19 Pros and Cons of Working for Waffle House

Waffle House is a restaurant chain with over 1,900 locations in 25 states.

Most of the locations are in the Midwest and the South, and they are famous for their waffles.

Waffle House also serves egg breakfasts, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and hash brown bowls.

The restaurant also has a lunch and dinner menu, allowing customers to enjoy a meal at any time of the day.

There are several positions available at Waffle House, including:

  • Servers
  • Host and Hostesses, also known as the Door Corps
  • Cooks
  • Managers

Like all jobs, working for Waffle House has its upsides and downsides, and it’s best to know the pros and cons before applying for a job.

Understanding the pros and cons will help you decide if a career with Waffle House is the right fit for you.

Pros of Working For Waffle House

There are several things about working for Waffle House that make it an excellent place to work, including the following:


Like most restaurants, the management team is eligible for insurance coverage.

Waffle House appreciates its hourly workers just as much, and they are also eligible for insurance, including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, and their family members are also eligible.

There are three insurance options available, including the essential, minimum, and comprehensive care plans.

The company also provides life insurance, supplemental life insurance, disability insurance, and accidental death & dismemberment insurance. 

Full-time employees can enroll immediately after being hired, and the coverage will begin 30 days later.

Flexible Shifts

You can maintain a healthy work/life balance as a Waffle House employee, and you can work full-time or part-time.

There are day, night, weekend, and weekday shifts available. 

Stock Ownership

Waffle House understands that employees work harder and stay longer when they’re invested in where they work, so employees have the option to purchase Waffle House stock for up to 10 percent of their pay.

Employees must be with the company for 90 days before being eligible for stock ownership. 

Expectant mothers are eligible for paid maternity leave.

They must have been with the company for two years continuously and work at least 30 hours a week.

Maternity leave is paid for six weeks and eight weeks if the employee has a C-section. 

Paternity Leave

Maternity leave has always been available to employees, and recently, the company started providing paid paternity leave to new fathers.

This allows new fathers to spend time bonding with the new baby before returning to work. 

Everyone needs time off from work from time to time, whether it’s because they’re sick, for appointments, or just because they need a break.

Waffle House understands this, and the company offer paid time off.

Employees begin accruing time immediately after they’re hired, and they earn one hour for every 30 hours worked. 

Advancement Opportunities

Employees who love working for Waffle House and want to advance their careers with the company.

For example, Grill Operators can be promoted to Master Grill Operator or Rock Star Grill Operator, both requiring more responsibility and better pay.

Employees can also work to become 2nd or 3rd shift supervisors or restaurant managers. 

A Second Family

Many employees say their coworkers and managers are like a second family, and it’s a wonderful place to make new friends.

The company’s family-first atmosphere makes Waffle House an excellent company to work for. 

Servers Don’t Have To Share Their Tips

 Many restaurants require their servers to share tips with hosts and hostesses.

Waffle House doesn’t require employees to split their tips, but when many employees have a good night, they give a share of their tips to the hosts and hostesses.

These people do a lot for the servers, and many give the hosts and hostesses some of their tips to show their appreciation. 

Cons of Working For Waffle House

Although there are several good things about working for Waffle House, there are also downsides.

Waffle House employees are very active online and use websites like Glassdoor as a place to vent.

The cons of working for Waffle House include the following:

Undesirable Shifts

Many Waffle House locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are closed on major holidays.

Locations need coverage for every shift, and if an overnight crew member calls out, management will require someone to work, and most employees don’t want to work overnight shifts. 

No Set Schedule

Many employees report that they get a different schedule every week when management makes the schedules.

Many people prefer to work the same schedule every week, and this is only an option at some Waffle House locations. 

Difficult Customers

Everyone in the service industry deals with difficult customers occasionally, but since most Waffle House locations are open 24/7, dealing with difficult customers can be a daily occurrence.

Employees report drunk customers coming into the restaurants when the bars and clubs close, and many are loud and belligerent and can make working the overnight shift unbearable. 

Paid time off is an excellent benefit, but unfortunately, some stipulations prevent hourly workers from getting their paid time off.

This is a quarterly benefit, and if the employee doesn’t use their accrued hours by the end of the quarter, they lose them.

Many employees report trying to schedule their paid time off before the end of the quarter, only to be turned down, and they lose the hours. 

According to some employees, hourly employees don’t get time off for the hours accumulated.

They work their regular shift and receive a “vacation” check, even though they didn’t take a vacation.

Management is the only Waffle House employees who actually get to take time off.

Employees Aren’t Given Breaks

Many Waffle House employees from various locations report they aren’t given breaks during their shifts.

Many managers want to be sure all sections are covered, so they don’t allow employees to take scheduled breaks. 

Low Pay For Some Positions

Waffle House manager salary ranges from $47,000 to $55,000 per year.

This is a relatively good salary, but hourly workers often make less than they would like.

The average wage for a cook is $13.65, and the average salary for a host or hostess is $11.58.

Many employees say this isn’t enough to live on, and many report working two jobs to make ends meet.

The average salary for a server is $3.45, and most of their income comes from tips.

If the restaurant isn’t busy during a server’s shift, they’ll work for very little money, making the server wonder if it’s worth working for the company. 

Calling In Sick

Waffle House’s call-in policy states that employees must call in at least two hours before their shift so that managers can find someone to cover the shift.

Many employees say their managers require them to call coworkers to find coverage, and if they can’t, the employee must show up for their shift even though they’re sick. 

No Overtime

Waffle House doesn’t offer their employees overtime.

Employees typically have to wait until their replacement on the next shift arrives to go home.

If the employee’s replacement is late and they have to work until they arrive, they don’t get overtime.

They essentially have to work for free until their replacement arrives. 

The overtime policy is also a hassle for employees who need to earn extra money because they have to go out and get a second job to make ends meet. 

Employees Have No Control Over the Number of Hours They Work

Because most Waffle House managers don’t offer their employees set schedules, the number of hours an employee works is up to the manager.

Employees often complain because their managers don’t give them enough hours to cover their bills, and some are scheduled for too many hours, preventing them from having a healthy work/life balance. 

Full-Time Often Doesn’t Mean Full-Time

A common complaint among Waffle House workers is that managers schedule them for 15 to 20 hours despite being hired as full-time employees.

This is a problem for employees who have to work full-time to support themselves and their families. 

19 Pros and Cons of Working for Waffle House – Summary Table

Pros of Working For Waffle HouseCons of Working For Waffle House
InsuranceUndesirable Shifts
Flexible ShiftsNo Set Schedule
Stock OwnershipDifficult Customers
Paid Maternity LeavePaid Time Off Isn't Always Given
Paternity LeaveEmployees Aren't Given Breaks
Paid Time OffLow Pay For Some Positions
Advancement OpportunitiesCalling In Sick
A Second FamilyNo Overtime
Servers Don't Have To Share Their TipsEmployees Have No Control Over the Number of Hours They Work
Full-Time Often Doesn't Mean Full-Time

Should You Work For Waffle House?

Overall, there are better places to work than Waffle House.

Many people take jobs at Waffle House for the benefits and paid time off, only to find out they don’t actually get to take the time off.

The changing schedules, undesirable shifts, call-in policy, and limited hours aren’t worth what the company pays.

Also, employees often work six to eight hours straight without a break to get something to eat or get off their feet, which is often too much for many people.

Many employees report quick turnarounds in the staff, which is likely due to the job being much different than they were told during the interview.

Many other restaurant chains do their best to allow employees to work their desired shifts and schedule full-time employees for full-time hours.

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