14 Pros and Cons of Working for Toyota

Toyota is known for producing some amazing vehicles, but did you know they are also a wonderful company to work for?

If you want to get into any position with Toyota, you’ll want to know the pros and cons. 

Not only can this help you navigate your job, but it can also help in the hiring stage as you can negotiate benefits.

Below, we’ll help list the most common benefits and drawbacks of working for Toyota.

Pros of Working For Toyota

Toyota has a lot of pros when it comes to its company.

Aside from the basics, they also have lots of room for growth.

Below, we’ll summarize the main benefits of working for the company.

1. Paid Holidays & Vacation

Toyota provides most of its employees with paid holidays.

Always paid holidays include New Year, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

However, some previous employees have listed that Toyota offers 13 paid holidays yearly.

In addition to paid holidays, Toyota also provides vacation days.

Every year, employees can get 10-15 days off.

This is the most well-known benefit of working for the company.

However, this may not seem like enough compared to other jobs on the market.

2. 401K Plan

Toyota also provides 401k contributions for their employees.

Currently, the company is known for matching around 66 ⅔% for the first 6%, then will contribute quarterly.

They will also contribute quarterly even if you don’t contribute.

The term for this is Toyota Retirement, used to help employees save for retirement.

So, even if you decide not to contribute later in the year, the company will still invest in your retirement.

This great investment opportunity can help you build your retirement over time.

3. Health Insurance

Toyota also invests in health insurance for all full-time employees.

These are provider plans and are low-cost for employees.

They have several choices, so that these plans can differ from one person to another.

However, some locations do not offer HMOs anymore.

However, most are still offering PPO insurance coverage.

All of the healthcare benefits are covered from day one of working at the company.

4. Employee Discount

The company is also generous with employee discounts.

This includes discounts for current employees, families, and friends.

However, there is no guarantee of what items will be discounted.

There might be special pricing or perks for everyday products and services.

There are also discounts on travel, insurance, prescriptions, etc.

Toyota is partnered with many businesses where employees can get discounts.

This may also include theme parks, movie theatres, and more.

So, there are plenty of opportunities to utilize employee discounts compared to other companies.

However, these discounts vary from job position and location.

5. Dental Insurance

The dental plan covers all cleanings and standard dental procedures.

Employees get two cleanings yearly, and extras such as crowns aren’t covered 100%.

However, you will be covered for a percentage by copayment.

Most employees have stated that there is a limited number.

The maximum coverage listed is $2,000 annually.

So, the dental plan is decent but not the best on the market.

If you need something with better coverage, you might want to apply to a different company or look for your own dental coverage.

6. Maternity & Paternity Leave

The maternity and paternity leave is one of the best you’ll find.

The leave grants employees up to four months off.

If more time is needed, then you will also be given pay which decreases over time. 

In 2 weeks, employees will still get 100% pay.

In four weeks, this reduces to 80%.

After that, it will be 60% pay.

In addition to that, employees with positions that can be done remotely will be granted a work-from-home option.

This allows new families to have flexible options when caring for their newborns.

7. Yearly Bonuses

Every year, Toyota offers bonuses dependent on performance.

The end-of-the-year bonus is different per job position.

However, past employees generally report it can be anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. 

The bonus is not a commission for your work.

This is a separate end-of-the-year bonus given to employees who have made amazing progress since the beginning of the year.

Not all employees are entitled to a yearly bonus; most of the time, they won’t see a bonus unless they’ve done exceptionally well.

Cons of Working for Toyota

Toyota is an excellent company to work for if you want to move up the ladder.

That being said, there are also some drawbacks that ex-employees would list.

Below, we’ve taken the time to summarize why you might not want to apply to the company.

1. High Workload

Working at Toyota is a very demanding job and requires a lot of self-training.

While they do have job training mentorships, most of the work is learned through experience.

Depending on the area you apply to, you will be working full-time.

If you’re not keen on stressful work environments, then this job might not be right for you.

Employees are expected to keep up with their projects and meet deadlines without any issues.

If you can’t, then you will be let go.

2. Take Attendance Seriously

While Toyota is generous with their PTO, vacation, and sick days, they do track attendance.

Any pattern of no-show behavior will be met with a warning.

After that, you will be replaced by someone else.

Employees express that many people hired who don’t take attendance seriously will be let go.

So, being punctual and communicating with Toyota about taking time off or being late for work is important.

3. No Drugs

All Toyota employees are drug tested and must undergo a routine check.

Even those living in states with legal use of certain drugs will also be tested.

Toyota doesn’t want their employees to show positive for any.

So, don’t apply if you can’t meet these standards.

They do routine drug testing on all of their employees every few months.

Toyota isn’t for you for those who want to avoid a company that does this. 

4. Strict Deadlines

Everyone at Toyota is expected to meet their deadlines, from sales staff to engineers.

If an employee shows that they cannot commit to deadlines, they will be replaced.

Some employees find that the job is too highly stressful, especially regarding project deadlines.

So, it’s best to be prepared or at least know what you’re getting into before you apply to the company.

5. People in & Out of Company Frequently

Another downside is that some employees feel like people always move in and out of the company.

While Toyota has great benefits, many find that they can’t keep up with the job demands.

Due to this, many employees will get replaced every few months.

Some employees list that they have seen major employee shifts every three months.

That’s why it’s good to be prepared to make deadlines, show up on time, and contribute to the job.

Otherwise, you can easily get replaced.

6. No Set Training

Unfortunately, Toyota doesn’t have any set training programs or mentorships.

Many individuals who apply will already have experience in the field.

Toyota wants to hire those with the education and experience to do the job correctly.

For those looking for an entry-level job, they should skip applying here.

Instead, if a job at Toyota is your dream, you should focus on gaining education and experience for your position before applying.

7. Long Hours

Lastly, Toyota employees are expected to work for a long time.

Generally, this can mean working overnight or even two shifts at a time.

This job isn’t for you if you can’t handle long hours.

Toyota has a lot of projects that will have strict deadlines.

If a team needs to meet that deadline, employees will be expected to help.

So, if you aren’t prepared for that, then you shouldn’t apply.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Toyota – Summary Table

Pros of Working For ToyotaCons of Working for Toyota
1. Paid Holidays & Vacation1. High Workload
2. 401K Plan2. Take Attendance Seriously
3. Health Insurance3. No Drugs
4. Employee Discount4. Strict Deadlines
5. Dental Insurance5. People in & Out of Company Frequently
6. Maternity & Paternity Leave6. No Set Training
7. Yearly Bonuses7. Long Hours

Should You Work for Toyota?

While Toyota has some great long-term benefits, it is a difficult company to join.

Not only that, but you will need more than a decent education to stick around.

If you have a good work ethic and are willing to hit deadlines, then this job is for you.

On the other hand, if you need lots of instructions, can’t come on time, or have the need for a flexible schedule, you should apply elsewhere.

Toyota is great for those looking to move up in a company and those who can work well on their own. 

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