16 Pros and Cons of Working for Red Lobster

Red Lobster has provided high-quality seafood at reasonable prices for decades and remains one of the most popular seafood options in the world.

It’s also a common option for people interested in a restaurant career because it has a higher food quality than many other restaurants.

That said, it’s important to know whether it’s a good option for your future career to ensure you make a smart decision.

Here’s what you need to know about working at Red Lobster.

Pros of Working for Red Lobster

Red Lobster has spread to hundreds of locations over the years due to its excellent food and its ability to connect with communities.

It’s also usually acclaimed for hiring high-quality employees who understand how to provide a decent hands-on experience for their customers, as well as food that meets their high standards.

If you’re interested in working in a Red Lobster, check out the many positives below.

Don’t forget to read the cons below them to choose wisely.

Excellent Coworkers 

Most people who worked at Red Lobster heavily praised their fellow coworkers.

Red Lobster does a lot to foster a friendly and open work environment, encouraging people to help each other in their tasks.

As a result, many people truly enjoyed their coworkers and had nothing but praise for them.

That means you should find it fairly easy to enjoy working at Red Lobster, depending on your location and the people with whom you work.

Competitive Pay 

While working in restaurants might not seem financially rewarding, Red Lobster was better than average at pay.

Their wait staff made a good base wage and consistent tips from high-earning customers.

That’s because Red Lobster is often considered one of the most luxurious of national food chains.

Thankfully, that means you’ll probably make a little more money than you would at other restaurants like it.

Fun Work Environment

Though people who work at Red Lobster are often very busy, many of them report that they have a lot of fun at their job.

That will likely vary depending on where you work and your fellow coworkers.

However, most people found that working at Red Lobster was more fun than expected, particularly for those who like staying busy.

Note that the “fun” reported here was often due to a very fast-paced work environment.

Fast-Paced Job

Are you someone who likes to stay on your feet at your job?

You’ll love Red Lobster because it’s a fast-paced job that keeps you busy.

Wait staff is rarely going to be standing around: there are always people to sit at, tables to clean, and other tasks to perform.

While that might be exhausting to some people, others might love this environment.

For example, if you enjoy a job where you have a little downtime to get bored, you’ll find Red Lobster suits you perfectly.

Rebates on Meals 

Do you like eating at Red Lobster but rarely feel like you can afford it?

Well, employees typically get rebates on meals while working and even outside of work!

That means you can bring your family or friends here and enjoy a high-quality meal at a lower price than you would normally get.

The rebate level may vary based on the location, so make sure you research carefully to find one that suits your budgetary needs appropriately.

Some Employee Support 

While Red Lobster doesn’t get perfect marks for employee support, they do provide some help for their employees.

For example, pregnant women may get some maternity leave, depending on the location.

They also provide help for younger employees who may be interested in attending college.

These varying levels of support may change based on the location, so make sure that you talk with others who work at specific Red Lobster restaurants near you.

Clear Duties

Don’t worry about being confused about what you’ll be doing every day: Red Lobster provides clear duties that make your job easier!

Rather than having to ask your manager for things to do, you’ll get a clear agenda for each day, such as cleaning tables or sitting down customers.

In this way, you can stay focused on your job and prevent the confusion that may occur at other restaurants.

Great Food 

If you’re a chef and you want to make great food, Red Lobster is a good opportunity for you.

While it may not be the highest-quality seafood restaurant in the world, it has better standards than most national chains.

As a result, you can not only take great pride in cooking high-qualiity food for your customers but even learn better cooking skills that can help you advance your career in many ways.

For example, you may transition to a higher-paying job due to the skills you learned at Red Lobster.

Cons of Working for Red Lobster

While it’s true that Red Lobster is acclaimed for its good seafood and is often an excellent work environment for many people, it’s far from perfect.

That’s not unusual for restaurants, which can often vary heavily between different locations.

As a result, it’s important to check out the cons that we discovered by reading reviews by current or former Red Lobster employees.

These details can give you a better insight into this career move and make it an easier choice.

Unorganized in Many Locations 

Unfortunately, many people who work or worked at Red Lobster report that it could be a somewhat unorganized company.

There were sometimes scheduling conflicts or even problems setting up work days in some areas.

While these problems were not universally reported, they were consistent enough to be concerning for those who want to work at Red Lobster. 

Overworked Employees

Like many restaurants, employees often feel overworked and even stressed at Red Lobster.

However, this business is often a little harder on employees than other restaurants because of the unique demands of each location.

As a result, it’s important to make sure that you can handle the fast-paced environment required of this job, as well as the unique requirements it places on you.

Inconsistent Scheduling 

Many people reported scheduling issues with Red Lobster, such as getting scheduled on days they said that they couldn’t work and other issues.

This problem affected many individuals throughout the company and often made it hard for people to get in their hours.

Some even find themselves working swing shifts and struggling to take care of their children as a result.

Problems With Corporate Culture

Unfortunately, there have been many reports of corporate culture issues within Red Lobster.

These may affect you in various ways.

For instance, your pay might get reduced, or benefits changed in the corporation demands it.

While rare, this situation does occur at Red Lobster more often than at other restaurants, which makes it important to take this issue very seriously.

Stressful Work Environment 

Like many restaurants, Red Lobster can be very stressful.

Unfortunately, that stress is often reported as being higher than normal and causes a high incidence of employee burnout.

For example, you might have to work extra hours if there’s an accident in the kitchen or if a sudden rush of customers shows up just before closing.

If you like predictability, Red Lobster is not a good employer for you.

Minimal Work Advancement Options 

Are you interested in a lengthy career filled with advancement?

Red Lobster may not be the job for you.

While there are chances to get shift leader and management positions, individual restaurants often have minimal chances to improve your career.

While you will get raises depending on your performance, these are often small or may get skipped in some years.

Management Issues 

It’s a common refrain in just about every restaurant business: bad managers.

The same is true of Red Lobster.

Many of its employees complain about poor managers who simply don’t take their needs seriously.

While it’s far from universal (and many people reported amazing managers), it’s important to seriously research where you work to ensure you get a good work experience.

Not Suitable for People Who Love Animals 

Do you love animals and hate to see them hurt?

Don’t work at Red Lobster.

Like many seafood restaurants that serve lobster, they boil these animals alive to ensure fresher meat.

If you can’t handle this sight, it’s best to work at a restaurant that doesn’t work with live animals.

Even waiters and waitresses may have to see lobsters get cooked in this way.

16 Pros and Cons of Working for Red Lobster – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Red LobsterCons of Working for Red Lobster
Excellent CoworkersUnorganized in Many Locations
Competitive PayOverworked Employees
Fun Work EnvironmentInconsistent Scheduling
Fast-Paced JobProblems With Corporate Culture
Rebates on MealsStressful Work Environment
Some Employee SupportMinimal Work Advancement Options
Clear DutiesManagement Issues
Great FoodNot Suitable for People Who Love Animals

Should You Work for Red Lobster?

Red Lobster is a typical restaurant work environment: it’s fast-paced and can be high-earning if you’re willing to work hard and stay on top of your customers’ needs.

However, it’s also stressful and can be hard for many people to handle if they’re not used to working hard and fast in a restaurant environment.

We suggest this restaurant for people who don’t mind a fast-paced job and who are willing to work hard to stand out.

If you’re new to the restaurant world, try an easier environment first.

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