14 Pros and Cons of Working for Hyundai

Hyundai is a popular Korean car manufacturer that is one of the most popular non-American or Japanese car manufacturers in the world. 

Their expansive production, shipping, and sales scope make them a broad employer in many areas, including throughout Korea and beyond. 

If you’re interested in a job with this company, it’s important to know a few pros and cons and whether they’re worth your time. 

Pros of Working for Hyundai

Reading through multiple job review sites, it became clear that Hyundai offers many unique benefits to its employees.

Its often voted as one of the best Korean employers in the world and one of the fairest auto manufacturing companies.

Typically, they were given at least 3.5-4 stars out of five cumulatively. 

That rating is due to the many advantages that Hyundai provides, including great pay, strong benefits packages, and much more.

Here are seven reasons why you might want to work for Hyundai, including things that you might not expect or that the company does not advertise. 

1. Plenty of Job Opportunities 

Hyundai provides many unique career opportunities for those interested in their firm.

These include jobs like a counter person, parking attendant, service porter, customer service representative, call center employee, engineer, and factory worker. 

Other careers included assembler, electrician, pipe fitter, head of project management, sales managers, and senior operations managers.

These different careers provide plenty of options for your career. 

2. Unique Travel Options 

Many current and former Hyundai employees spoke fondly of the chance to travel to many parts of the world.

Though more common for higher-end jobs, like managers and executives, many Hyundai workers find themselves traveling across the world.

These trips included visiting various factories and other destinations.

In this way, you can see many different areas while on the job, which is great if you have a huge bucket list you want to check off.

3. Competitive Salary 

Hyundai typically provides competitive salaries for each of its employees, including great wages for auto technicians, group managers, and service consultants.

Though rarely the top-paying option they were never the worst paying.

For example, an auto tech can earn an average of $21.87 per hour from Hyundai, which fits comfortably in the median of all auto mechanic jobs.

Though other companies may pay higher, Hyundai offers fair payment for your hard work. 

4. Strong Benefits Packages 

Most employees at Hyundai get a fairly robust benefits package, according to multiple online reviews.

These benefits include signing bonuses and weekly bonuses for positions that hit specific quotas.

Hyundai also provides strong insurance options that include health, dental, and vision coverage.

This protection should ensure that you stay healthy and can minimize issues with your family’s health as well. 

It’s particularly critical as you age towards retirement.

5. A Strong 401(k) Package 

In a day when many companies are phasing out pensions, it’s important to find those who at least offer some retirement support.

Hyundai provides a strong 401(k) package that includes pay matching.

This means that you pay a small portion of your salary towards this retirement package and that Hyundai will match whatever you pay.

So, if you pay $200 a month, they pay another $200, which doubles your investment and helps you retire earlier.

Not every company provides this support, so keep that in mind.

6. Flexible Scheduling 

Depending on your Hyundai job, you might be able to set your schedule in different ways.

For example, in areas with manufacturing facilities, you may work day, afternoon, or even night shifts and change up your schedule if you need it.

While not all schedule changes are automatically approved, the fact that you can pick different times is nice.

Other positions may have even more flexibility, depending on your job role and duties and your job agreement with Hyundai.

7. Provided Transportation

Some jobs at Hyundai include providing transportation, such as some factory positions.

This can help you if you lack a vehicle or need support getting to and from different areas in your neighborhood to and from work.

Note that this benefit isn’t guaranteed for every Hyundai facility and may be limited in range.

For instance, it might not cover every geographical area in a city, which can limit its usefulness.

The fact that it’s available is nice to note for those who may need it.

Cons of Working for Hyundai

All the benefits mentioned above probably make Hyundai seem like a great place to work.

However, there are always downsides to working for any business, no matter how good it might be in general.

The same is true of Hyundai:

they’re far from perfect, and some issues are concerning. 

The following seven complaints were lodged by several former or current Hyundai employees on various job sites.

These could make working here a little more difficult for some people, particularly if you find excessive overtime and a potential lack of career advance troubling.

1. Lots of Overtime 

Factory workers for Hyundai often found themselves working excessive overtime, with some complaining of 60- and 80-hour work weeks.

This overtime is rarer for higher-up jobs but often occurs just before a new car is released.

For example, engineers may be addressing common issues and malfunctions with vehicles with overtime design sessions before production begins.

Though overtime pay is available, some found this work excessive, with many complaining that the extra pay wasn’t worth it for their potential burnout.

2. Trouble in Advancement 

Though career advancement is possible with Hyundai, some complained that it was harder for some people to make the jump.

For example, some employees reported that managers often chose friends or even family members for raises and new jobs over people who were more qualified.

Though these complaints were not universal across all of Hyundai, multiple people stated that they’d been passed over several times for others.

That’s important to keep in mind if you want to move up in your job as quickly as possible.

3. Limited Bonuses

While Hyundai often offers bonuses to its employees, some found these opportunities either too limited or small.

For instance, while you get signing bonuses and weekly bonuses when joining this company, poor fiscal years may reduce or eliminate your yearly bonus.

If you typically use your bonus for critical financial situations, such as paying your taxes or renovating your home, missing one could put you in a rough spot.

It’s typically best not to plan your finances in this way because most bonuses are not guaranteed.

4. Some Management Complaints 

As hinted in the previous section, some people complained about their managers at Hyundai.

While manager complaints are common in many companies, they were persistent in certain sectors of Hyundai.

For example, former accountants complained that their managers were rude, nosy, or inconsiderate, often scheduling them for times they didn’t want to work and giving them excessive work that was hard to handle.

Take heed of these concerns before applying.

5. Minor Safety Concerns 

Though rare, a few former employees reported safety issues in some Hyundai facilities.

These were most persistent in manufacturing facilities, where the operation was often heavy and included large machines with potentially dangerous operations.

Thankfully, these problems appeared to be fairly rare and handled effectively.

That said, it’s important to understand that they exist to ensure that you don’t get hurt working for this business.

Talk with the team before you start to learn more about these issues.

6. Potentially Excessive Travel 

Executives and managers may find themselves traveling more than they like with Hyundai, depending on their position.

Note that this could be considered a benefit for those who like to move around but a problem for those who do not. 

For example, some people found that they were often expected to travel with little warning.

This frequent travel time often frustrated those who wanted more advanced warning.

Thankfully, these complaints were rare and usually came in an exaggerated one-star review that was not exactly fair to the company.

7. Lack of Employee Support

Some employees complained that Hyundai wasn’t always there for them when they needed help.

For instance, they stated that some managers or HR teams didn’t address issues with their co-workers or handled these issues poorly.

Some found it hard to request time off, particularly for medical reasons.

Though these complaints were by no means persistent, their occurrence at all is a cause of concern for people who expect a lot of support from their employers.

For example, if you’re pregnant and expecting, there could be potential issues if Huundai doesn’t give you time off.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Hyundai – Summary Table

Pros of Working for HyundaiCons of Working for Hyundai
1. Plenty of Job Opportunities1. Lots of Overtime
2. Unique Travel Options2. Trouble in Advancement
3. Competitive Salary3. Limited Bonuses
4. Strong Benefits Packages4. Some Management Complaints
5. A Strong 401(k) Package5. Minor Safety Concerns
6. Flexible Scheduling6. Potentially Excessive Travel
7. Provided Transportation7. Lack of Employee Support

Should You Work for Hyundai?

Hyundai provides a fair salary that should meet the needs of most workers, as well as a strong benefits package and a diverse range of careers that can meet the needs of many people.

The downsides of this employer are a little troubling, including potential safety issues at some facilities.

That said, most employees gave strong reviews to Hyundai, and it consistently ranked at least four out of five on many job sites.

As a result, it might be a good option to seriously consider.

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