17 Pros and Cons of Working for Intuit

If you’ve heard of TurboTax, Mint, Mailchimp, CreditKarma, or QuickBooks, then you know all about the powerhouse of the company that Intuit is.

While Intuit has some great products, you might wonder if the company is as great as its software.

In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of working for Intuit so you can decide the answer to that question for yourself.

Pros of Working for Intuit

1. It’s a well-known company.

When you are looking for a job, it can pay to apply to companies that have a strong track record of growing and staying in business.

Intuit has been around for decades and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere soon.

Since the company has a tendency to expand, it is a great place to grow as an employee over a long career.

2. The company invests in creating a positive corporate culture.

While some companies simply say that they want their employees to have a positive experience with them, Intuit seems to put in the work to cultivate a positive corporate culture.

They have plenty of company events to bring coworkers and employees together.

They also do their best to support their employees with thorough training.

This allows employees to feel supported and engaged in their work environment.

3. Promotion from within

If you are looking to grow with this company, they do tend to prefer to hire from within instead of finding new candidates outside of the company.

For those who are looking for a long, rewarding career, the opportunity to move up in the company on the corporate ladder can be tantalizing.

It also makes it easy to see how this company could fit into your career goals in the long term and the short term.

4. Competitive pay

According to indeed.com, workers at Intuit can plan to make a decent amount of money for their chosen profession.

Bookkeepers report making roughly $17-$26.

Software engineer salaries can range from $67k-$250k based on experience.

For technical support representatives, the average reported hourly wage rests around $20-$28 per hour.

This is standard for these fields, if not a little higher than average.

5. Strong diversity and inclusion efforts

One of the main perks of working at Intuit is their strong efforts to incorporate diversity and inclusion best practices into their hiring process.

For employees who may worry about discrimination in the hiring process or who want to work for a company that champions diversity, Intuit can be a great match for your values.

Employees of color in particular report feeling supported at work from an inclusive perspective at Intuit on glassdoor.com.

6. The company’s care for customers positively impacts employees.

If customer service is your life, you will appreciate how Intuit really does seem to care about satisfying customers.

This will make it so that you will feel energized and excited about going to work in a customer-facing role.

It also makes it easier to do your job well and go above and beyond for your customers.

7. Work-life balance

At Intuit, most employees report a great sense of work-life balance.

The easy 9 to 5 work hours for many positions can be a welcome break from some of the inconsistent hours that other companies offer their employees.

Some employees also have the opportunity to work remotely, so these employees can enjoy a greater sense of work-life balance as they work from home.

The company seems to balance work hours even during super busy seasons like tax season for TurboTax employees.

8. Some remote work opportunities

While the company is transitioning back to working in the office for most workers, some workers are able to work from home.

This can be a game changer if you need to stay home for family obligations or health reasons.

While the company does not encourage remote work, it can be a possibility in extenuating circumstances.

Some roles offer remote work more freely than others, so it is a good thing to research during your application process.

9. Supportive management

On glassdoor.com, many Intuit employees report that the best part of the job, besides enjoying their line of work, is the support they receive from management.

If you have been in the workforce for a while, you know how good management can make or break your experience in a company.

Since Intuit tends to promote from within, their managers have experience with working on the ground before they enter a supervisor role in many cases.

Cons of Working for Intuit

1. High work volume during tax season for tax experts

If you work for the TurboTax side of Intuit, you will probably have a heavier tax season than employees who work in other departments.

While many employees report that management does their best to provide support during this time, there’s no way to fully minimize the extra workload.

It can be overwhelming if you’re not used to dealing with such a high volume of work.

Additionally, if you have a hard time with managing your stress levels, this may be too much on your plate to handle.

2. Work-from-home lifestyles are discouraged by the company

While Intuit does make exceptions, the rule for this company is that most of the workforce works in the office.

If you enjoy working remotely, you might find that their resistance to remote work makes it hard for you to get the work style that you need to thrive.

Waiting for remote work opportunities may be a good strategy at Intuit, but you will find that they are competitive since they are rare.

3. Metrics can matter more in a performance review than actual work quality.

At Intuit, some employees report that they are judged more harshly based on the numbers in their surveys than the feedback that customers give.

Even if customers give a negative rating due to their dislike of the company, it will reflect poorly on the employee.

This can wear on your self-esteem over time.

Since you could be doing everything right and still have the surveys determine how your performance is perceived, this is a common source of frustration for some employees at Intuit.

4. Bad surveys can affect bonuses and job performance.

Negative surveys and low survey scores do more at Intuit than simply lower employees’ self-esteem–they can have real consequences on bonuses and job performance reviews.

While some employees can rise above the negative reviews emotionally, it can have a tangible impact on your earning potential if customers consistently rate you negatively despite your best efforts.

If you struggle with this kind of policy, you may want to consider working elsewhere.

5. Strict cellphone policy for certain departments

Because of security issues, some departments will not allow employees to use their cell phones even if their desktop or laptop is locked.

While this may be understandable, it can feel excessive for some employees.

If you need to access your cellphone regularly during the workday, this company may not be the right fit for you.

Of course, you can always ask for details about the cellphone policy during the hiring process to help you decide whether you want to move forward with the company or not.

6. Invasive tracking during the workday

Some employees have shared on glassdoor.com that Intuit has employees use a tracker to check in and out of bathroom breaks in addition to having them clock in and out for breaks.

This kind of micromanaging can make some people feel uncomfortable.

While it makes sense that Intuit wants to ensure that they know whether employees are available to take a call or perform another task, this may feel like it’s a little more than necessary tracking.

7. Excessive company events 

Sometimes, there is such a thing as too much bonding with coworkers and fellow employees.

At Intuit, their corporate culture of fostering connections between employees can go a bit too far sometimes.

Some employees report that mandatory company events feel like they are too much.

When they start getting in the way of completing work or they feel like a chore, the company should take note and scale them back.

8. Irate customers can be stressful

If you work in a customer-facing role at Intuit, you may find that interactions with angry customers are stressful.

During the tax season especially, TurboTax workers may find that the customers who are testy outweigh the positive impact that satisfied customers make.

If you do not like working with people, it may be best to try to find a role in the company that does not require you to deal with customers on a regular basis.

17 Pros and Cons of Working for Intuit – Summary Table

Pros of Working for IntuitCons of Working for Intuit
1. It’s a well-known company.1. High work volume during tax season for tax experts
2. The company invests in creating a positive corporate culture.2. Work-from-home lifestyles are discouraged by the company
3. Promotion from within3. Metrics can matter more in a performance review than actual work quality.
4. Competitive pay4. Bad surveys can affect bonuses and job performance.
5. Strong diversity and inclusion efforts5. Strict cellphone policy for certain departments
6. The company’s care for customers positively impacts employees.6. Invasive tracking during the workday
7. Work-life balance7. Excessive company events
8. Some remote work opportunities8. Irate customers can be stressful
9. Supportive management

Should You Work for Intuit?

If you want a rewarding job that lets you help customers at a company that cares about its employees, you should work for Intuit.

While there are some drawbacks to working there, the pros outweigh the cons for many employees.

Unless you need to work from home, it’s a great choice.

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