16 Pros and Cons of Working for USAA

The USAA (United Services Automobile Association) is one of the largest companies in the US, providing insurance, banking, and investing services.

The headquarters are in San Antonio, Texas, but they have offices in other locations in the US and Europe.

As a Fortune 500 company, USAA has employed over 37,000 employees in its 19 locations, and about 15,000 workers and 6,000 contractors are based in the Texas headquarters.

If you’re considering applying for a job there, first learn the benefits of downsides before deciding.

Pros of Working for USAA

Let’s start with the upsides of working for this company.

1. Decent Pay With Great Benefits

The company pays an average salary of $59,089 annually, with the higher earners taking home over $100,000 and the lowest earners, $34,000.

According to data from Zippia, the salary is based on the department you’re in.

The average employee in business development gets paid a yearly salary of $89,194, while one in engineering gets $94,361.

The benefits are great, particularly health and wellness, which covers most health issues, including mental, dental, and visual healthcare.

Other benefits include a 401(k) retirement savings plan, a pension plan, and access to USAA products and services.

2. Huge Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The company has embraced diversity, hiring people from different ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and other attributes.

People with disabilities or family caregivers also get a fair shot at employment in the company.

About 47% of the employees are people of color, while 53% identify as women.

Thanks to their commitment to diversity and inclusion, the company goes a step further and supports national, regional, and local organizations trying to make a change in representation.

3. Great Workplace Culture

From the benefits USAA offers its employees, you can tell they have a great workplace culture.

For starters, they have policies in place that encourage respect and trust in each other, hence the several diversity and inclusion programs.

In addition, they understand that employees are more than mere tools for delivering tasks.

That’s why their benefits package includes mental health care, where employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge to handle the challenges of the job and life in general.

They also have zero tolerance for bullying or any form of harassment.

4. Great Work Life-Balance

Another benefit of working at a company is that workers can maintain a great work-life balance thanks to flexible working hours.

That has led to job satisfaction and more productivity among the workers.

The availability of multiple schedules allows workers to find one that suits them the most.

In addition, they have a hybrid work model enabling employees to work both remotely and at home.

The flexible hours and hybrid work model let the employees spend more time with loved ones.

5. Stable Employer

One of the factors that employees consider when looking for employment is job stability, which USAA offers.

The company was established in 1922 and continues to grow and expand to various locations.

It’s hard for a company that has been around for so long to simply collapse, giving you the confidence you’ll be there for a while.

In addition, there are a few layoffs and workforce deductions, giving employees a chance to grow their skills and advance their careers.

It also helps that the company is financially stable, so you won’t have to feel like you’re about to be laid off.

6. Talented Co-Workers

Working with talented and professional co-workers is one of the most fulfilling things in a career, something you’re likely to experience at USAA.

The company has established a team player culture, where workers openly share ideas and uplift each other despite their position.

It also helps that some managers are encouraging and ready to help subordinates when facing challenges.

7. Great Yearly Bonuses

Don’t we all love it when the yearly bonus rolls in at the end of the year, and it’s a big check?

The average bonus at USAA is $9,972, with the higher job positions receiving $17,500 while the lower ranks get $2,948.

Aside from bonuses, the company has been known to support employees during tough times.

As San Antonio Express News Reported, the company gave employees earning less than $100,000 a $1,000 payment to ease the sting of inflation in 2022.

8. Offices Well-Equipped With Proper Amenities

USAA offices, although not in all locations, come with some amazing amenities that make work enjoyable.

For starters, they have child development centers, which are a huge convenience because parents can spend more time with their kids.

They also have health clinics and pharmacies to ensure you can access immediate medication and healthcare on-site.

Other amenities include fitness centers, cafeterias and restaurants, a company store, outdoor running, and walking trails, energizing and relaxation zones, and recreational programs.

9. Training and Mentorship

The company has a mentorship program where new workers can turn to seasoned employees for advice and insight.

Thanks to their drive and push, you will have more confidence in your career.

The training program is also thorough, especially when joining a company.

In fact, the company has built a reputation for training employees so well that when you leave and apply for other jobs, you have the upper hand.

Cons of Working for USAA

Let’s now look at the drawbacks of working for this company.

1. Limited Career Growth Opportunities

Getting a promotion at USAA isn’t exactly easy.

Maybe this has to do with the fact that there are few opportunities yet so many employees.

Either way, limited promotion opportunities can be quite demotivating, especially if you’re putting in the hard work and have been in the company for many years.

The lack of promotion opportunities has also forced some employees to leave the company for better positions that will appreciate them more.

2. Micro Management

The level of micromanagement is extreme to the point where they monitor washroom breaks.

While employees need supervision, too much of it shakes their confidence and can create havoc in the workplace.

At USAA, your work is measured through customer satisfaction and the targets you meet, which go to your yearly employee review and dictate if you qualify for a salary increase.

In addition, you don’t have a say in decision-making, including on things you should be consulted on, leading to low job satisfaction.

3. Challenging Workload

USAA is a complex company, and the workload in certain positions can be quite challenging.

One of the most difficult is the claims department, where you deal with calls back-to-back.

It doesn’t help that sometimes you aren’t well prepared to answer some questions because you were told you would learn on the job.

On top of that, not all customers will be patient with you, which can demotivate you, even if this is something to expect at a call center,

4. Pay Is Lower Than in Other Places

While the pay is decent, it’s slightly lower than other companies for the same position.

And even though the bonus is meant to compensate for that, it’s taxed, reducing significantly.

We also have to mention that your bonus will be affected if your metrics aren’t good.

Aside from that, the benefits have been reduced in the last couple of years which has been demotivating, especially for people who have worked there for a long time and experienced those cuts.

5. Poor Leadership

The leadership team, especially middle management, isn’t exactly the best.

You will have leaders with little experience governing you, which can be quite frustrating because they don’t fully comprehend the challenges of the job.

It doesn’t help that some leaders don’t take the time to fully understand their teams, which means the team suffers.

This makes you feel like you’re just a stat or ID number and not really a valued employee.

6. Limited Flexibility

The flexible working hours aren’t favorable to everyone.

You may find yourself in a shift that doesn’t support a healthy work-life balance, especially if you’re in the call center department.

In addition, the hybrid work model means that there are days you have to show up in the office.

Such a schedule can throw you off, especially the first couple of months as you try to adjust to this model.

7. The Job Can Get Monotonous

Certain positions can start to feel monotonous after some time, leading to mental exhaustion.

One such position is in customer service, where you log in daily, call clients, make sales, and log out at the end of the shift.

Doing this for 40+ hours a week can lead to stress and a lack of motivation to do your job.

16 Pros and Cons of Working for USAA – Summary Table

Pros of Working for USAACons of Working for USAA
1. Decent Pay With Great Benefits1. Limited Career Growth Opportunities
2. Huge Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion2. Micro Management
3. Great Workplace Culture3. Challenging Workload
4. Great Work Life-Balance4. Pay Is Lower Than in Other Places
5. Stable Employer5. Poor Leadership
6. Talented Co-Workers6. Limited Flexibility
7. Great Yearly Bonuses7. The Job Can Get Monotonous
8. Offices Well-Equipped With Proper Amenities
9. Training and Mentorship

Should You Work for USAA?

Most reviews from USAA employees are more good than bad, making it a decent workplace.

The benefits are great, and the offices are equipped with amenities to make your work manageable.

But just like any other place, there is a lot of workplace politics, and some positions are very intense, which can lead to burnout.

Factor in what’s important to you and see if USAA can meet those needs before making a decision.

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