What Color Suit For Interview

Job interviews are nerve wracking enough without worrying about what you’re going to wear.

However, if this is your first job interview, you might be curious to know what color suit to wear for an interview.

In this article, I will cover some key information on what to wear to a job interview, including what color suit to wear.

Let’s get into it.

Interviews can be a stressful process. From the preparation questions, to finding the right office in time for your interview, there’s a lot to consider.

However, an important consideration that is likely to pop into your head when you’re offered the interview is: What am I going to wear?

Looking right for the part is one of the easiest ways to ease your anxieties when you’re going for a job interview. A suit is an absolute wardrobe essential for formal interviews, so it’s important to choose yours carefully.

What Color Suit For Interview

While you might think that any suit will do for an interview, remember that first impressions go a long way. If you’ve got a formal interview lined up, it’s important to carefully consider the color of the suit that you wear.

Typically speaking, the best colors for an interview suit are either gray or navy blue. A black suit is also appropriate, however, shouldn’t be your first choice as it can come across as slightly severe in an interview setting. That being said, if you have a navy blue or gray suit these are often considered more appropriate colors.

When understanding why these colors are the most suitable, it’s important to remember the context is a formal interview. The color of your suit can communicate a lot about the type of person that you are, and you want to ensure that you are taken seriously.

Both navy blue, gray, and black are typically perceived as being the safest colors when it comes to making an impression for the first time in a professional setting. On the other hand, brighter colors such as orange tend to signal more creativity and are often seen to be too loud for an interview.

The easiest way to weigh up if the color of a suit is appropriate for an interview is to ask yourself: Would I wear this to work? If it’s pale blue or bright orange, the reality is that you likely wouldn’t wear it for a day in the office, and the same principle applies to your job interview.

So, now you know which color suit to wear for your interview, what else do you need to wear for your interview?

Wardrobe Essentials To Wear To An Interview

As we have already covered the suit that you should wear for your job interview, now it’s time to take a closer look at the other items of clothing you should wear to make a good first impression at your job interview.

Pressed Shirt

An absolute essential to wear to your job interview is a pressed shirt. You can’t wear a suit without a shirt, and making sure that all of the creases have been pressed out is fundamental to you looking as smart as possible.

When it comes to choosing the color of your shirt, there are a few different options that will work for your job interview. These include classic white, light blue, or beige.

While there are a variety of different shirt colors available, brighter colors such as pink, orange, red, and yellow are much too distracting for an interview setting.

It’s also worth noting that solid colors are much more suitable for a job interview, as you want to give off the impression that you are as professional as possible.

A Tie

When it comes to attending a formal interview, it is good practice and looks more professional to wear a tie. Traditional ties typically feature a chequered design or are striped.

That being said, block colors such as gray, black, and navy blue are also a safe bet. The most important thing to ensure is that your tie pattern isn’t too loud in both color and pattern, and that it complements the color of your tie.

Shoes And Belt

When it comes to choosing your shoes and belt, you should make sure that they match.

For instance, if you opt for a gray or black suit, then you should wear black shoes and a matching black belt. On the other hand, if your suit is navy blue, you should opt for brown shoes and a matching brown belt.

While color coordinating might not usually be high on your agenda, remember that it is a job interview, and you want to ensure that you look as smart as possible.


While you might not think it’s important to consider the socks that you wear to an interview, you’d be wrong in thinking so. It’s normal for your ankles to be exposed when you sit down wearing a fitted suit, so you will need to bear this in mind when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

When it comes to choosing socks for the outfit, you will want to opt for a pair of dress socks that are the same color as your suit pants.

Always make sure that whatever pair of socks you choose, that they match. Wearing odd socks is a sure-fine way to make you stand out for all of the wrong reasons.

Pocket Square

A pocket square is another touch that you can add to your suit, but they’re only appropriate for certain job interviews.

For instance, if you have an interview and the dress code has been stated as business formal or professional, you might want to wear a pocket square to your suit jacket.

That being said, in other job interviews, it could be overkill to wear a pocket square if the dress code hasn’t been stated.

Additional Accessories

When it comes to incorporating additional accessories into your interview outfit, it’s best to keep things simple and professional.

For instance, you don’t want to wear anything that is too distracting, so make sure you avoid bulky chains or rings as they’re often not considered appropriate in the workplace.

Instead, you should keep it simple and opt for a classic watch that compliments your outfit and provides the finishing touch that you’re looking for.

In Summary

Dressing in a smart suit for a formal interview is important to make the right impression.

The best suit colors to wear to an interview are navy blue, gray, and black, as you will want to look as professional as possible.

Good luck in your job interview!

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