18 Pros and Cons of Working at Facebook

Facebook is one of the most well-known websites in the world.

Saying that you work at Facebook will make it easy for people to understand immediately what you do for a living.

There are both pros and cons of working for the social media giant.

Knowing what to expect from the job can help you to decide if it is the right career move for you.

Pros of Working at Facebook

There are all sorts of benefits to working with Facebook.

It can make for an exciting career opportunity for you.

1. Salaries are High

Facebook has worked hard to rise to the top.

As such, they have a higher than average pay scale for their employees.

Depending on the position and experience that you have, you can expect a competitive salary.

According to Glassdoor, some Facebook software engineers are earning $300,000 a year or more.

Executives may even earn $1 million or higher, proving that there are plenty of things to work toward.

2. The Benefits are Good

The benefits at Facebook are substantial, which is why working with this employer is so competitive.

Some of the benefits that you can expect at Facebook include medical, dental, and vision insurance for the whole family.

You will also get wellness reimbursements for the various healthy activities that you partake in.

3. It is a Brand Everyone Knows

Facebook is well-known, so you can take pride in telling people where you work.

You will not have to explain what the company does – everyone already knows.

It makes it easier for you to strike up a conversation.

Similarly, it will make it possible for you to impress people as you mention the company that you work for.

4. Employees are Happy

You will find that there are a lot of reviews and ratings produced online to show that employees are happy about working for Facebook.

The turnover rate is not as high as other companies.

According to Glassdoor, employees rate Facebook 4.3 out of 5, proving that most people are happy with what they do and with the workplace culture that has been cultivated.

5. Free Food

Facebook goes to the extreme to care for its employees – and that includes being able to snack and eat meals at no cost to you.

The company cafeteria offers gourmet meals where you can find specials each and every day.

It is a chance for you to save your money since you can dine for free.

On a regular basis, there are also various outlets and food trucks that provide fun foods – also at no cost.

You can indulge in everything from burgers to ice cream.

6. There are Lots of “Extra” Perks

There is an entire Main Street of perks that creates an entire city of services for its employees.

All of these services are free, which makes it easier for you to save your money and get things done without leaving the Facebook campus.

Bike repairs, a gym, laundry services, salons, and more are available for you to take advantage of.

7. The Campus is Its Own City

Facebook’s campus sprawls across hundreds of acres.

It can be intimidating when you arrive on the first day for orientation.

After that, you can look at the MPK (Menlo Park) campus with pride knowing that this is where you get to work each and every day.

The campus is its own city with virtually everything that you could ask for onsite, including a bank, daycare, and more.

8. Creativity is Everywhere

Facebook demands creativity from its employees, which means that you get to have a creative outlet in all that you do each and every day.

When you feel as though you need an extra boost of creativity, there are various workshops that you can take advantage of, including a print shop and woodworking.

9. You Get Bragging Rights

There are definitely some bragging rights when you work for Facebook – and you should take advantage of it at every opportunity.

The company hires the best of the best, so when you get a chance to tell people where you work, do it.

Many will be impressed that you were able to snag a position at one of the top companies in the U.S.

It will certainly look good on your resume, too.

10. Relocating is a Possibility

Facebook has recently been rebranded as Meta – and they are working on creating more of a global reach than ever.

While the largest office for the social media company is in California, there are other offices across the country and elsewhere in the world.

You may be able to relocate to Iowa, Virginia, or Georgia.

You may even be asked to move to Latin America, Europe, or even the Asia Pacific – and do not worry, your moving expenses would be covered.

Cons of Working at Facebook

Facebook is not without its faults, so you should be aware of some of the cons to working for the social media company.

1. It is a Cut-Throat Atmosphere

The environment created at Facebook tends to be cut-throat when new positions open up.

This goes for the positions that will get you into the company and the positions that open up as you continue to move upward.

If you are not willing to do everything it takes to get to the next level, you may find yourself in a status quo position for years.

Some describe this kind of environment as “toxic” while others simply associate it with being “competitive.”

2. Everyone Has Opinions to Share with You

The moment that you say that you work at Facebook, people will assume that you have the power to control every function, every interface, and every aspect of the social media platform.

As such, you will have to listen to people share opinions with you – even though those opinions will go nowhere.

Most people will assume that you’re capable of making those changes – and some may even follow up to see if you “listened” to what they had to say.

3. The Work Can Be Stressful

There is a lot going on in Facebook.

They are working to remain one of the top social media sites, and as such, they demand a lot from their social media analysts, their developers, and more.

Roll-outs are common so that major updates can be made – and when these occur, they expect an all-hands-on-deck approach.

The work can be stressful if you are not used to working long hours or being required to multi-task from the moment you clock in until the moment you clock out.

4. There are Limited Workspaces

The workspaces that you have to choose from can be limited.

There is an open environment, so you will need to make friends in order to have an enjoyable place to work.

There may be entire rows of seats – and you will be elbow to elbow with the person next to you.

It can be intimidating.

And, if you do not get along with those you’re working near, it can lead to a very uncomfortable (and potentially hostile) working environment.

5. You Have No Privacy

Facebook has set up an open environment where everyone works in large groups, across long picnic tables, and more.

The idea is that you get to interact with people more as a way to generate creativity.

What ends up happening is that you have no privacy so that you can let your creative juices flow – or so that you can simply take a breath without everyone staring over your shoulder.

6. The Work-Life Balance Is Not Balanced

Although the average Facebook employee gets 21 vacation days, the rest of the year is spent working long hours.

Facebook demands that employees work without breaks and without weekends when they are getting ready for a new rollout.

Some employees have even complained about having to be on call 24/7.

This means that the work-life balance is not going to be in favor of you having a life.

7. Discrimination is Common

There tends to be a lot of discrimination within Facebook, especially as you start to reach the executive level.

There are plenty of reports about how people with lesser degrees are being tasked with working ridiculously long hours.

Those who have reached executive status tend to look down upon everyone else and make demands that are downright questionable.

8. Cost of Living is High

It is important to remember that Facebook’s headquarters are in Menlo Park, California.

The cost of living in this area is extremely high.

If you are earning a six-digit salary, you should be okay, but even that is questionable since the homes can go for over $1 million.

However, if you are just starting out with the company, you may have a long commute so that you can find affordable housing.

Pros and Cons of Working at Facebook – Summary Table

Pros of Working at FacebookCons of Working at Facebook
1. Salaries are High1. It is a Cut-Throat Atmosphere
2. The Benefits are Good2. Everyone Has Opinions to Share with You
3. It is a Brand Everyone Knows3. The Work Can Be Stressful
4. Employees are Happy4. There are Limited Workspaces
5. Free Food5. You Have No Privacy
6. There are Lots of “Extra” Perks6. The Work-Life Balance Is Not Balanced
7. The Campus is Its Own City7. Discrimination is Common
8. Creativity is Everywhere8. Cost of Living is High
9. You Get Bragging Rights
10. Relocating is a Possibility

Should You Become a Facebook Employee?

Becoming a Facebook employee can be a great career move that is filled with unbelievable benefits.

It is important to look at the big picture and weigh the benefits of the work environment to ensure you know what you are getting into.

If you feel as though the trade-off is worth it, submit your resume to the next opening with the social media company.

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