How Much Does a Summer School Cost?

Summer schools are designed to provide students with the opportunity for education during the summer months.

Programs of the summer schools can be divided into Remedial, Enrichment, and High-School Classes on College Campus.

Remedial summer school programs are attended by students who have difficulty mastering basic content and skills.

They often lack points for moving from one level to another or haven’t met the minimum requirements.

The program lasts 4-6 weeks for 2 to 3 hours each day.

Some Summer School Enrichment programs may follow the same format as remedial, while others emphasize a specific area such as science, art, foreign languages, and the like.

Such programs provide students with accelerated opportunities to explore different areas of learning.

And the third option, High School Classes are organized in colleges and universities for high school students.

Average Costs

Most of the public schools run summer school programs for free as part of public education.

In general, private institutions require tuition and fee to cover the cost of the program.

However, there are also public institutions that consider the summer program as supplementary and charge fees for the summer program.

Many public schools do not offer summer schools at all because of the cost.

In another case, they offer summer school just for invited students at $100-$500.

According to some research, for one student, summer learning programs cost between $2.23 and $7.14 per hour.

For eight hours per day at five days per week, the student pays an average of $37.15 per day or $185.77 per week.

It’s good to know that many schools organize a summer camp program for $50-$100 per week or $250-$3,000 for 8-10 weeks.

The price for the on-campus programs for high school students, the price can vary between $300 and $13,000, depending on the number of hours, type of programs and classes, etc.


For example, at Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202, tuitions for summer school in 2021/22 are:

  • $190 for high school residents,
  • $290 for high school non-resident,
  • $300 for behind the wheel resident,
  • $400 for behind the wheel non-resident, and
  • $60 for the 6th-grade band.

The Plano Independent School District applies tuition of $230 per session.

There are two sessions for grades 9-12.

The tuition for out-of-district students is $460.

The Office of Academic Outreach states the following fees for summer school in Mississippi:

  • $1,116.75 for Mississippi residents, and
  • $3,222 for non-residents.

Colorado State University’s Native Education Forum in Fort Collins offers a free enrichment summer school program.

The student just needs to pay for textbooks, supplies, transportation, and recreation.

Now, look at the examples of some colleges and universities that provide summer classes on campus for high school students.

Harvard Summer School applies $4,950 for the full program and  $75 for the application fee.

Also, Brown University applies the following tuitions:

  • $3,149 for a one-week on-campus program,
  • $3,149 for a one-week on-campus program,
  • $4,796 for two weeks,
  • $6,764 for three weeks,
  • $7,682 for four weeks, and
  • $13,853 for seven weeks in the Pre-Baccalaureate program.

Residential fees include meals and housing.

Tuition at Syracuse University Summer College is $2,500 for a non-credit course and a four-credit course is $3,680.

Living on campus would be an additional expense.

On the Yale, summer 2021 tuitions are:

  • $4,500 – 1 course credit (4 semester credit hours),
  • $4,500 – 1.5-credit foreign language course,
  • $8,800 – 2-credit course,
  • $8,800 – Yale x Flatiron School Web Development Bootcamp (2-credit course),
  • $8,800 – Summer Conservatory for Actors (2-credit course),
  • $1,300 – Intensive English Seminar or Postgraduate Seminar.

Specialized organizations

Some certain organizations offer specialized programs such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

For example, for the Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition it lists the following fees:

  • 6 or fewer units, minimum tuition – $3,600,
  • 6 or more units, cost per unit – $600,
  • Maximum tuition, or full regular graduate tuition – $19,175,
  • SB thesis only, minimum charge (3 units) – $1,800,
  • Off-campus internship tuition, cost per unit – $600,
  • Off-campus internship tuition, the maximum charge – $2,400,
  • Center for Real Estate tuition, summer term – $19,970.

Additional Costs

Mostly, lunch can be included in tuition for remedial summer school and for low-income students.

Application fees are non-refundable and cost on average $50.

There may be a Health Insurance fee. It’s not mandatory, but, for example, at Harvard, it costs $100.

Students pay on average $100-$120 for the handbook used in the course.

In the case of the online summer school, the required technology fee costs on average $80.


Some scholarships are available to students who demonstrate financial need.

Also, you may request financial aid for summer school. More details you can find in the school’s Financial Aid Office.

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