What Color To Wear To An Interview

Preparing for a job interview? Firstly, well done to have gotten that far! Job interviews can be difficult to get so you should be proud of what you have accomplished.

The next step is presenting yourself in the best possible way and we are here to help. Knowing what to wear can be difficult.

Did you know that some colors should not be worn to a job interview?

A thing called color psychology helps us to understand what we should and shouldn’t wear to ensure we put our best foot forward.

To make things easier for you we have put together a list of colors you should wear to your upcoming interview and also list colors to avoid and other useful tips.

Colors You Should Wear To An Interview

There are a number of colors that have positive moods, thoughts, and feelings associated with them. We have put together a list of the top 4 colors you should wear to an interview.

These colors are sure to help you to look as professional as possible while also making a fantastic first impression.

  • Blue: The color blue is associated with someone being a team player, which is exactly how you want to be perceived at an interview. Navy, baby blue, and cobalt shades are all suitable. Pair this color with a light gray or black for a great look.
  • White: White shirts and blouses are timeless and a great way of looking office-ready. White makes people think you are organized, clean and detail-oriented. If you want to show a bit of your personality you can add a small colored necklace or tie. If you are wearing white make sure your top isn’t see-through and that your jacket won’t leave fluff or color stains.
  • Black: Black is a classic color and is often associated with leadership, timeliness, and strength. If you are going for a management role you should consider wearing black, even a black blazer is a great way to make a statement. Lint roll your black clothes the morning of your interview to make sure it is clean.
  • Gray: This wonderful neutral color is a great way of looking logical and professional. Darker gray colors are better if you tend to sweat a lot but any shade of gray will look well. Make sure your colors aren’t washed out as you don’t want to look dull on your big day!

All of the above colors can be mixed and matched, making it easy to put together your interview outfit. If you don’t have anything suitable to wear in these colors any other neutral tones will also be good to wear.

If in doubt always play it safe. While color plays one of the main roles there are a few other things to consider.

  1. Wear smart, well-cut clothes to give the best professional appearance
  2. Avoid wearing lipstick as you may get some on your teeth which could be a distraction, instead opt for a lip tint
  3. Wear minimal jewelry
  4. Ensure your hair is clean and brushed
  5. Consider every part of your outfit from your shoes to your coat

Colors You Should Avoid Wearing To An Interview

There are a number of colors that are considered to be unprofessional as they are flashy and bold when you should be trying to portray a more professional image.

There are also certain materials you should avoid. These colors and materials include:

  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Neon
  • Metallic Materials
  • Pearlescent or Reflective Materials
  • Sequined Materials

Depending on the job you are interviewing for you may be able to show more of your fashion sense, for example, if you are interviewing to work in a clothing store, for a fashion magazine, or any role within the fashion industry.

While you may want to wear something flashy you should still bear in mind that you are being judged from the moment you enter an interview room and that is why in most cases it is best to wear something that will help to portray you in the best way possible.

Things To Avoid For An Interview

What color suit for interview

Now that you know what color you should wear there are a few more things you should consider in order to piece together the ultimate power outfit to help you to make a great first impression. These are:

  • Wear clean shoes, a simple way to show you take pride in your appearance
  • Wear shoes you can comfortably walk in as you are brought on an office tour
  • Try not to wear too many noisy accessories, such as bangles or loose cufflinks, as these could be a distraction to both yourself and the interviewing person or panel
  • Make sure you can comfortably sit down without having to adjust yourself for too long
  • Don’t wear anything that you can easily fidget with, you may be nervous and if there is something there for you to fidget with you may begin to do so without even noticing

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is a study that looks at how shades are interpreted and what emotions, qualities, and moods are associated with certain colors.

It looks at what colors attract the eye, what colors are associated with positive thoughts and feelings, and what colors have negative thoughts and feelings associated with them.

For an interview, it is important to avoid colors that have negativity associated with them and instead look for a color that will be received well by most people.

What Is The Best Color To Wear For A Video Call Interview?

For remote companies and in modern times video call interviews have become more popular as they can often be easier to arrange.

For video calls, you not only need to consider what you wear but also your background. Ensure you have a plain, professional background behind you, a blank wall is best as it doesn’t provide room for distraction.

As you will be on camera you should try to avoid wearing clothes that have a busy pattern as this will not look well on camera. Block colors will come across best, such as blue, navy, gray, black, white, or brown.

Always test your camera before your interview to check that your lighting is ok and that you can be seen properly and look professional.

How Can You Fake Confidence In An Interview?

Wearing a great outfit that you feel good in will help to naturally boost your confidence but on the day nerves may be bigger than you expected.

You can easily fake confidence in an interview by simply breathing, making eye contact, talking slowly, and keeping good posture throughout.

Arrive early to the interview to give yourself time to compose yourself before going in. You got this!

Final Thoughts

By taking these useful tips on board you will be able to present yourself in the best way possible, sure to make you stand out from the crowd and you will be remembered as a professional-looking person.

You got the interview so your accolades have stood to you, how you present yourself is not the most important thing in an interview but it will influence the way you are perceived from first impressions.

Arrive early if your interview is in person, smile and be polite to anyone you meet, breathe, and lastly, have confidence in yourself. We are rooting for you!


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