What To Wear To A Waitress Interview

Rule number one for any interview: first impressions are crucial. No matter where you go, you will want your (potential) new employees and managers to see you as a suitable fit for their company. 

The general rule of thumb, when it comes to interviews, is you will want to dress slightly nicer than you would at work: no more, no less.

If you turn up looking all flashy and overdressed, it may be a little too much. Dressing too casual, on the other hand, will make you look unprofessional. It is a fine line to cross!

If you have clicked on this article, you have most likely receive an interview to become a waitress, or you have applied for a position. If you have already received an interview, congratulations! You are one step closer to getting the job, and you should be proud of yourself.

Now, for the daunting task of getting through the interview.

As we said, first impressions are so, so important. You will want to dress for the part, appearing professional and tidy at the interview. But, what should you wear?

Below, we have listed everything you will need to know about choosing an outfit for your waitress interview. Pay close attention!

Guides Of What To Wear

Upper Wear

As a female, wearing a light-colored blouse or shirt, neatly tucked into whatever you’re wearing on your lower half, is your best option for any interview. Make sure it is buttoned all the way up, or at least moderately buttoned up. 

If you like, you might wear a basic, long-sleeved top in black or a darker color instead, or even a plain dress of a moderate length.

You should avoid t-shirts and crop tops completely, as showing skin will make you appear too casual for an interview. For the jacket, it is best to avoid denim or leather: try wearing a light cardigan instead.

You will want to look professional, even if the clothes we have mentioned are not the usual style you would wear.

Bottom Wear

For your bottom half, you should consider wearing either black or dark colored tailored trousers.

The likelihood is that you will be wearing dark trousers in your role if you get the job, so you may as well start as you mean to go on! A belt can be worn, but don’t wear anything too flashy. Also, make sure your shirt/blouse/top is tucked into your pants.

You could wear a dark skirt instead, along with some dark stockings, but it is best to avoid skirts with patterns or outlandish designs. 

Additionally, you should definitely avoid wearing jeans or shorts: showing skin or wearing ‘casual’ materials, such as denim, will make you appear unprofessional.


If you get the job, you will most likely be required to wear sensible, closed-toe, dark colored shoes. Again, you may as well dress for the part and wear similar styled shoes to your interview.

Some workplaces will require you to work a short trial shift as part of your interview. Even if they haven’t disclosed this in your interview invitation, it is better to be safe than sorry: wearing heels will be extremely uncomfortable during this process! 

You might wear a low-heeled shoe, but if you’re applying to work as a waitress, you’ll quickly realize that comfy shoes are essential. We suggest that you settle for a sensible shoe with grips on the soles: you don’t want to be sliding around on the kitchen floor. 

Slippery-soled shoes are going to give you a first class ticket to injury town: trust us. Play it safe!


As a waitress, you will most likely be required to tie your hair back, ensuring that no loose strands of hair fall into the food or drinks you will be serving.

Unless it has been stated otherwise in your interview invitation, you can wear your hair down for the interview process, but make sure that it is neat and presentable. Also, it would be preferable that your hair is, at least, not covering your face. 

You may also want to play it safe and make sure that your hair is natural colored. While more and more places are becoming accepting of bright and funky hairdos, it would be easier if you attended the interview with a natural hair color. 

You can always ask your interviewer at the end if bright hair colors are acceptable, but you’re better off not making that risk during the interview itself.


As a rule, visible piercings are not acceptable for waitressing jobs. This is for health and safety reasons: if there is a chance that the piercing could become loose and fall into the food you are serving, that could cause big issues for the restaurant involved.

It is recommended that you remove all visible piercings before your interview, even including tiny studs that may be in your ear lobes.

You may learn that this workplace accepts facial piercings, but again, you don’t want to make that risk during the interview stage: wait until after you receive an offer to ask about piercings!

In terms of other pieces of jewelry, you may want to avoid wearing anything other than a simple wedding dress (if you are married). 

A small, plain purse or clutch bag can be brought along to carry your inventory. Don’t wear anything too flashy, and make sure it matches the rest of your outfit.


If you are going to wear make up, make sure that it is not too bright or over-the-top. Of course, you will want to look your best for your interview, but now is not the time for expressive make up: bright lipstick and eyeshadow looks are not recommended.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t wear any make up, but if you do, make sure it’s a subtle, ‘natural’ look. It’s worth noting that restaurant kitchens can (and will) reach high temperatures, so your makeup may end up sweating off after a while.

At very least, use a suitable setting spray and powder to prevent your foundation from smudging!

This next part may sound a little cliché, but it’s so important: the most important thing you can wear on your face is a smile! Confidence is absolutely essential, and appearing positive and friendly may give you that boost needed to receive that job offer. 

Like the song in ‘Annie’ says: you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! We hope this list has helped you decide on an outfit to wear for the big day. Don’t forget to bring along your best smile, and enough confidence to convince you that you are right for the role.

Good luck! You’ve got this.


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