19 Pros and Cons of Working for AbbVie

Abbvie is a popular pharmaceutical company that produces high-quality products for its many customers.

They consistently hire many employees and often work well as a starting position for many people.

If you’re interested in starting a career with this company but aren’t sure where to begin, it’s vital to assess their many benefits and whether they’re a good fit for your skills.

Pros of Working for Abbvie

We checked multiple job review sites to see what current and former employees were saying about Abbvie.

Our findings highlighted many employment benefits that you need to understand if you want to work for this company.

The following upsides were the most consistently reported and highlighted a business that seems committed to providing high-quality employment opportunities.

1. Great Introduction to Pharmaceutical Industry

Many people who worked for Abbvie stated it was a great place to start their pharmaceutical career.

Often, they hire people with minimal experience, including contractors, and can help you get the knowledge needed to start your career.

If you’re looking to transition into a full-time position, that’s an excellent situation and one that can ensure you get the best support possible for your needs. 

2. Supportive Work Environment 

Abbvie employees found that management and higher-ups were mainly very supportive of their learning experience and were more than understanding of personal needs.

For example, they stated that it was pretty easy to request time off and that most co-workers were understanding and friendly about life issues.

That made it a congenial and comfortable work environment for most people. 

3. Hardworking Team 

Furthermore, most workers at Abbvie also found that their co-workers were hardworking and more than willing to put in the time necessary for their job duties.

That makes it a great place to work, many reviewers stated, if you’re eager to put in the time and effort to succeed.

Most were particularly impressed by the firm’s commitment to hiring high-quality, professional employees as well.

4. Clear Goals and Purpose 

Abbvie also creates obvious goals and purposes for each job role, ensuring that you don’t get confused with your duties.

For example, engineers stated that they were put on specific projects and given understandable expectations of what they were to achieve.

This helped make it simpler for workers to thrive and gave them a better grasp of what was expected of them every day.

5. Ability to Try New Things 

Abbvie is consistently creating new projects and products, which gives employees a chance to try new things.

They also regularly let their employees work on multiple projects or choose ones that interest them.

This benefit is huge because it can help you master new and exciting skills and master more techniques that can seriously improve your pharmaceutical career.

6. Transparent Leadership

Most former and current Abbvie employees stated that leadership was very transparent at this company, meaning it was straightforward to talk with managers and others.

The benefits here are obvious.

Clear and consistent communication made it easier to do things like request time off, talk about personal issues, or resolve conflicts with co-workers.

That made Abbvie a better place for most people to work.

7. Team Outings 

The concept of teamwork building has become very popular in recent years, and Abbvie has embraced it by scheduling regular team outings with their crew.

You’ll get to do things like visit restaurants, go to the movies, take hikes, and even attend conventions.

This benefit is enormous for people who love traveling and who want to build a tight and friendly connection with co-workers.

8. Inclusive Environment 

Various job review sites consistently gave Abbvie one of the highest ratings for inclusivity and diversity, with one giving them an 80 out of 100.

They always hire a diverse range of employees from all walks of life, including multiple genders and nationalities.

As a result, Abbvie works well for people interested in meeting many unique individuals and thriving in a great environment.

9. Yearly Raises 

When asked about salary increases, almost every polled Abbvie employee stated that they received yearly or annual raises for their work.

These included job surveys assessing your ability and other insights that gauged what raise you received.

As a result, this employer may be a great choice if you’re interested in a job that consistently rewards you for hard work with better pay and compensation.

Cons of Working for Abbvie 

While Abbvie has many incredible benefits that make them an exciting place to work, there are some downsides.

We checked out multiple employee reviews and discovered some fundamental issues that you need to understand before you work for this team.

Though Abbvie might still be a good option for many people, the following negatives make it essential to check into your facility before applying.

1. Project Management Concerns 

While most people found that there were clear goals and purposes for each project, managers weren’t always up to the task.

Though not a uniform issue that affected every management team, it was reported by enough people to raise red flags.

Many people reported managers who either didn’t know what they were doing or who poorly handled the projects they did receive.

2. Work/Life Balance Issues 

Multiple Abbvie employees reported real work/life balance concerns, particularly when discussing group outings.

Some found that these experiences, while fun, kept them at work longer and often interfered with their family life.

Though most were not mandatory, some managers frowned upon skipping these events, and it often created a tense and troubling atmosphere.

3. Long Hours 

Many respondents to various employment quizzes stated that they were expected to work long hours at Abbvie, no matter their position.

This situation typically occurred during product-launch windows, meaning that Abbvie would often push its team to meet quotas and production goals.

Some people liked the chance to work hard, while others struggled with their work/life balance.

4. Uneven Overtime Compensation 

Many people who worked for Abbvie reported that they received minimal to no overtime compensation.

Often, people were put on a salary or a pseudo-salary and couldn’t receive overtime pay as a result.

This issue combines with the long hours many people work at Abbvie to produce a real issue with staying on task and avoiding burnout.

Many people reported quitting simply for this reason alone.

5. Confusing Vacation Days

In a poll of nearly 400 current or former Abbvie employers, most respondents said that they received, and most said between 10-20.

However, there were several who also said 1-5, meaning that vacation time was confusingly applied in some sectors of Abbvie.

Furthermore, many people said they were actively discouraged from using their time or rarely used it, making it a questionable benefit.

6. Some Maternity Leave Concerns 

At least a few people reported that they received little to no maternity leave support from Abbvie, which made it very hard for mothers to recover after giving birth.

Furthermore, there were almost no paternity leave options for fathers of new children.

While this latter option is still fairly rare among companies, its lack of availability is concerning from a health-based firm.

7. Varying Facility Quality 

Abbvie has multiple facilities around the nation, and according to several applicants, these varied wildly in quality.

For example, some might have high-quality comfort amenities for their employees, while others have minimal support.

As a result, it’s important to research the facility where you’ll work to learn more about its quality.

Doing so can minimize these complications.

8. Questionable Insurance Options 

One of the most consistently reported issues with Abbvie was their poor-quality insurance.

Many applications called their coverage a “joke” and stated that they rarely provided things like life insurance or other policies.

That said, Abbvie does offer a dental plan and some other protection, though the quality of these options also varies depending on the position and a person’s health needs.

9. May Be Challenging for Contractors 

Abbvie contractors often reported that Abbvie created a challenging environment for them.

While this wasn’t a purposeful issue, it was clear that contractors often struggled to understand many of Abbvie’s basic operational procedures.

Unfortunately, they hire a lot of contractors for entry-level positions, so make sure that you’re comfortable with your role before applying.

10. Minimal Training Options

Lastly, many workers reported that they received little to no training support, even for higher-end jobs.

Even entry-level employees were expected to “hit the ground running” and produce high-quality work almost immediately.

This concerning fact made it more difficult for many people to master their job and created extensive confusion concerning quality-control issues that impact some of Abbvie’s many projects. 

19 Pros and Cons of Working for Abbvie – Summary Table

Pros of Working for AbbvieCons of Working for Abbvie
1. Great Introduction to Pharmaceutical Industry1. Project Management Concerns
2. Supportive Work Environment2. Work/Life Balance Issues
3. Hardworking Team3. Long Hours
4. Clear Goals and Purpose4. Uneven Overtime Compensation
5. Ability to Try New Things5. Confusing Vacation Days
6. Transparent Leadership6. Some Maternity Leave Concerns
7. Team Outings7. Varying Facility Quality
8. Inclusive Environment8. Questionable Insurance Options
9. Yearly Raises9. May Be Challenging for Contractors
10. Minimal Training Options

Should You Work for Abbvie?

Abbvie provides many great benefits that make them a great company to work for, including a nearly 70% salary satisfaction rate.

They also have a robust corporate culture that makes them a comfortable and relaxing place to work.

That said, there are some issues with long hours and management that you should consider.

If you’re not afraid to work hard, you should apply for a job at Abbvie.

If you’re concerned about things like minimal training and poor overtime support, pass on this firm.

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