems and processes are working and online. 

What are the Pros of Working at Visa?

1. Work Well-Being 

Visa is one of the companies that scored above average on Indeeds’ “work-wellbeing” scale.

This means that more often than not, Visa’s employees are satisfied with their work environment, salary, perks, and other benefits that go along with being employed by the company.

Visa scored 75 out of 100 on the Indeed scale with more employees reporting positives than negatives of working at the company. 

2. Competitive Compensation 

While many employees in the US are dissatisfied with their take-home pay, employees at Visa say that this financial company offers them hefty salaries and benefits packages that make it worthwhile.

A large majority of Visa’s employees choose to work at the company because it provides a reliable and steady income that helps them meet their financial needs. 

3. Cross Training Opportunities

Visa employees can challenge themselves by taking on various skills and roles within the company.

They say that the company encourages growth, development, and career advancement.

Employees who are cross-trained in multiple areas can find themselves working in many different departments and an increased salary as a result of their newly acquired knowledge. 

4. Cohesive Culture and Pleasant Work Environment

This multinational financial services company’s employees have a cohesive culture that makes them feel valued at every level.

Some of the company values are reported to include employee innovation, advancement opportunities, and customer focus.

Visa employees look forward to coming to work when they know they are surrounded by fellow employees and management teams that have their best interests at heart. 

5. Global Reach 

Visa’s large size and status as one of the largest multinational financial services companies on earth make working at the company exciting for many worldwide employees.

Employees have the opportunity to collaborate with co-workers and business contacts distributed around the world.

In some cases, employees have been able to make substantial moves from one part of the country to another where Visa has offices.

They can even relocate to other countries where Visa does business which makes working for them a unique opportunity for growth and travel. 

6. Financial Security 

Many employees report feeling satisfied with their jobs and financially secure working for a company with a robust financial portfolio.

The services that Visa offers help millions of people around the world achieve financial security. 

Visa’s external customers aren’t the only ones who have achieved financial stability from doing business with one of the world largest financial services giants.

Many of their employees have achieved financial stability using Visa services along with their employee benefits and discounts. 

7. Giving Back to the Global Community

Visa not only supports individuals and corporations worldwide by providing financial services and credit card services.

This company also promotes financial stability and literacy and reduces its environmental impact. 

Civic-minded employees are happy to work for a company that promotes an educational environment and a sense of community among its employees and customers.

They feel good about working for a company that gives back to global citizens and the environment. 

What are the Cons of Working at Visa? 

When it comes to the downsides of working at Visa, there are just as many cons as there are pros reported by some of their most valuable employees.

The following downsides of working at Visa were reported by current and former employees who completed verified public reviews on popular job search sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. 

1. Be Prepared for a High-Pressure Work Environment 

While working at Visa can be exciting and challenging for its employees, the work environment can place a lot of demand on them.

As a result, working in a high-stress environment can lead to low job satisfaction and related adverse effects. 

Many employees say that the pay and benefits are excellent, but the high-pressure environment often has them rethinking their status with the company and seeking lower stress jobs with competitors.

2. Extended Work Hours May be Required

Because of its enormous size and gargantuan reach, employees at Visa can find themselves working in a high-pressure work environment at odd hours during the day or night.

In-office and remote employees frequently work beyond their scheduled shifts to accommodate the company’s and its customers’ immediate needs. 

A large number of Visa employees say they weren’t prepared to meet the demands of working extended hours or mandatory overtime that gradually began to change their schedule over time.

Employees with families, children, and outside obligations find this con a hard pill to swallow. 

3. Excessive Travel 

Visa employees in key positions must travel to one of its many worldwide locations to conduct their business.

Excessive travel can place mental, physical, and emotional demands on wearied employees who feel like they are away from their homes and family more than necessary. 

4. Competitive Industry 

The financial services industry is likely the most competitive in the world.

As such, the company’s drive to outdo its rivals can stress its employees.

Employees working for Visa regularly report high stress and anxiety levels in trying to stay competitive. 

5. Politically Charged Work Environment

Employees who aren’t politically motivated can find themselves amid a politically charged work environment that highly emphasizes competition.

Working in an environment that is directly affected by politics can leave some Visa employees feeling uneasy when they have to choose sides. 

6. Bureaucracy and Red Tape

While Visa is a large multinational corporation that offers plenty of advancement opportunities for its employees, current workers say the company is riddled with obstacles because of a strict bureaucracy.

Employees can feel disempowered when they can only make essential business decisions after waiting for approval from higher-ups. 

7. Salary Inequality is Common

Many Visas’ salaried employees are satisfied with their earnings as they climb the corporate ladder within the company.

However, some lower-level employees notice a sizeable discrepancy in their salary and what they feel should be paid for their work. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Visa – Summary Table

What are the Pros of Working at Visa?What are the Cons of Working at Visa?
1. Work Well-Being1. Be Prepared for a High-Pressure Work Environment
2. Competitive Compensation2. Extended Work Hours May be Required
3. Cross Training Opportunities3. Excessive Travel
4. Cohesive Culture and Pleasant Work Environment4. Competitive Industry
5. Global Reach5. Politically Charged Work Environment
6. Financial Security6. Bureaucracy and Red Tape
7. Giving Back to the Global Community7. Salary Inequality is Common

Should You Work for Visa?

According to current and former Visa employees, it depends on your goals and preferences when choosing to work for Visa. 

Like many large corporations, many of the employees at Visa are satisfied with the company’s offerings for benefits, pay, and an inclusive work environment. 

On the other hand, there are some complaints from other employees who say the high-pressure work environment and the demands being placed on them by the company are more than they can handle. 

If you’re thinking about working for Visa, do your research on the company.

Read current and former employee reviews on popular sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Indeed. 

You can also learn more about the Visa company and its culture by visiting its corporate and employee benefits websites. 

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