14 Pros and Cons of Working for Bonefish Grill

Working in the restaurant industry can be challenging.

Fast-paced, intense, and physically demanding are all terms that come to mind.

At the same time, rewarding, engaging, and financially beneficial are also decent descriptors of restaurant life. 

For employees of Bonefish Grill, both of these sets of terms have their place in describing the atmosphere and job environment.

Find out more about the perks and drawbacks of working for this successful restaurant chain.  

Pros of Working For Bonefish Grill

Choosing to work at a popular restaurant like Bonefish Grill often requires attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

For those qualified, the atmosphere and clientele can prove both refreshing and refined. 

1. High-Quality Menu

One of Bonefish Grill’s most prominent selling points has been offering menu items that exceed the typical restaurant fare.

With a focus on delicious seafood options, Bonefish has consistently featured specialty dishes and fresh catch options for its customers.

The restaurant also strives to create an atmosphere of refinement to match the menu choices. 

As a result, the restaurant has developed a loyal customer base. 

2. Experienced Employees

Many employees of Bonefish Grill have worked at other restaurants prior to their current job.

Added experience in the restaurant world helps to prepare employees for more potential scenarios.

With this in mind, many of the bar, wait, and kitchen staff of Bonefish are often more experienced and capable, within their positions.

Customers especially appreciate a server who can anticipate their needs.

They will usually tip, accordingly. 

3. Good Earning Potential

Since Bonefish Grill strives to offer their customers a more refined experience, many customers also come ready to spend a bit more.

Additionally, most of the entrees on the menu are moderately priced, which can weed out some less generous tippers or spenders. 

Servers and bar staff are expected to be especially attentive to the needs of all customers.

In return, most staff are able to earn a decent wage. 

4. Flexible Hours and Scheduling

Many restaurants have realized that the best way to keep good employees around is to work with them to meet their scheduling needs.

Bonefish Grill understands this principle well.

They often work with employees to develop a reasonable weekly schedule, taking into consideration special requests.

When last-minute scheduling needs do arise, management seems capable of making adjustments without disrupting all other schedules. 

5. Great Customers

Many Bonefish Grill customers have become quite loyal to the restaurant over the years.

Whether because of the food, the atmosphere, or a combination of both, numerous customers have become regulars at their local grill locations. 

For employees and customers alike, seeing familiar faces can be as important as the delicious menu choices or happy hour specials.

Over time, many customers and Bonefish staff have grown to become close acquaintances and friends. 

6. Employee Benefits Package

Bonefish Grill is part of the Bloomin’ Brands family of restaurants, which includes such favorites as Carrabba’s and Outback Steakhouse.

As a corporate entity overseeing such successful brands, it’s necessary to create and offer employee benefit packages that help to retain high-quality workers. 

By offering competitive pay and health benefits, employers are able to avoid as much turnover of employees.

This is critical for maintaining well-trained employees, as well as increasing the potential of hiring within the company structure. 

7. Strong Corporate Organization

Another important factor for retaining quality employees is developing a well-organized corporate structure.

For Bonefish Grill and their larger Bloomin’ Brands corporate structure, organization and consistent brand messaging have helped to build an incredibly successful set of franchises.

Employees can feel confident that the business end of Bonefish Grill is in good hands. 

Cons of Working for Bonefish Grill

Like many restaurants, post-Covid changes, which are out of the control of employees or even store-level management, have changed the methods in which many companies are approaching their workers and their food menu choices. 

1. Changes to Menu

One of the bigger selling points for their customers, Bonefish’s menu items are often a cut above their competition.

Fresh-caught seafood, signature dishes, and weekly specials are all part of the menu rotation.

Unfortunately, some recent menu changes have left some customers and wait staff less enthusiastic about their choices.

Although some changes have been on purpose, others are the results of supply-chain disruptions or unfavorable price changes to ingredients.

Menu changes are not uncommon for most restaurants, over time, and are often because of factors that are out of the restaurant’s control. 

2. Managerial Styles Can Vary

Some managers have a knack for engaging their employees and eliciting their best work.

For others, it can be more of an uphill push.

Unfortunately, these differences in management can greatly affect employees and their attitudes toward their jobs. 

Although not every manager and employee will get along, there are some times when people just don’t see eye to eye.

Bonefish Grill’s entire management team can’t be judged by the actions of a few.

New or transferring employees and their new manager should approach each other with an open mind and get to know their motivations before making a final judgment on their character or abilities. 

3. Not Enough Consistency Between Locations

Bonefish Grill is a national chain with locations across the country.

For some employees, they have needed to transfer to a new store.

Unfortunately, numerous inconsistencies and changes between restaurant locations can make for confusing work transitions.

Past employees have, at times, reported vast differences in attitudes and job requirements when they changed locations. 

When an employee does change locations, they should be prepared to learn about the new restaurant’s rules, regulations, and procedures.

If the restaurant isn’t following company policy and is endangering customers or employees, the employee is best advised to contact corporate offices directly with their concerns. 

4. Long Hours and Physical Work

Bonefish Grill employees will be expected to work long hours, carry heavy trays, and potentially stand on their feet for hours.

Closing shifts can be especially challenging as the restaurant has to be readied for the next day before leaving for the night. 

Although this work can be physically demanding, it’s not necessarily that much different than other restaurant requirements.

If these or similar physical demands can’t be safely met, the restaurant industry may not be the right fit for you. 

5. No Gratuity for Large Parties

As is often the case, many restaurants will automatically include gratuity, or a tip, for a party over a certain size.

Some customers don’t appreciate automatic tipping as they feel it can reduce the server’s desire to offer good service.

It can also be seen as leaving the customer with no choice in the tip amount.

Wait staff may dislike it because it can limit tip amounts. 

On the other hand, not including gratuity can leave servers on large parties with tip amounts less than 10% or even no tip at all.

Bonefish Grill does not have a gratuity policy in place, which can be a negative or a positive, depending on each situation. 

6. Difficult Customers

Since Bonefish Grill attempts to offer customers a more upscale dining experience without the fancy trappings or price tags, many customers have come to expect a more refined and attentive wait staff. 

While many customers are nothing but pleasant, some will be far more pushy and demanding than necessary.

As a server or bartender, be prepared to deal with a few more needy or complaint-filled customers, from time to time. 

7. Lack of Communication with Management

One of the bigger complaints from many past Bonefish employees was a consistent line of communication with management.

Many felt there was no ability to make their voice heard.

Others felt favoritism was a key factor in some managers’ choices and actions.

Over time, as an employee, it should become easier to express concerns or offer potential improvements to systems or procedures.

Whatever the case, opening up real dialogue at work can be difficult, at times.

When possible, employees should document conversations and any problems they’ve directly experienced with management. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Bonefish Grill – Summary Table

Pros of Working For Bonefish GrillCons of Working for Bonefish Grill
1. High-Quality Menu1. Changes to Menu
2. Experienced Employees2. Managerial Styles Can Vary
3. Good Earning Potential3. Not Enough Consistency Between Locations
4. Flexible Hours and Scheduling4. Long Hours and Physical Work
5. Great Customers5. No Gratuity for Large Parties
6. Employee Benefits Package6. Difficult Customers
7. Strong Corporate Organization7. Lack of Communication with Management

Should You Work for Bonefish Grill?

Whether you’ve worked in a restaurant setting before, or if this is your first service industry job, Bonefish Grill seems to have quite a bit to offer their employees.

Since Bonefish is a popular choice for so many, the restaurant tends to stay busy.

The frequency of customers means employees are regularly engaged and busy. 

Earning potential is also improved with a consistent customer base.

As an upscale dining establishment, the customers are likely to ask a bit more of the servers and bar staff.

They’re also more likely to include a decent tip for exceptional service.

Plus, it’s important to note that many customers have become loyal patrons over the years.

Restaurant staff are often able to develop a positive relationship and rapport with returning customers, which improves the dining experience for everyone. 

Although Bonefish Grill can also have its share of setbacks, regarding employment, overall, the company seems to have built a solid reputation with both customers and employees and seems like a good place to work.

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