17 Pros and Cons of Working for Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is a well-known financial company that provides in-depth advice and investing suggestions for its clients.

Working for them can take on many different roles, including investment professional, accountant, planning professional, and much more. 

But are they an excellent company to work for, or should you avoid them?

That’s an important question to answer because it might mean the difference between a positive and negative career.

Let’s take a look at the multiple benefits and disadvantages of working for this business. 

Pros of Working for Charles Schwab 

With one of the most impressive investment success rates on the market, Charles Schwab’s history of success speaks for itself.

As you might expect, there are many benefits of working with this company, particularly if you’re new to investing or are just finishing your college education. 

The following benefits were reported by multiple reviewers on various job-related sites.

They were noted by several former or current employees, which gives them more heft.

Read through each of these advantages carefully to decide if Charles Schwab is the employer for you.

1. Strong Salary 

Most people reported being very happy with their salary at Charles Schwab.

While a few stated that you could make more money elsewhere, most noted that the payment was more than fair.

In fact, Schwab is often reported as one of the best first-time jobs for college students, and they even provide training and mentorship for students still completing their degrees. 

2. Fantastic Benefits 

Charles Schwab typically provides excellent benefits packages for most of its employees.

A large number of respondents to various surveys stated that they earned substantial bonuses, employee discounts on investment, high-quality health insurance, a great retirement plan, and even volunteer time off.

Some even touted the stock purchase plan and the ways it benefited their unique needs. 

3. Strong Training and Mentorship

If you don’t have much financial experience or need help learning this career, Charles Schwab provides excellent training and mentorship programs.

Multiple current or former employees stated that these benefits were very strong and that they helped them begin their careers more effectively.

That’s something to consider if you’re an entry-level professional and need help starting this job. 

4. Respectful Culture (Depending on Facility)

Multiple reviewers stated that Charles Schwab often had excellent and very positive company culture.

They said that most people who worked there were intelligent and respectful, and excellent at their jobs.

While there were some complaints based on facility location (which we’ll discuss later), most people found that working for Charles Schwab was a positive and enjoyable experience. 

5. Sabbatical Options 

After five years of working for Charles Schwab, you get the option to take a sabbatical.

On this paid, extended time off, you can do whatever you want.

Some people focus on improving their career training, while others may simply relax around the home.

With fewer and fewer jobs offering this type of benefit, it’s great to see at least one company that trusts its employees in this way.

6. 401(k) Retirement Package

Though pensions have become a thing of the past in many markets, Charles Schwab feels comfortable offering a 401(k) option for their employees.

They provide a matching option, meaning they’ll pay 100% of whatever you invest.

Their investing options are typically well chosen, as well, meaning that your 401(k) is likely to make good money over the years for you.

7. Strong Investing Advice 

Charles Schwab made a name for itself, providing great investing advice for its clients, and can even give their employees help on this front.

They provide free or discounted investing advice for all their employees, no matter their level.

This means you can get expert suggestions from a trusted team.

In this way, you can take the extra cash and invest it wisely and make a little extra side income.

8. Remote Work Environment 

Charles Schwab has fully embraced remote work and provides this work style for many of its employees.

Though it’s not available for all positions, even hybrid settings may work well for many.

While a remote job may not be an excellent option for everyone (which we’ll address below), the fact that it’s available make this a perfect choice for someone who may work in an out-of-the-way area.

9. Comfortable and Relaxing Offices

Most employees stated that the offices where they worked for Charles Schwab were very well-designed and comfortable.

They were set up to provide maximum relaxation for employees and customers and were great places to work.

Few people reported any complaints with office structure, design, or layout, though remote employees had little to say about work offices for obvious reasons.

Cons of Working for Charles Schwab

While the benefits mentioned above might make Charles Schwab seem like an excellent employer, there are a few downsides that you need to understand before applying.

Whether they overwhelm the benefits is up to you to decide, particularly if you’re concerned about office culture. 

We carefully checked multiple online reviews by real employees to gauge the worst parts about working for Charles Schwab.

There are clearly some issues working with this business, but that could be said of every company.

Are they enough to make it a place to avoid working? Read on to find out.

1. Questionable Break Schedule

A few people reported that Charles Schwab’s break scheduling was not fair compared to other businesses.

While their 30-minute lunch and two 15-minute personal breaks give you an hour off, that’s all the time a person receives off, even when working 10-12 hours a day.

That can make this job more exhausting, particularly for people who get tired quickly when working with others in investing.

2. Long Working Hours 

Many surveyed employees reported that they regularly worked 10-12 hours a day while employed at Charles Schwab.

Some said that this was part of their job setup, i.e., they worked four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days.

Others stated that they simply had too much to do every week and had to work long hours.

While management often provided benefits and amenities for this work, it often became exhausting.

3. Lack of Diversity 

If you want to work in a diverse environment with many different people, Charles Schwab may not be the best choice for you.

Many workers reported a significant lack of diversity at this company, as it often mainly hired male and white employees.

While there were obviously exceptions to this statement, enough people brought it up to indicate a concerning issue at Charles Schwab.

4. Unsatisfying Pay for Some People 

Though a lot of Charles Schwab employees reported fair compensation, that’s not true of everyone.

For example, just 48% of all respondents in a survey of over 650 employees stated that they “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that they were paid fairly for their work.

While that’s nearly 50%, such a low number indicates that Charles Schwab may have some work to do to make everyone feel compensated.

5. Uncertain Overtime Rates 

Though Charles Schwab typically offers overtime pay for its employees, positive responses to this pay were split.

For example, about 56% of all surveyed employees stated that overtime pay was 1.5 times the hourly rate paid to employees.

That’s the national minimum, which isn’t bad.

However, the fact that 44% reported something different is cause for concern because it indicates some facilities may not compensate adequately.

6. Changes in Vacation Time

Though Charles Schwab offers vacation time or PTO for their employees, the amount reported varied wildly.

For example, in a survey of over 520 people, it was found that some people earned 1-5 days for vacation, while others had 10-20 days.

That variance between PTO time reveals a questionable corporate culture because most jobs with higher vacation times were executive or planning positions.

7. Some Questionable Management 

Though most people who worked for Charles Schwab praised their management team, some were unsatisfied.

Many reviewers stated that corporate culture varied wildly from one facility to the next.

Some might provide an excellent and supportive environment, while others were far cruder.

This fact is essential to consider if you plan on applying for a job:

research your facility carefully to avoid issues.

8. Micromanagement Issues 

Several employees noted that Charles Schwab typically provided excellent support and assistance for your first year and then became more hands-on after.

Commonly, they reported being micromanaged by their superiors and feeling a lot of stress if they didn’t meet specific quotas.

That resulted in a higher level of job stress for many workers. 

17 Pros and Cons of Working for Charles Schwab – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Charles SchwabCons of Working for Charles Schwab
1. Strong Salary1. Questionable Break Schedule
2. Fantastic Benefits2. Long Working Hours
3. Strong Training and Mentorship3. Lack of Diversity
4. Respectful Culture (Depending on Facility)4. Unsatisfying Pay for Some People
5. Sabbatical Options5. Uncertain Overtime Rates
6. 401(k) Retirement Package6. Changes in Vacation Time
7. Strong Investing Advice7. Some Questionable Management
8. Remote Work Environment8. Micromanagement Issues
9. Comfortable and Relaxing Offices

Should You Work for Charles Schwab?

Clearly, Charles Schwab is doing something right, and its success can’t be denied.

The benefits that it offers an employee like you are clear and make them an exciting career opportunity.

We strongly suggest them for someone who’s new to this field and needs a first-time job. 

That said, the downsides of this job make it evident that people with more experience or ambition may feel limited at Charles Schwab.

If you’re someone who plans on advancing as high as possible or who wants to start their own business later, Charles Schwab may not be for you.

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