14 Pros and Cons of Working for L3Harris

L3Harris is a global leader in defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure solutions.

The company, which operates under three separate business units, has a presence in over 100 countries worldwide and multiple industries, including aerospace and defense, energy, communications, and healthcare. 

Because L3Harris operates internationally, the organization is better able to serve its customers, partners, and employees.

The company’s global presence allows it to collaborate with customers and partners from all over the world, allowing them to develop innovative products and services that meet the needs of customers.

This also enables the enterprise to tap into the diverse talent pool and recruit the best talent from all over the world, resulting in a diverse and highly-skilled workforce.   

If you’re considering a career at L3Harris, you must consider the pros and cons of the enterprise as an employer.

Reviews from both past and present employees can prove invaluable in helping you define the organization’s workplace environment.

Read on to learn about L3Harris and if working for the enterprise would be the right fit for you. 

Pros of Working for L3Harris

1. Competitive Wages

L3Harris offers competitive wages that vary based on job type, location, and experience.

Most positions pay 19% higher than the national average.

Salaries typically range from $50,000 to $100,000 per year, with the most experienced professionals earning up to $174,000 per year.

Benefits packages are also competitive, with some offering up to four weeks of vacation, 401(k) matching, and health and life insurance.  

2. Comprehensive Benefits Package

L3Harris offers comprehensive benefits packages designed to meet the needs of their employees and their families.

Benefits include medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage; life insurance; disability insurance; flexible spending accounts; 401(k) retirement savings plans; paid time off; paid parental leave, and employee assistance programs. 

Employees also have access to additional resources, including tuition reimbursement, adoption assistance, and pet insurance plans.

In addition, they have an extensive wellness program and provide discounts on products and services.

3. Encourages Work-Life Balance 

L3Harris encourages work-life balance by providing team members with flexible work schedules, telecommuting options, and generous vacation policies.

Team members are encouraged to take advantage of the company’s many wellness programs and initiatives, such as health and wellness seminars, wellness challenges, and fitness centers on-site.

Additionally, L3Harris provides resources for employees to manage their work and personal lives, such as work-life balance coaches and stress management programs.    

4. Opportunities for Professional Development

L3Harris offers a variety of professional development opportunities for its employees.

Through the company’s Professional Development Program, employees can access resources to help them meet their professional goals.

This includes career planning and development tools, online courses, in-person seminars and workshops, self-paced learning, and access to mentors and coaches. 

The enterprise has formalized programs for employees to develop their skills and gain certifications in areas such as project management, cybersecurity, and finance.

Additionally, L3Harris offers tuition reimbursement for employees who wish to pursue higher education.  

5. Collaborative Workplace Culture

L3Harris has adopted a collaborative workplace culture to foster communication, collaboration, and innovation.

Team members are encouraged to work together to solve problems and develop solutions.

The company encourages employees to have an open mind and to consider different perspectives when making decisions.

Additionally, employees are encouraged to share ideas, provide feedback, and work together to create a team-oriented environment.

Through this culture, L3Harris strives to foster an environment of trust, respect, and collaboration. 

6. Job Security

A majority of L3Harris employees, both past and present, feel more job security than any other employer.

The organization has a strong track record of financial stability, with a proven ability to weather economic downturns.

As a result, both its customers and employees trust in L3Harris, even when the economy slows down. 

L3Harris proves its commitment to its employees by providing competitive salaries and benefits and through its wide range of training and development opportunities.

This helps to ensure that employees are constantly learning and growing, further increasing their job security.

7. Global Presence

L3Harris has a global presence in over 100 countries.

This enables its workforce to gain experience working with different cultures, see things from different perspectives, and exposes them to different ways of doing business.

As a result, the organization can adapt to changing global markets, giving them an edge over the competition. 

Cons of Working for L3Harris

1. Limited Opportunities for Advancement

At L3Harris, employees have the opportunity to advance their careers through training and development programs, as well as through internal job postings.

However, due to the size of the company, there are limited opportunities for advancement.

For those looking to advance their career, it is recommended to take advantage of the training and development programs, as well as networking with current and former employees.

Additionally, it is important to build relationships with management and other key stakeholders to demonstrate the value you can bring to the organization.

2. Fast-Paced Environment 

L3Harris is a fast-paced workplace environment, which can be both a pro and a con.

On the plus side, it encourages employees to be proactive and think quickly on their feet.

Because of the fast pace, employees are often exposed to a variety of tasks and opportunities, which can help to broaden their skillset and provide a sense of development. 

On the other hand, some employees feel the fast-paced environment can be stressful and overwhelming.

It can be challenging to keep up with the workload and demands of the job, and some may find it difficult to work quickly and efficiently under this kind of pressure. 

3. Long Hours

Despite its efforts to ensure employees maintain a work-life balance, L3Harris has a history of encouraging employees to work long hours and take on challenging projects.

According to the company’s official website, it is common for employees to work over 40 hours per week, and some may work even longer hours. 

Employees may be expected to work late nights or weekends to meet deadlines.

The company also offers flexible work arrangements, allowing employees to work remotely or adjust their working hours to better suit their individual needs. 

4. Stressful Environment 

The workplace environment at L3Harris can be stressful at times.

Employees report feeling isolated and overwhelmed due to the high demands placed on them.

The company has high expectations for employees, often requiring them to work long hours and take on additional tasks. 

5.  Corporate Structure

The corporate structure at L3Harris can be viewed as both a pro and a con, depending on the workplace environment you prefer and your professional goals.

Due to the size of the organization, L3Harris has a larger customer base, increased resources, and a greater ability to develop innovative solutions.

The downside to this is the potential for slower decision-making processes, increased bureaucracy, and inefficiencies.

6. Work-Life Balance Is Difficult to Achieve

According to recent surveys, some employees at L3Harris lack a sense of work-life balance.

This lack of balance is due to long hours, excessive overtime, and a focus on meeting business objectives at the expense of employee wellbeing.

The company offers limited flexibility when it comes to employee schedules and teleworking options, making it more difficult for employees to achieve balance. 

7. Limited Diversity

Despite its global reach, the workplace diversity at L3Harris is somewhat limited.

According to a report L3Harris released in 2020, only 28.4% of its employees are from minority backgrounds and only 3.2% of the company’s leadership team are from minority backgrounds. 

The report also noted that the company does not have any gender parity among its top leadership positions, with only 20.2% of the roles being held by women.

This is even though the company’s overall workforce is comprised of 45.6% female employees.

Since this report was published, L3Harris has worked to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment and implemented multiple programs to achieve this status.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for L3Harris – Summary Table

Pros of Working for L3HarrisCons of Working for L3Harris
1. Competitive Wages1. Limited Opportunities for Advancement
2. Comprehensive Benefits Package2. Fast-Paced Environment
3. Encourages Work-Life Balance3. Long Hours
4. Opportunities for Professional Development4. Stressful Environment
5. Collaborative Workplace Culture5.  Corporate Structure
6. Job Security6. Work-Life Balance Is Difficult to Achieve
7. Global Presence7. Limited Diversity

Should You Work for L3Harris?

The decision to work for L3Harris is a personal one, and it depends on many factors including the type of work you would be doing, the company’s values and culture, and your individual career goals.

Approximately 93% of L3Harris employees, both past and present, say they would recommend working for the organization. 

To ensure a good fit, it’s recommended that you research the company thoroughly and speak with current and former employees to gain a better understanding of the organization and role you would be working in.

While no organization can provide the perfect work environment, L3Harris has a reputation for being a positive place to work.

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