13 Pros and Cons of Working for Grubhub

When you work for a food delivery company, it has both pros and cons.

It can be a good part-time job for those going to school and individuals that want to work for themselves.

For stay-at-home mothers or dads, it can be a flexible part-time job that brings in money and keeps them in the workforce.

Some days you may earn a good income and other days be waiting for customers. 

Driving in your town or city will put less wear and tear on your vehicle.

Pros of Working for Grubhub

1. Arrange Your Own Schedule and Work Independently

One of the biggest benefits is that you can set your own schedule and hours.

It can be part-time or as much as you choose.

For those that enjoy working independently, this job allows you to work without a supervisor and a structured routine.

It allows you to establish a routine and make decisions on how to manage problems that arise.

You can take time off or add on more hours when you choose.

A driver needs discipline and the ability to follow through on tasks to be a good food delivery driver.  

2. Guaranteed Pay Without Customers And Excellent Way to Pick Up Extra Income 

Drivers are paid a guaranteed minimum wage at Grubhub when they’re working, even if they do not get an order due to it being a slow day.

There will be days when it is hard for you to get orders because customers are not there.

This means that even on slow days, you will still make money.

This guaranteed benefit is only available in some towns and cities.

Drivers must have a good attendance record and job performance to qualify.

In some locations, you can rise in rank to Pro or Partner. 

3. Grubhub Pays Weekly And Allows Younger Workers to Apply

Grubhub pays weekly using direct deposit, so you do not have to wait a few weeks or months for a check.

They allow younger workers to apply for a job 18 years and older so they can start earning money.

This helps high school graduates and college students that want to earn money as delivery drivers. 

Other ways they pay you are PayPal and checks.

The offer Instant Pay is a service that allows you to cash out your check early instead of waiting for the weekly payment.

This helps when you need money quickly.  

4. Requirements For the Job Are Not Too Stringent

You must be 18 years or older to apply for the job.

You must have your own vehicle for delivery, a valid driver’s license, and car insurance.

You must complete and pass the driver’s training program and a background check.

With fewer requirements, it is an easy job to obtain.

To apply, you will have to fill out an application online and create a Grubhub account. 

5. Easy App to Use For Orders

The job provides you with some special equipment and an app to take orders.

This app allows the driver to see the order and the amount they would make before taking the order.

This can prevent you from losing money on low-paying orders.

When the pay is low, and the driving distance several miles, you can refuse the order.

Of course, you will need a mobile phone to download and use their app. 

6. Access to Discounts and Tips

Some customers will provide you with a tip for delivery.

This can increase the daily rate.

Drivers have access to discounts on food at different restaurants because they deliver the food.

Many gas stations offer you discount rates because they must pay for your own gas.

If drivers like to entertain family and friends, they will learn about the best places to eat.

You will learn about new restaurants in your town and city. 

7. Don’t Need An Expensive Car

You do not need an expensive car or vehicle, but using one that has good gas mileage can be an asset.

Some features that will help you succeed are GPS navigation.

This will help you find and get to locations more quickly and efficiently.

Learning shortcuts for driving and knowing the town or city where you work is another benefit. 

Some drivers use a dashcam, which is a camera that records what happens when you drive.

This can be helpful for accidents and to show why your delivery has been late.

It can be helpful for disputes with customers too. 

Since you will be spending time driving alone, a hands-free phone and music will help the time go more quickly.

You can connect with Grubhub and customers more easily too.

It helps to have a vehicle with comfortable seats and a sizable truck to carry orders for customers. 

8. Meet New People and Provide A Needed Service

As a driver, you will meet new customers and provide a needed service.

Some families don’t have time to cook and delivering food helps them with their busy schedule.

If you are sociable and like people, this can increase your income.

Many customers rate the service as reliable and professional.

Cons of Working for Grub Hub 

1. They Do Not Provide Car Insurance

Grubhub does not provide car insurance on the vehicle you use to deliver food.

You will have to pay for the insurance or already have it.

This is another expense you will have to add to the equation. 

2. Wear and Tear On Your Vehicle

Driving puts wear and tear on the car or vehicle you drive.

Because you have to use your own vehicles, you will be required to repair and maintain them more often.

This may be expensive depending on the type of vehicle you own.

Driving in your local town or city can reduce mileage and wear and tear on the vehicle.

3. Drivers Must Pay Their Own Taxes

Grubhub does not take state or federal taxes from what you make.

You will have to save to pay taxes on your income when you file your tax return.

You can arrange to pay them quarterly too.

4. Drivers Penalized For Missed Orders and Missing Shifts

Drivers that miss shifts that they signed up for or that refuse too many orders will be penalized.

This can occur because the app is not working properly, or your vehicle has mechanical difficulties.

They want dependable drivers that provide consistent work.

How this rule is enforced depends on the location you drive for.

Different locations or offices have different managers who may be more understanding or forgiving when obstacles occur due to cars or personal problems concerning food delivery. 

How this applies to you may vary depending on the location.

5. Unreasonable Customers and Lack of Customer Support 

Customers can be cranky and angry when their order comes late, or it is not what they expected.

The best way to handle this is to apologize.

Often, traffic, delays at the restaurant, or dangerous weather can cause obstacles to good service.

Many drivers complain that when they call customer service with problems they do not connect quickly enough and sometimes they are not available. 

If you have a serious problem with a customer, you may not be able to resolve it quickly.

This can be frustrating for the customer and driver.

13 Pros and Cons of Working for Grubhub – Summary Table

Pros of Working For GrubhubCons of Grub Hub
1. Arrange Your Own Schedule and Work Independently1. They Do Not Provide Car Insurance
2. Guaranteed Pay Without Customers And Excellent Way to Pick Up Extra Income2. Wear and Tear On Your Vehicle
3. Grubhub Pays Weekly And Allows Younger Workers to Apply3. Drivers Must Pay Their Own Taxes
4. Requirements For the Job Are Not Too Stringent4. Drivers Penalized For Missed Orders and Missing Shifts
5. Easy App to Use For Orders5. Unreasonable Customers and Lack of Customer Support
6. Access to Discounts and Tips
7. Don't Need An Expensive Car
8. Meet New People and Provide A Needed Service

Should You Work For Grubhub?

Grubhub is a decent job if you have a reliable car and insurance and are not in debt or struggling with money.

It is a good part-time job for students nineteen or over that want to earn money.

If you are employed full-time, it is a way to earn additional income in the evening and at weekends.

Driving in a large city or busy metropolitan area with many restaurants will increase your income and provide you with more revenue.

Other drivers suggest you arrange your schedule at peak times when restaurants are busy.  

It is a flexible part-time job for men or women who stay at home and have children in school seeking additional income. 

It will provide income and a way to connect with other people.

When you like people, serving customers, and have good organizational skills, this job will work well for you.

Organized personable drivers can increase their income with hard work.

Full-time workers will find this an effective way to bring in additional income.

If you are unemployed, struggling with debt, driving an old car, or cannot afford a car or insurance, this job would not be a viable choice.

If you are not a people person and do not like dealing with customers, this job would not be a good fit for you.

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