14 Pros and Cons of Working for Twitter

In 2006, a group of guys in college had a day-long brainstorming session.

In that get-together, Twitter was born.

Or twttr, as it was originally called.

What started out as the SMS of the internet has grown over the years to become a leading website for quick communication.

Many users now bypass looking at news sites and look for updates on Twitter instead.

It would be hard for anyone in the world to not at least have heard of the social media platform, since it’s available in any country that hasn’t banned it.

It would also be hard to avoid knowing about it, especially in the aftermath of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, paying more than the site was worth to own it.

If you’ve read any of the stories lately, you probably wonder what it’s like to work there now. 

We can help with that!

Pros of Working for Twitter

1. Competitive Pay

There have been a plethora of tech start-ups over the last two decades. 

Seeing so much movement in the tech industry is great and encouraging.

Unfortunately, not all of these newbies are up to the challenge of keeping users engaged enough to make their platforms profitable. 

While Twitter could and needs to be doing more to increase profits, they have always been successful in terms of keeping users coming back. 

Not only does Twitter keep people interested, but it’s also got longevity on its side.

That makes this social platform one of the most stable on the block.

Assurances like that don’t show up in the industry every day.

That is why Twitter has been able to pay its staff well and often more than competing platforms.

2. Benefits

When there is a lot of money to throw around, it’s nice to see a company making strikes for its employees.

One benefit many appreciate is the events thrown that aren’t just for employees but are intended for the whole family.

This is meaningful and can really be a bonding experience for everyone involved. 

Speaking of family, Twitter also provides leave for both parents after a new one is brought into the mix.

To keep the good vibes going, mental health support is always available.

What helps mental health almost as much as therapy and a positive work environment?


Here, you get unlimited vacation days.

3. Strong Team Support

Maybe because the company’s leadership has been doing so much to integrate family, coworkers are really forming bonds.

These bonds are making the company teams that much stronger. 

The teams work very closely together to create change and progress towards a better social media experience.

There is always a lot of smack talk happening by the general public, so the employees really lean on each other.

Using the negative commentary, employees spend much of their time working together to improve Twitter’s outlook. 

Many workers comment on how they feel strongly supported by other teammates.

4. Diversity

Unlike many other tech companies, almost half of all those who work at Twitter are female.

In addition, there’s a hefty percentage of Hispanic, Asian, and African descent. 

This mix is great not only for each minority but for the employees overall.

Being part of such a vast diversity is a learning experience for the individuals as well as a beneficial way to blend perspectives together.

There is a whole lot to be learned from interacting with others of varying backgrounds.

All of that info can come together to create something even better, especially considering how far of a reach Twitter has.

5. Perks

Free food.

Getting free meals each day is one perk that can draw in almost everybody.

Oh, the kitchen is also stocked for all your snacking needs.

Experiencing stress?

Take a break in the game room to blow off steam until you feel you can get back to being productive again.

Wanting to work from home?

Twitter will give you an allotment to create a home office to take your work remotely.

Need to move around more outside of the office?

Fitness programs are available and encouraged to be participated in.

It should be noted that some of these perks may no longer be available following the acquisition. 

6. Making an Impact

Being one of the most visible and used social media platforms gives Twitter an advantage.

They are working towards eliminating hateful comments and a troll’s freedom to spout as they wish.

However, it can be a tricky spot to be in.

If you take away vile remarks, there will always be groups who say it was their right to say the thing.

There is an awkward line between free speech and going too far.

So, each employee knows the decisions they make will also, indirectly, put out a statement on the stance.

7. Great for Resume

Building a career takes work, dedication, and a little name-dropping never hurt anyone.

Unlike workers of the past, the newest generations know the best way to get a raise is to trade up positions at new companies.

Many stay as little as two years just to get the experience under their belt.

On average, employees stay at Twitter for less than four years.

Shopping a resume around other tech companies with Twitter under the experience will surely open doors. 

Cons of Working for Twitter

1. No Work-Life Balance

Shortly after the takeover, the new billionaire CEO sent out an interesting letter to all remaining employees.

He basically told them that if they wanted to continue working at Twitter, they’d have to forget about the life they had.

Not only are you working in person, but you are also expected to basically work around the clock.

If you aren’t willing to dedicate your existence to this job, you need to accept a severance package and go.

Elon only wanted those with the most passion to see it through.

One woman went so far as to sleep in her office so she’d be there whenever she was needed.

Unfortunately, not even sacrificing a bed kept her employed permanently. 

2. Routine Layoffs

Nothing dampens the spirit of workers like not knowing when the axe will fall on them.

Since Elon Musk stepped in, there have been several mass layoffs.

Some have worked not knowing what their status was.

Others have gotten disparaging emails letting them know they have been locked out.

Not being able to trust any day that you have a job is draining.

3. Poor Leadership

Running a company that’s being referred to as a dumpster fire can’t feel great.

When you realize that you’re the reason employees are calling it that, surely it’s eye-opening.


Well, that’s the idea anyway.

If you were to poll all employees who were working at Twitter both before and after Elon’s takeover, you’d get very telling results about how everyone feels.

Essentially, everyone is calling Twitter 1.0 a great work environment, whereas 2.0 has turned the entire company upside down.

There’s no solid direction, employees are constantly afraid, and unworkable systems have been put into place.

All of which leaves many feeling unable to see the vision anymore.

Dismantling a system that could have used some tweaks was a bad decision and it has really brought the entire platform down.

4. Confusing Communication

Lately, there has been a deluge of miscommunication and misdirection.

The CEO will say one thing and it gets passed down by other leaders in a confusing way.

It’s almost like no one knows exactly what’s going on in any department at any time.

5. Time-Wasting Planning Sessions

To encourage participation, there are work activities that take place off campus.

These events are meant to bring minds together to come up with some new ideas.

What really happens is a lot of employee time is wasted and frustration sets in.

6. Unstructured Advancement

In most jobs, promotions come from achievements in the workplace. 

Either management sees the efforts you’ve been putting in and want to elevate your status or you apply for a better position internally.

At Twitter, how good you are at what you do seems to be irrelevant in regards to moving on up.

It seems they are more focused on how loyal employees are to the company rather than what they are contributing to it.

For those who are throwing their lives into the job and making innovations, it can be crushing to see less interested coworkers get the benefit of the doubt. 

This kind of procedure also creates an environment of less achievement because workers know it won’t be rewarded.

So, what’s the point?

Perhaps if things were more performance-oriented, Twitter would have been more profitable and wouldn’t have needed a billionaire to buy them out.

7. Lack of Advancement Opportunities

Favoritism runs rampant here.

If you’re not schmoozing with higher-ups, you might be overlooked entirely.

Twitter employees have long complained that they were feeling stuck in the original position they were hired for.

Not getting a chance in a different department or higher position will eventually drive anyone away.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Twitter – Summary Table

Pros of Working for TwitterCons of Working for Twitter
1. Competitive Pay1. No Work-Life Balance
2. Benefits2. Routine Layoffs
3. Strong Team Support3. Poor Leadership
4. Diversity4. Confusing Communication
5. Perks5. Time-Wasting Planning Sessions
6. Making an Impact6. Unstructured Advancement
7. Great for Resume7. Lack of Advancement Opportunities

Should You Work for Twitter?

Thanks to a massive transition and being run in a very disorganized way, most qualified applicants would go out of their way to steer clear of Twitter.

No one wants to work in a place where layoffs are imminent and you’re expected to basically sacrifice any semblance of a private life to be viewed as worthy of the job.

With that being said, if you can hang on, better days are coming for Twitter.

Like Facebook, it was at the beginning of social media and has a lot of history.

With new management coming, it might be worth it to stick around or try it out.

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