14 Pros and Cons of Working for Pfizer

About Pfizer

Pfizer is one of the world’s most well-known and well-respected pharmaceutical companies with a global operation.

They specialize in researching, developing, manufacturing, and distributing medications and prescription drugs that help treat some of the world’s most common diseases and even newly discovered diseases. 

Pfizer Contact Info

Corporate Headquarters Information
Address: 66 Hudson Boulevard
Phone: 212-733-2323
Website: https://pfizer.com
Career Site for Jobseekers: https://www.pfizer.com/about/careers/

What Jobs Does Pfizer Hire For?

Finance and Accounting Professionals – Pfizer hires finance and accounting professionals to help the company balance the books for its global operations.

Accountants and other finance pros help them keep track of budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting.

Finance professionals are a critical part of the Pfizer team that makes it possible to close big deals and pay their pool of global employees on time. 

Human Resources Professionals – HR employees are also key members of the Pfizer team.

These employment management professionals are responsible for finding new employees and recruiting them.

They are also responsible for managing employee onboarding, compensation, pay, benefits, and resolve internal issues that arise with and between employees. 

Information Technology Professionals – IT teams at Pfizer keep their websites online and make it possible for employees to communicate and share files via VPNs, intranets, and portals.

The IT team works on front-end and back-end development processes for the company that help keep business decision-makers and employees connected via the internet and shared every day. 

Research and Development Professionals – Scientists, researchers, and laboratory technicians make up an integral part of the Pfizer employment team.

Research and development professionals work on discovering and creating new prescription drugs to treat well-known and novel illnesses through clinical research and medication services. 

Sales and Marketing Professionals – The sales and marketing team at Pfizer work hand-in-hand to help the company acquire new business and to get the word out about breakthroughs in their latest pharmaceutical developments.

Sales and marketing pros educate the public, clients, and internal employees about important events going on in the company. 

Pfizer’s pharmaceutical company is one of the world’s most well-known and well-respected pharma companies. 

Reports say Pfizer had a market capitalization of above 200 million dollars as of 2021. 

Their primary business lines include the following. 

  1. Drug and Medication Research
  2. Drug and Medication Development
  3. Drug Manufacturing 
  4. Vaccines

They also make some of the world’s most famous and widely consumed medications, including: 

  • Viagra
  • Lipitor
  • Prevnar
  • Lyrica

If you’re thinking about working for Pfizer, the first thing to do is to learn more about the company.

Below are some examples of pros reported by past and current Pfizer employees. 

The information is based on thousands of reports tallied on Indeed and Glassdoor, where employees self-reported their personal experiences of working with the company. 

Pros of Working for Pfizer 

1. Good Benefits

Employees of Pfizer appreciate the pay and benefits packages provided by the company.

In addition, Pfizer provides its employees with benefits like paid maternity leave and continuing education.

Being able to take care of their and their family’s well-being as covered employees under Pfizer benefits plan is one of the many reasons employees are happy to work there. 

2. Coworker Relationships

Many current and former employees of Pfizer say that their coworker relationships are one of the best things about working for the company.

They look forward to coming into the office or logging on (for remote employees) to engage with their favorite coworkers and teams and take on the latest work-related challenges of the day.

Strong team bonds make Pfizer employees happy to come to work.

3. Patient-Focused Services

A large number of Pfizer employees chose to work at the company because they wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

The patient-focused services offered by Pfizer make many employees proud to be a part of the team, as they help people overcome the challenges of dealing with the negative effects of common diseases and ailments that Pfizer medications are designed to treat. 

4. Diversity and Inclusion 

While many other companies still struggle with meeting the needs of all employees equally, satisfied employees at Pfizer say that the company strongly supports a diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees.

Employees who feel seen and heard develop a stronger sense of commitment and loyalty to the company and many employee reviews list this as a positive of working for the company. 

5. Direct Exposure to Scientific Processes

Science-minded individuals love the direct exposure to the latest prescription drug research and development process they can access as employees of one of the worlds most renowned pharmaceutical companies.

Excited employees love being exposed to the knowledge they gain by working on science-based projects at Pfizer. 

6. Continuing Education and Tuition Reimbursement Benefits

Lifelong learners and other employees who want to continue their education to further their careers can take advantage of education benefits and reimbursements provided by the company.

Pfizer offers programs for eligible employees that allow them to learn new job-related skills that can help them advance within the company or broaden their professional horizons. 

7. Strong Culture 

Pfizer employees say the company’s commitment to building an inclusive workplace is backed by a strong culture that makes them feel valued as team members.

Companies that foster a strong and inclusive culture for their employees often find that employees are more committed to their jobs and perform better than those with non-cohesive cultures. 

Cons of Working for Pfizer 

1. Layoffs

Former company employees advise they were surprised to be hit with unexpected layoffs at Pfizer.

In addition, many employees are concerned about the high number of releases at the company.

Being constantly on edge about potentially losing their jobs keeps many Pfizer employees up at night. 

2. High Turnovers

Along with the potential for unexpected layoffs to happen at any time, employees at Pfizer say they notice high employee turnover.

Not all employees who start with the company are able to meet the scheduling demands or handle issues with management that lead to firing or quitting. 

3. Management Concerns

While the company fosters and promotes an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion, many employees report concerns with management processes and handling recurring issues.

Concerns with management have led to other issues with high turnovers when employees suddenly quit. 

4. Long Hours

Pfizer employees regularly report long, grueling shifts lasting 16 hours.

In addition, many employees needed to be more informed about how many hours they were expected to work when the company initially hired them.

Working long hours is a primary complaint of many Pfizer employees who are missing out on quality time at home. 

5. Ineffective Policies and Procedures

Employees report needing direction and understanding when carrying out policies and procedures they learned in training.

They also say many of their training materials are updated continuously, making it challenging to keep up with policy changes and company expectations. 

6. Lack of Flexible Scheduling for Employees

Employees at Pfizer say their scheduling processes are rigid and don’t allow for the flexibility needed to achieve their desired work-life balance.

Working long hours is often expected and mandatory for employees who feel that their work-life balance is greatly affected and not being respected by the company. 

7. Limited Advancement Opportunities

Current and former employees seeking advancement opportunities within the company say there are limited opportunities for advancing from their original position at the company which makes them feel stuck in their current role without any hope of ever advancing. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Pfizer – Summary Table

Pros of Working for PfizerCons of Working for Pfizer
1. Good Benefits1. Layoffs
2. Coworker Relationships2. High Turnovers
3. Patient-Focused Services3. Management Concerns
4. Diversity and Inclusion4. Long Hours
5. Direct Exposure to Scientific Processes5. Ineffective Policies and Procedures
6. Continuing Education and Tuition Reimbursement Benefits6. Lack of Flexible Scheduling for Employees
7. Strong Culture7. Limited Advancement Opportunities

Should You Work for Pfizer? 

If you’re passionate about healthcare innovation and want to work for one of the most well-respected pharmaceutical companies in the world, consider working at Pfizer. 

Many current and former employees of Pfizer say working at the company was a rewarding and educational experience. 

The company offers competitive salaries and benefits as one of its many upsides. 

However, as with any large global pharmaceutical company, there are also downsides reported by past and current employees. 

The best way to decide if working at Pfizer is right for you is to research to learn more about the company’s values and culture. 

Research company websites and online employee reviews to get a feel for how employees feel about working at the company. 

If you and Pfizer seem to be a great fit after completing your research, visit the Pfizer jobs website to begin the application process online.

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