How to Become an SEM Manager

SEM Managers are also referred to as Search Engine Marketing Managers or as Search Marketing Strategists and have a vast knowledge of search engines and how to use them for marketing purposes.

These individuals have a combination of experience in the marketing field, as well as the internet and search engine websites and strive to drive paid internet traffic to their websites, products and services.

Individuals who want to become an SEM Manager will need a combination of online marketing experience, an educational degree and some personal characteristics in order to succeed in this profession.

Some commonly sought after personal characteristics can include the following: detail oriented to be able to read data analysis reports, analytical skills to help draw conclusions from data analysis reports and communication skills in order to interpret data.

Education Requirements to Become an SEM Manager

Individuals who want to become an SEM Manager will need to fulfill educational requirements, gain some experience in marketing and have business acumen in order to enter this profession.

Individuals who attain a certification also have better job prospects but this step is typically optional.

In addition, individuals will need to familiarize themselves with the internet and internet marketing in order to succeed in this profession.

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Individuals will need to complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in order to become an SEM Manager.

Individuals are encouraged to study business, marketing, marketing research, computer science or a closely related field.

Degrees in this field typically have a strong curriculum in statistics, marketing, computer science and math.

Individuals pursuing this field are encouraged to gain on the job experience in the field either while enrolled in school or at an entry level position.

Individuals pursing an internship or entry level position are encouraged to seek an opportunity in sales, marketing or business.

Individuals are also encouraged to seek training opportunities in which they can gather reporting data, analyzing data or writing reports.

Larger employers are more likely to seek individuals who have an advanced degree such as a master’s for higher level positions.

Individuals can pursue a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) or a master’s degree in statistics, marketing or marketing research.

Individuals who want to become an SEM Manager also have the option to join organizations such as SEMPO.

There are also Google AdWords Certification courses that many companies like to see completed when evaluating candidates.

You can find more information here: Google AdWords Certification

SEM Manager Job Description

SEM Managers are responsible for driving paid online traffic to their client’s websites using internet marketing techniques.

They will begin by creating a strategic plan, collecting research from search engine analytics and determining the internet marketing techniques to use for a marketing plan.

SEM Managers will use a variety of marketing techniques in order to attract internet users to their website, products and services.

Some common search engine marketing tasks can include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Building campaigns
  • Writing ad copy
  • Landing page optimization
  • Campaign optimization
  • Keyword bid optimization
  • Reporting

SEM Managers will work in conjunction with many other professionals including their client’s and other marketing professionals such as SEO Managers, Market Research Analysts and Marketing Managers.

Together, these individuals will create an overall marketing campaign that will draw the most users.

SEM Manager Salary and Career Path

Exact wages will depend on a variety of factors including years of experience, educational background and geographical location.

Entry level positions can range from $30,000-$50,000, while manager level, director level, and above can range between $60,000-$250,000+ depending on location and the size of the company’s SEM program.

The job outlook for SEM Managers is expected to grow at a faster than average rate when compared to other professions.

Job opportunities for this field are projected to increase by 32 percent through the year 2022.

This growth is attributed to the vast improvements in technology and in increase in access to the internet; marketing directors are developing ways to use the internet for marketing purposes and understand their customers.

A career as an SEM Manager can be a perfect fit for individuals who have a passion for both marketing and the internet.

These individuals will create internet marketing strategic plans and implement them in order to drive traffic to their websites.

Because the internet and its users are ever evolving, individuals who like to analyze and solve problems can be a good fit for this profession.

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