14 Pros and Cons of Working for Citigroup

About Citigroup

Citigroup is a global financial services company headquartered in New York, New York.

The company is reported to have over 10,000 global employees. 

They generate over ten billion dollars in annual revenue by providing services to individuals, corporations, governments, and institutions.

Primary Business Line: Financial Services
Estimated Annual Revenue: 
Number of Global Employees: 

Corporate Headquarters Information
Address: 388 Greenwich Street, New York, New York, 10013
Phone: 888-248-4226
Website: https://citigroup.com
Career Site for Jobseekers: https://careers.citigroup.com

Citigroup Lines of Business

  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Global Banking
  • Underwriting
  • Trading 
  • Lending

What Jobs Does Citigroup Hire For?

Employee reviews of the company are based on various positions at the company. 

  1. Finance Professionals – Financial Analysts, Accountants, Auditors, and Tax Professionals work at Citi. They help the company and its business decision-makers analyze financial data, report financial transactions, and prepare and file tax returns. 
  2. Customer Service and Call Center Professionals – The Citi customer service team is responsible for answering customer questions, resolving customer issues and complaints, and providing general support. They provide customer service and user experience support via phone, web, and chat. 
  3. Human Resources – The HR team at Citigroup is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees. This employee management team also schedules and assigns new training and development exercises as well as managing compensation and monitoring performance for employees. 
  4. Legal – The legal team at Citigroup helps protect the company’s financial interests by providing advice on corporate law, commercial law, banking law, securities law, intellectual property law, and litigation. 
  5. Operations – Citi operations team members are responsible for managing IT systems, processing customer payments, managing customer inquiries, and ensuring legal compliance with local, state, federal, and international business regulations. 

This list includes examples of some of the jobs available at Citigroup.

Learn more about current job openings and search for jobs and careers related to your experience on the company website. 

Pros of Working at Citigroup

1. Online Benefits Management 

One of the perks of being a Citigroup employee is managing your employee benefits online.

New and existing employees can log on to their employee portal to select or change their medical, dental, retirement savings plan benefits, and more on the Citi Benefits page. 

2. Inclusive Workplace

Citigroup makes a significant effort to present itself as an inclusive workplace where employees from all backgrounds and walks of life are welcome.

Their commitment to being an inclusive workplace includes LGBTQ+ inclusive benefits that provide comprehensive benefits for all eligible employees. 

3. Employee Assistance Benefits

Citigroup offers employees access to their employee benefits program that connects them with resources for help when they are going through challenges and issues of everyday living.

In addition, employees can contact the Bright Horizons employees assistance program to access family support services, childcare, backup childcare, and other resources. 


4. Family-Oriented Benefits

Citigroup supports employees and their families by offering access to various benefits typically reserved for the employee.

For example, eligible employees enrolled in one of the many benefits of Citi can get medical coverage, child care, pet care, and more. 

5. Financial Perks and Benefits

Many employees of Citigroup say they appreciate the pay and benefits offered by this financial services company.

In addition, perks like tuition reimbursement and volunteer opportunities keep many employees of Citigroup happy to work there. 

6. Fun Workplace

Along with being paid well and offered opportunities for educational advancement, Citigroup employees say they enjoy coming to work every day.

They love engaging with their coworkers and taking on the day’s business challenges.

Being able to have fun at work makes it easier for employees to feel connected in a cohesive work environment. 

7. Onsite Childcare

Employees who work on campus can take advantage of onsite childcare, saving hours of time and tons of money in childcare expenses.

In addition, being able to drop their children off on campus and pick them up at the end of their shift is a huge benefit to Citigroup employees with kids.

Many employees with children say this is their favorite benefit that saves them time, stress, and money. 

Cons of Working at Citigroup 

1. Strict Deadlines 

While many Citigroup employees report a cohesive work environment among coworkers, they dread trying to meet the almost unrealistic and strict deadlines placed on them by management.

The implementation of such strict and rigorous deadlines is leaving many of Citigroup employees burnt out and seeking jobs with companies offering more flexible working hours like working from home or hybrid schedules. 

2. Potential for High Turnovers

Current and former employees report the potential for high turnover.

New employees leave quickly after realizing they can’t meet the demands and strict deadlines required to meet the company’s goals.

The high turnover rate leaves employees who stay feeling like they can be fired or downsized at any time.

This can create a high level of anxiety for the employees and low morale, which can translate into poorer service for customers. 

3. Policies and Procedures Behind the Times

According to many Citigroup employees, the way the company implements its policies and procedures could use a refresh.

They say the company is still operating using old customer service and problem-solving processes that must align with today’s employees’ needs.

Lack of clear direction and policies leaves some employees feeling unsure of how to carry out the daily duties of their jobs. 

4. Training Issues

Along with outdated equipment and policies, dissatisfied employees of Citigroup say ongoing training issues make it difficult for them to do their jobs.

In addition, they say that training expectations and materials are drastically different than expectations and procedures when working with live customers in production.

Many employees report not being able to find answers to questions to help customers resolve complaints and concerns. 

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Many employees report feeling the pressure of unrealistic expectations to meet company goals and deadlines being placed on them.

However, companies advise that with the proper training, tools, and technology to succeed, it is likely that they will never achieve the company’s expected goals.

Employees who don’t feel supported in their roles report unrealistic expectations as a con of working at Citigroup. 

6. Poor Work/Life Balance

Keeping with the trend of unrealistic expectations, many Citigroup employees also report an imbalance between their work and home lives.

Mandatory overtime and ever-changing policies have many employees feeling like they are spending more time at work than they should be.

With options like working from home and hybrid schedules available, many employees are quitting or considering quitting the company for more flexible scheduling options. 

7. Outdated Technology

In a rapidly changing technology that includes the introduction of generative and conversational systems like ChatGPT AI, employees say this company needs to catch up to the times.

Many of their employees complain about having to work on outdated computer systems and other technology that makes it difficult for them to carry out their daily tasks.

Outdated equipment can lead to longer service times and a poorer customer experience for customers who are unable to have their issues resolved because of technical issues. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Citigroup – Summary Table

Pros of Working at CitigroupCons of Working at Citigroup
1. Online Benefits Management1. Strict Deadlines
2. Inclusive Workplace2. Potential for High Turnovers
3. Employee Assistance Benefits3. Policies and Procedures Behind the Times
4. Family-Oriented Benefits4. Training Issues
5. Financial Perks and Benefits5. Unrealistic Expectations
6. Fun Workplace6. Poor Work/Life Balance
7. Onsite Childcare7. Outdated Technology

Should you Work for Citigroup?

If you’re looking for a company with a global presence operating in more than 160 countries, working at Citigroup may be for you. 

Choose Citi if You Want to Work for a Multinational Organization

Many Citigroup employees love working for a global company where they have the opportunity to live or work with their counterparts around the world. 

Financial Perks and Benefits Matter to Citigroup Employees

The financial perks and benefits of working for Citigroup attract many employees worldwide.

However, keep in mind that, like many other major global corporations, Citigroup has areas of opportunity for improvement, and not all company employees are promoters of working at Citi. 

Do Your Research on Citigroup Before Joining the Team

Once you’ve chosen to work for a company like Citi, research and learn as much as you can about the company before you complete an application. 

Potential employees can learn from current and former employee reviews on self-reporting job review sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. 

You can also research the company on social media to learn more about public sentiment toward the company. 

Visit Citigroup’s main website to learn more about the company.

Then, go to the employee website to learn more about the benefits, current jobs, and employee perks available. 

Search Programs

Get information on programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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