13 Pros and Cons of Working for Mastercard

MasterCard is a global company in the Fintech industry that connects merchants, consumers, businesses, governments, and issuers around the world.

The company focuses on creating a calm, positive, and supportive work culture that focuses on diversity, collaboration, and innovation.

It also offers plenty of job opportunities, including roles in finance, technology, sales, and marketing.

If you’re looking to work in the financial technology industry and wish to work with a diverse group of people, then MasterCard is an excellent choice for you.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of working for MasterCard.

Pros Of Working For MasterCard

Working for MasterCard comes with many benefits, including:

1. Global Workplace

MasterCard operates in more than 220 countries, connecting businesses, individuals, and organizations.

The company has over 25,000 employees and over 130 global offices.

This wide global presence allows MasterCard to connect and interact with people from different parts of the world.

If you enjoy traveling, you can work in different MasterCard offices across 220 countries.

As the company grows and expands to various territories, it creates job stability.

That means you won’t have to worry about losing your job as the need for new employees will continue to grow.

This allows you to grow your skills and advance your career.

2. Potential For Growing Your Career

MasterCard claims to have the ability to reshape the digital economy so that individuals, businesses, governments, and financial institutions can achieve their goals.

You may have to use high technology to help with different tasks.

The company believes in committing its energy, time, and passion to supporting local projects and addressing global issues.

That means you get the necessary resources to advance your career or grow your brand.

By working in diverse workplaces, you understand how to manage difficult situations and adapt to a challenging workplace.

3. Well-Equipped Workplace

 MasterCard offers exciting and lucrative amenities to its employees that make work all fun and fulfilling.

For instance, there’s an onsite mother’s room to allow mothers to attend to their children when needed.

MasterCard also encourages its employees to stay fit by providing an onsite fitness class, gym discounts, and gym wellness reimbursement of $500.

There’s an onsite clinic for people who need regular checkups and medication and gender-neutral bathrooms for employees who want to freshen up before going home.

Other valuable amenities include onsite laundry, company phones, and bikes on campus.

4. Competitive Salary with plenty of benefits

According to Indeed, the average MasterCard salary ranges from $66,165 per year to $199,405 per year, depending on your position.

 Apart from these lucrative salaries, you get to enjoy other perks and benefits that come with your position.

Some of the incredible health benefits you can enjoy when working for MasterCard include; health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, disability insurance, supplemental life insurance, and flexible spending account (FSA).

Financial and retirement benefits include performance bonuses, 401 K, retirement plans, charitable gift matching, stock options, and supplemental workers’ compensation.

Family benefits for employees working for MasterCard include family medical leave, maternity and paternity leave, work-from-home system, military leave, unpaid extended leave, childcare, flexible or reduced hours, and adoption assistance.

Vacation benefits include paid holidays, sick days, vocational paid time off, volunteer time off, and bereavement leave.

Employees also enjoy other small benefits, such as travel concierge, gym memberships, free lunch and snacks, employee discounts, legal assistance, and mobile phone discounts.

5. Good-Work Life Balance

It’s everyone’s dream to work and get plenty of family time.

MasterCard provides ample opportunities for employees to spend time with their families through various job schedules.

For instance, you can choose to work from home or flexible working hours that you’re comfortable with.

This helps promote a comfortable work-life balance and increases productivity and job satisfaction.

Most employees are happy with these arrangements as they help them manage time and spend more time with their loved ones.

6. Diversity And Inclusive Workplace

Like most global companies, MasterCard creates a diverse and inclusive workplace that allows employees to feel respected, appreciated, valued, and supported.

Therefore, regardless of your culture, age, sex, race, or background, you can work and share your perspective and experience without feeling intimidated.

MasterCard is a global company with offices in 210 countries, meaning that offices must be flexible regardless of location.

If you or your loved one has a disability, they can get a fair shot at employment in the company.

7. Improved Employee Wellness

Your emotional, physical, and psychological matters.

MasterCard offers plenty of resources and wellness programs that help employees to maintain their mental and physical health.

The company prides itself on ensuring all employees feel valued, safe, and respected.

That’s because they believe that work and life should complement each other, meaning when you’re well, you’re more productive both personally and professionally.

The well-being resources promote financial, mental, social, and physical wellness to help you stay at your best.

8. Enhanced Collaboration

Global companies like MasterCard depend on collaboration to improve innovation.

Therefore, MasterCard has created a system where employees can maximize their unique abilities to complete various innovative initiatives and cross-functional projects.

When you work as a team, you achieve more, and everyone feels recognized for the part they play in the success of a project.

Speaking and working with various people helps you learn from your colleagues and find help whenever needed.

Employees who perform exemplary well are rewarded.

9. Positive Culture

By the mere implementation of a diverse and inclusive culture, you will know that you’re in an excellent workplace culture.

Apart from this system, MasterCard has placed policies that encourage employees to trust, respect, and co-exist well with one another.

These policies help promote a culture of collaboration, teamwork, inclusivity, and compassion.

The company understands the importance of creating a warm, safe, and productive work environment where everyone can bring their ideas to the table.

The mental health care benefit also equips employees with the proper knowledge and approaches for working with people from different backgrounds.

Cons Of Working For MasterCard

Let’s now look at the disadvantages of working for this company.

1. High Expectations

MasterCard is a big company with plenty of opportunities to grow your career.

However, you must work extra to enable the company to realize its vision of making transactions smart, safe, simple, and accessible.

The managers have high expectations for their employees, and people may find it too overwhelming to perform.

Too much supervision shakes confidence and creates too much pressure in the workplace.

Employees have reported being too busy and exhausted.

The 30-minute and 15-minute breaks are few and short.

There have also been complaints of numerous lower and upper managers favoring some employees.

2. Too Much Workload

Working for MasterCard means getting busy and delivering exceptional results.

It’s a growth company with constant dedication and commitment to providing value to businesses, shareholders, and consumers.

There are plenty of resources, tools, and equipment combined with excellent team leadership to help meet company goals.

The limited breaks make a reasonably easy job boring and tiring.

Some employees have reported being overworked to the point of getting sick.

The most challenging area to work in is customer service, handling emergency cases.

If you’re not prepared to answer some of these questions, you may have difficulty helping the client.

On top of this, not all clients will appreciate your help or be patient with you, which can be demotivating.

3. Poor Leadership

MasterCard has different level managers who have been, on several occasions, reported for favoring some employees.

That means sometimes, you may have to deal with managers with little or no experience, which can be frustrating as they don’t fully comprehend the challenges in the job.

Some managers also don’t take their time to understand their teams and learn individual talents, leading to poor team performance.

This makes it difficult for exceptionally performing employees to be recognized or promoted.

4. Fast-Paced Working Environment

If you have been looking to work in a fast-paced environment, MasterCard is the perfect option for you.

Managers have high targets and plenty of projects to manage.

You’re likely to be involved in extensive and innovative projects geared towards the betterment of the company.

Most of these tasks may feel monotonous and tiring, leading to mental exhaustion.

If you’re not passionate, working 40+ hours a week can be depressing and may lead to a lack of motivation. 

13 Pros and Cons of Working for MasterCard – Summary Table

Pros Of Working For MasterCardCons Of Working For MasterCard
1. Global Workplace1. High Expectations
2. Potential For Growing Your Career2. Too Much Workload
3. Well-Equipped Workplace3. Poor Leadership
4. Competitive Salary with plenty of benefits4. Fast-Paced Working Environment
5. Good-Work Life Balance
6. Diversity And Inclusive Workplace
7. Improved Employee Wellness
8. Enhanced Collaboration
9. Positive Culture

Should You Work For MasterCard?

MasterCard is a great company to work for, as it has plenty of benefits that could fit your needs.

If you have always wanted to work in the financial technology industry, this global company can help you achieve all your career goals.

It has a positive work culture, values innovation, provides excellent pay, a flexible work environment, and implements a diverse and inclusive culture.

However, MasterCard may not be the right option if you want a slow-paced working environment with an outstanding work-life balance.

Do your research on the company, check ratings, and review current and former employees while considering your own goals and values to know whether MasterCard is the right place to work.

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