14 Pros and Cons of Working for Amgen

Amgen, short for Applied Molecular Genetics, was formed in 1980.

Within just a few years, this California-based biotechnology disruptor staked a claim in pharmaceutical research.

Its first accolade?

Amgen was awarded the U.S. Department of Commerce National Medal of Technology.

And was biotech’s first to grab the ‘Federal Nobel Prize.’ 

Amgen has set its target on unique medicines that solve broad challenges.

Its treatments have even been to space.

In fact, many pharmaceutical standards of care began in Amgen laboratories.

Its legacy includes 27 different medications – sporting the brand names of EpoAEnbrel, and Neulasta.

Another pharmaceutical leap was osteoprotegerin. 

Originally researched as a bone loss treatment, it surprised everyone and was effective for tumor reduction. 

Amgen attributes its meteoric success to a corporate urbanity that embraces discovery and social responsibility.

And it couples hard science with community-based strategies. 

The pharmaceutical giant employs an impressive 24,000 people.

And it has locations throughout the United States.

Internationally, Amgen has a corporate presence in 47 countries. 

Glassdoor, a popular job site, rates this PhARMA frontrunner 4.2 out of 5, based on over 4,000 anonymous employee reviews.

Unsurprisingly, over 80% of current employees admit that they would recommend Amgen as a positive workplace. 

Pros of Working for Amgen

A global biotech fireball for over four decades, there are many coveted possibilities at Amgen.

1. Competitive salaries 

Most biotech companies are known for highly competitive salaries.

Zappia, a business information site, lists the average employee salary at $99,500. S

Some would say that the higher wages are more competitive with other PhARMA companies.

Luxury add-ons are expected in the corporate stratosphere.

But even as an entry-level Amgen employee, there are some impressive benefits to stir the employment pot. 

2. Collaborative values

 Amgen employees revel in the open environment.

They also value collaboration as a vital part of the inventive process.

And to maintain these core values, Amgen has crafted a corporate setting where discovery flourishes.

3. A visionary approach

A recognized global commodity, Amgen boasts over 24,000 employees, contributing their talents and insights at over 48 locations.

Over 43% are women.

While ethnically diverse employees make up 52%.

This inclusivity is the primary component in the pharmaceutical giant’s values-based ethos of respect and integrity.

To Amgen, innovation supporting social justice is the name of the game. 

4. Global citizenship

Amgen has been continuously recognized for its undeniable commitment to global health.

The Amgen Foundation’s primary goal is to enhance science education to further diversity of thought.

In this way, Amgen believes that innovation will solve the world’s greatest challenges – healthy people and a healthy planet.

5. Edification

Learning keeps the brain active.

And Amgen provides a generous tuition reimbursement plan.

It reinforces both skill development and personal improvement.

In fact, employees cite the educational stipend as one of the top benefits of the company.

But scholarship is not just about scientific virtue.

Associates can update their skills or learn to cook or sail.

Another advantage is tutoring and college assistance for employees’ children.

This is a unique get in the pharmaceutical arena.

6. Choices

Amgen recognizes that a personalized work environment has unexpected benefits for both the company and its workforce.

In recent years, Amgen has redefined many non-scientific positions.

Trusted employees hone their skills from home offices, hybrid options, or with unconventional scheduling.

This professional independence encourages familial balance.

It is a small give.

But it has provided for a stronger corporate culture.

7. Top Talent

What is Amgen’s mantra?

People make a difference.

That’s why it strives to attract the smartest and most diligent.

Amgen’s UV light is a savory benefits package that, like second helpings at the Thanksgiving dinner table, can’t be turned down.

Health and dental are at the core of any offer.

But there are also a few sweets in the candy jar.

There is a magnanimous matching program interfused with stock options and a retirement plan.

And the obligatory gyms and snack bars are included.

It’s obvious that Amgen wants to enrich the well-being of its 24,000-person crew.

This is why ample downtime is a vital ingredient.

And work flexibility is a major get for most positions. 

So you want to work for Amgen.

Well, it is true that the job application process is outrageously competitive.

And landing a job at Amgen requires more than just a suit and a sleek resume – even if you interned there.

Unfortunately, landing a position in a world-class organization sometimes requires Herculean efforts.

If you want to help Amgen change the world, then put on your kicks.

It’s going to be a wild ride.

If this is too much effort, many other companies will welcome your expertise.

Cons of Working for Amgen

Amgen is deliciously enticing. Just like cheesecake-filled cupcakes.

But is it the right place for your unique skills and irrepressible charm?

1. Audaciously competitive

Whether you are in Houston or Malaysia, Amgen shines.

It is a sprawling enterprise that affords financial stability.

And the professional kudos are enviable.

But Amgen’s biomedical whiz-kids have also devoted their lives to solving problems.

This milieu is challenging but necessary.

Because their sacrifices may one day change the world.

Now, if you thrive in a more communal environment, it’s a safe bet that the competition may be a bit overwhelming.

2. Corporate village 

Amgen is a colossal multinational concern with over 24,000 ‘Amgenites.’

But for some, this type of anonymity is disconcerting

It’s true that employee concerns are a nexus point.

But the workload can be crushing when deadlines loom.

These single-minded situations may be misunderstood.

So, if you are used to a highly mentored environment, there are other alternatives.

3. Costly mistakes

You may not need to be a perfectionist to work at Amgen, but it helps.

You know the type.

The one classmate that always ruined the grading curve for everyone else?

Simply put, Amgen expects an A++ report card.

And scientific inquiry demands it.

Unsurprisingly, Amgen’s relentless attention to perfection is what drives its achievements

Admittedly in some jobs, the coveted work-life balance may be sacrificed.

Is your career path built on this single factor?

PhARMA may not be your industry of choice.

4. Enduring Reputation

Amgen’s initial epiphanies have saved lives.

And for 21st-century scientists, that is a burdensome inheritance.

Predictably, Amgen seeks out the most gifted minds.

In fact, employees are often initially part of the Amgen Scholars internship program in conjunction with Harvard University. 

5. Unrelenting pressure

A top ten global pharmaceutical firm, Amgen dominates in the biopharmaceutical arena.

Unsurprisingly, expanding on its 27 (and counting) patented medical treatments requires uncompromising dedication.

And sometimes, the pressure to succeed is relentless.

Some who are uncomfortable with workplace stress may believe these are unreasonable expectations.

They may attribute the pressure to greed and hard deadlines as unnecessary anxiety.

6. Rules are everywhere

Innovation requires infrastructure. 

Yes, that sounds contradictory, but at its core, the scientific method requires ‘rules.’

That’s why running a 119.5 billion-dollar behemoth like Amgen requires lots and lots of do’s and don’ts.

It is also why Amgen’s corporate life is carefully defined.

Rules and regulations make you nervous?

There are other, less restrictive ways to fill your bank account.

7. Ferocious security

Does corporate espionage exist?

With the health of the world and billions of dollars at stake, of course.

And drug formulas are high-profile targets.

Maybe that’s why Amgen requires strict protocols at all of its corporate compounds.

These protections go way beyond employee badge requirements and password keys.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Amgen – Summary Table

Pros of Working for AmgenCons of Working for Amgen
1. Competitive salaries1. Audaciously competitive
2. Collaborative values2. Corporate village
3. A visionary approach3. Costly mistakes
4. Global citizenship4. Enduring Reputation
5. Edification5. Unrelenting pressure
6. Choices6. Rules are everywhere
7. Top Talent7. Ferocious security

Should You Work for Amgen?

Amgen is a bit of a biotech narwhal.

It’s authentic.

An entrepreneurial icon, this pharmaceutical giant is a leader in health innovation.

With a research pipeline focused on the most challenging diseases, the company offers attractive opportunities.

The Wall Street Journal ranked the biomedical powerhouse #37 on its 2021 Best-Managed Companies List.

It is a top choice if a strong, stable entity is part of your future.

Amgen is a public company – its stock symbol is AMGN – trading on the NASDAQ Exchange.

And, at last estimate, Amgen was worth over $119.5 billion – ranking in the top 10 of the big PhARMA companies.

But as positive as it sounds, Amgen may not be your perfect fit.

It’s a big company in an insanely competitive arena.

A bit of research may help to clarify its benefits, culture, and daily expectations.

And a few general job site searches may help.

Indeed or Glassdoor are reliable.

And they provide insight into employee satisfaction.

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