14 Pros and Cons of Working for Farmers Insurance

If you’re thinking about working for Farmer’s Insurance Group and want to compare some of the pros and cons of the company, this is the guide for you!

Our guide offers an unbiased look at the pros and cons of working for Farmers Insurance based on the perspectives of current and former employees and public data. 

About Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Insurance Group is a well-known American insurance agency that has been providing auto, home, life, and business insurance for US-based clients since the early 1900s.

This national insurance agency was established in 1928 and maintains its headquarters in Woodland, California.

 The company website highlights Farmer’s commitment to employee satisfaction in its Employee Value Proposition, which highlights the benefits of this nationally recognized insurance company.

Benefits include medical, vision, dental, and Teladoc services, along with well-being programs and salary replacement options for people suffering from long-term or short-term disability-related issues. 

What Jobs Does Farmers Insurance Group Hire For?

  • Information Technology 
  • Sales 
  • Marketing 
  • Human Resources 
  • Remote Jobs 
  • Hybrid Jobs 

Pros of Working for Farmers Insurance Group 

Reports from online employment statistics at Glassdoor show that Farmers Insurance Group received a satisfactory employment rating from just over half of its employees, with a positive rating of 58%.

The company says it is committed to causes that directly affect its employees and surrounding communities, such as hiring military veterans, social responsibility, diversity, and equal pay. 

Online data reports show higher levels of employee satisfaction in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

Below we dive into a few of the positives reported by current and former employees of this well-known insurance giant, boasting over 10 million customers nationwide. 

Pro #1. – Farmers Insurance Group Offers a Robust Benefits Package

FIG’s satisfied employees appreciate its comprehensive benefits program, which gives them options for getting affordable medical, dental, and vision services.

Their comprehensive benefits packages can also include investment options for retirement planning, employee discounts, and special programs designed to help employees achieve a suitable work/life balance. 

Pro #2. – Emphasis on Employee Work-Life Balance 

Farmers is one of the few companies that offers generous time off packages, which can include between 20 and 40 paid days off per year.

Employees who spend more time working for Farmers earn more paid time off each year to complement the ten paid holidays offered by the company.

The company shows its dedication to family values in the many family-based programs they offer in the form of time off and compensation programs. 

Pro #3. – Parental Support for Families with Children 

New and expecting parents working at Farmers may be eligible for up to ten weeks of paid parental leave that replaces up to 100% of their salaries.

This company benefit is alloted to eligible employees with HR approval.

Doting parents spend time bonding with newborns and adjusting to the new responsibilities of parenthood.

Farmers also offer employees access to services like Care.com to find childcare and adoption assistance programs. 

Pro #4. Financial Incentive Programs for Employees 

Employees seeking to prepare for retirement and stay on track with their financial goals can take advantage of the Farmers 401K Savings Plan, where the employer matches their annual contributions up to 6%.

Eligible employees may also benefit from their Annual Incentive Plan, which is linked to individual performance.

Farmers offer their own credit union as one of the many financial perks of working for the company.

First-hand employee reports and online salary data show that many Farmers employees are happy with their current salary and benefits packages. 

Pro #5 – FIG Has a Strong Company Culture

Farmers Insurance Group goes a long way toward making all of its employees feel safe and accepted when working for the company by promoting a strong company culture with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

The company holds diversity and inclusion-themed events that ensure all employees feel valued, respected, and motivated to contribute their best at work.

FIG received its highest employee satisfaction scores in the areas of diversity and inclusion services. 

Pro #6. – Competitive Compensation 

Many satisfied employees working at FIG say they are happy with their earnings as the company offers competitive salaries, bonuses, and incentives.

This company is known for highlighting and rewarding employees who show dedication and hard work by providing them with financial incentives and recognition that show Farmers appreciation.

Comprehensive salary and benefits packages include starting base pay combined with medical, dental, financial, and family services benefits that make working at the company worthwhile for many employees. 

Pro #7. – Innovative Technology 

Farmers is an insurance industry provider that is keeping up with the pace of change by embracing the latest technological advancements that make it easier for employees and customers to communicate with the company.

Their commitment to technology is shown in their easy-to-navigate website, employee portals, and downloadable apps, which offer ease of use and a direct connection to customer service and human resources. 

Cons of Working for Farmers Insurance Group

The overall climate of the work environment at Farmers Insurance Group features a variety of positive and negative factors that have garnered this American insurance company a star rating of 3.6 out of 5.0 stars.

However, job review sites like Indeed and Glassdoor show an increasing level of dissatisfaction among Farmers Group employees.

Online employment data reports show that only around 20% of employees polled while working for Farmers approve of their CEO. 

Company satisfaction levels are also at a low point where less than 30% of current employees report feeling that they work in a positive environment.

Low employee satisfaction levels and high levels of turnover could indicate underlying issues. 

Below are a few other critical factors leading to the below-average satisfaction levels of current and former Farmer’s Insurance Group employees. 

Con #1. – Limited Opportunities for Growth, Advancement, and Upward Mobility 

While many employees appreciate the upsides of working at Farmers, some report being faced with limited opportunities for growth and advancement.

Dissatisfied employees who feel stunted in their careers report limited upward mobility and a strict hierarchical organizational structure that can make it feel impossible to advance. 

Con #2. – Unreasonably Heavy Workloads

Despite offering a generous PTO policy with paid time off and holidays, some critical positions within Farmers may require department heads and their teams to take on heavy workloads to meet tight deadlines and goal targets.

Overworked employees report high levels of stress and burnout during peak seasons and holidays, which can negatively impact their overall sense of well-being which can lead to rapidly plummeting levels of employee job satisfaction. 

Con #3. – Red Tape and Bureaucratic Processes

One of the biggest complaints from Farmers employees relates to management and bureaucracy.

Slow-moving decision-making processes and the need for approval for simple processes at almost every level can be perceived as cumbersome and counterproductive for those needing quick answers or solutions.

Frustrated employees can feel disempowered and limited in their ability to carry out the complete duties required by their roles. The constant feeling of running into a brick wall in areas covered by red tape sends some Farmers employees running for the hills. 

Con #4. – Unattainable Work-Life Balance

While it is evident that decision-makers and human resource managers at Farmers go above and beyond to implement work-life-friendly policies and programs, many employees feel that their desired level of balance could be more attainable in relation to the demands and workloads imposed by the company. 

Con #5. – Inconsistent Management Styles 

One of the qualms of Farmers Group Insurance employees is inconsistency in management styles across departments.

Varied management styles and expectations regarding carrying out company policies, workloads, and employee rewards or discipline leave some employees reeling as they report management styles can be highly varied. 

Con #6. – Uncertain Market Conditions 

Sudden fluctuations in the insurance industry can include regulatory changes that make uncertainty and instability an everyday reality for some Farmers Insurance employees.

Concerns about job stability and increasing stress levels are at the forefront of the minds of many employees who worry about the future of their role within the company. 

Con #7. – Consistent Pressure to Meet Goal Targets 

One of the key gripes of Farmers employees working in sales and similar performance-driven roles is the constant pressure to meet or exceed assigned targets.

The pressure can be heavy for front-line workers who are expected to meet unrealistic goals and need more support and resources to achieve them. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Farmers Insurance – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Farmers Insurance GroupCons of Working for Farmers Insurance Group
Farmers Insurance Group Offers a Robust Benefits PackageLimited Opportunities for Growth, Advancement, and Upward Mobility
Emphasis on Employee Work-Life BalanceUnreasonably Heavy Workloads
Parental Support for Families with ChildrenRed Tape and Bureaucratic Processes
Financial Incentive Programs for EmployeesUnattainable Work-Life Balance
FIG Has a Strong Company CultureInconsistent Management Styles
Competitive CompensationUncertain Market Conditions
Innovative TechnologyConsistent Pressure to Meet Goal Targets

Should You Work for Farmers Insurance Group?

Now that you have taken an inside look at what it’s like to work for Farmers Insurance, you can decide whether or not to join the company.

If you’re an insurance industry professional who values a strong company culture, comprehensive benefits, and a commitment to diversity, working at Farmers Insurance Group could be a good fit for you. 

On the flip side, if you’re averse to working in highly bureaucratic environments driven by meeting strict goals and making high numbers of sales, you may want to keep your options open. 

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