What To Wear To A McDonald’s Interview

First things first: if you have clicked onto this article, the likelihood is that you have received an invitation for a job interview at McDonald’s. Congratulations! That is amazing news, and we are so happy that you have received this offer.

You are one step further to getting the job. You should be proud of yourself!

While this is an exciting time, we have no doubt that you may be feeling the pressure. The lead up to a job interview is almost always a nerve-wrecking experience, and as it looms in the distance, you may be worried that you are not completely prepared.

This is a good sign: if you don’t feel prepared, that means that you are fully aware that you need to improve your knowledge before the big day arrives.

While there are many aspects that need to be considered before attending a job interview – e.g., researching the company beforehand – one of the most important things that you will need to fully prepare for is what you will be wearing.

It can be difficult to know what to wear to an interview, especially one at McDonald’s.

Let’s be completely and utterly honest here: fast food restaurants do not have the greatest reputations. Many (ignorant) people will claim that a job at a place like McDonald’s ‘is not a real job’, and that the employees mainly consist of teenagers.

Yes, many McDonald’s employees are teenagers that are working their first ever jobs, but if you were to ask anyone who has ever worked there, they will tell you the truth: it is just as much a ‘real job’ as any other career.

To work at a fast food joint, you will need to be fast on your feet, a quick thinker, sociable, and reliable.

Many employees and ex-employees will vouch that working at McDonald’s is anything but easy. It can be a stressful and hectic environment to work in most of the time.

Many have also agreed that working at McDonald’s was one of the greatest jobs they have ever worked at, teaching them valuable skills and allowing them to meet some amazing people.

So, you want to work at McDonald’s? You will need to know exactly what to wear for your interview.

Continue reading to discover what you should wear to your interview, and how you can make the greatest first impression you possibly can.

Let’s get started.

Upper Wear

Whether you are male or female, the upper part of your clothing should remain the same: you will want to wear a light colored shirt or blouse.

A tie is not necessary (unless you are applying for a managerial position) as this may make you a little overdressed: after all, you are applying for a position as a fast food worker.

You will be working amongst deep fat fryers, grills, and a lot of sauce dispensers, meaning that you may get your clothes stained from time to time.

The likelihood that you will ever have to wear a shirt and tie as a crew member is slim.

Often times, you will be asked to perform some tasks during the interview process, going into the kitchen and joining the other crew members. You will want to blend in as much as possible.

If you receive the job, you will be given a gray t-shirt to wear as part of your uniform. Consider wearing a light gray shirt to the interview, subliminally convincing your interviewer that you are already a part of the establishment, whilst also blending in with the other employees who you may be working with.

Bottom Wear

Returning to the idea of wearing something reminiscent of the McDonald’s uniform itself, you will want to wear dark trousers to the interview.

Don’t wear light colored/ripped jeans or pants with a pattern on them: you are attending a formal interview, therefore you should present yourself in a formal manner.

If you are female, you may wear a dark skirt instead of dark pants. However, the official uniform for a McDonald’s employee is black, cotton, tailored trousers, therefore you may want to consider wearing something pretty similar.


Now, this part is important, so pay close attention: as we previously mentioned, you may be asked to work in the restaurant as part of the interview process. Your shoes are, possibly, the most critical part of your outfit to consider.

McDonald’s employees are told to wear black, closed-toe shoes with a good grip on the soles. This is due to obvious reasons.

In the kitchen, the floor can get pretty slippery due to food being dropped, or cleaners mopping the floor during the shift.

Also, you do not want to be wearing open-toe shoes in a room where everybody is running around during a particularly busy shift.

The main priority is that you are wearing something that will remain both comfortable and practical whilst you are stood on your feet for 8-12 hours.

This should go without saying, but don’t wear sneakers to your interview. This will look unprofessional. A female may not get turned away for wearing heels, but she will quickly realize how uncomfortable it is wearing these shoes whilst working her trial shift in the kitchen.

Your safest bet is to wear comfortable, black, closed-toe shoes with a decent grip on the soles.


As an employee, your hair will need to be tidy and presentable. You will not be required to wear a hair net, unlike several other fast food restaurants, therefore your hair should be neatly styled in order to minimize getting loose strands in the food you will be preparing.

For the interview, you might want to consider tying your hair back if you have long hair. After all, this is what will be expected of you once you get the job, so you may as well start as you mean to go on. If you have facial hair, make sure it is neatly trimmed and styled.

It is also preferable that you have natural-colored hair. Most jobs will not appreciate an interviewee turning up with bright, fluorescent colored hair, so this is definitely something you should consider if this is your current hairstyle.

Your main goal is to look professional and, most importantly, clean. If you turn up to the interview looking scruffy, you will not be given a fair chance.


Jewelry should not be worn to the interview, aside from a plain wedding ring (if you have one). This means no piercings, either: even tiny, barely visible ear-studs should be taken out.

Different branches may have exceptions when it comes to employees wearing visible piercings, so you will want to play it safe during the interview process. Wait to ask questions until after you have received the job offer.

Your nails should be neat and clean, with no polish, gel or false nails covering them: this goes for both employees and interviewees.

False nails and/or nail polish chippings could possibly fall into the food you will be making, violating health and safety regulations. No one wants to bite into their burger and discover a glittery nail amongst their pickles.


If you are going to wear make up, make sure that it is as minimal as possible. False eyelashes, bright lipstick, and bold eyeshadow looks are not going to give you a head start in this career, and may even affect your interview.

The kitchen can get pretty warm, meaning that if you are wearing a thick layer of make up, it will definitely smudge after an hour or two. You are better off either applying a thin, minimalistic look, or just avoid make up altogether.

Lastly, there is one very important thing that you will need to wear on your face whilst attending this interview: a smile!

This goes for every single interview you will ever attend. Having a positive attitude makes such a huge difference, and will absolutely earn you brownie points during your interview. Even if you are nervous, try your absolute best to appear confident.

You could be the best dressed person in the room, but if you sit there with a frown on your face, none of that will matter. A smile alone will let your interviewer know what sort of person you are, and what attitude you will bring to the company.

Final Thoughts

According to research, 33% of employers will have already decided whether they are going to hire an applicant within the first 90 seconds of an interview.

First impressions are so significant, and you will want to make a great one if you want to receive a job offer.

Make sure you are clean, groomed, well presented, and wearing suitable clothing for the interview. Take out all visible piercings, and only wear the minimal amount of make up.

Most importantly, take a deep breath, and smile! Confidence is absolutely essential, and who knows? It may be enough to convince your employer to hire you within those first 90 seconds.

Lastly, don’t stress yourself out too much. Yes, it would be awesome if you got the job, but don’t let the nerves become a burden on your life leading up to the interview. Prepare as much as you can, take a couple deep breaths, and believe in yourself.

Good luck! You’ve got this!


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