How to Become an IT Technician

It is a common problem for most.

Someone is working diligently at their computer when it suddenly crashes making them feel as if they have just lost all the information they were just working on.

Someone who knows nothing beyond turning on a computer will need the assistance of an experienced IT Technician in order to diagnose and repair any computer malfunctions.

IT Technicians are not only computer experts, they perform tasks that help with all the frustration a person feels from having to deal with a malfunctioning computer.

IT Technicians are computer science professionals that help maintain a company’s hardware and software computer system.

They are responsible for solving technical issues, updating software and repairing computers.

A person who wants to become an IT Technician must be comfortable working with computers and be able to resolve computer related issues.

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It is important for someone who wants to become an IT Technician to understand computer language and know how to develop and work with a variety of software.

Education Requirements to Become an IT Technician

In order to become an IT Technician, a candidate needs to have a combination of education, licensure and experience in the field.

The majority of hiring companies seek professionals who have a four year degree in Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Information Technology or a similar major.

A candidate can also opt to get an Associate’s degree from an accredited trade school or junior college.

Candidates who wish to take the Associate’s degree route can get certification to complement their educational background.

Certification can also help those who do not have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in the field but who have several years of experience working with computer systems.

There are several types of certification an IT Technician jobseeker can acquire including some of the following:

  • A+
  • MCTS
  • Linux+
  • CTP+
  • CTT+

IT Technicians should have a diverse skill set that includes expertise using several types of software.

Companies use a variety of software programs and in order to be highly competitive in the field an IT Technician should have experience with a variety of programs as well as keeping their skill set updated.

Some types of application software an aspiring IT Technician will need to learn and be familiar with can include:

  • Mainframe
  • Java
  • J2EE

Candidates can take courses and get certification in order to show their expertise in these programs.

Visit individual websites for more information on courses, training and certifications.

IT Technician Job Description

An IT Technician can perform their job either in person, by phone or via email.

Their work revolves around computer servicing and upkeep.

IT Technicians set up computers and hardware, perform computer development, troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning computers.

An IT Technicians role can be broken into the following responsibilities:

Provide support to system users:

  • Diagnose any hardware or software problems and perform any needed repairs
  • Be accessible to provide support at a moment’s notice
  • Have an organizational system to document employee requests
  • Train staff to use computer programs and other technology appropriately

System maintenance:

  • Computer and other technological installation such as telephones, printers and copiers
  • Provide server upgrades
  • Upgrade hardware and software
  • Perform any computer backup

Other responsibilities an IT Technician may have include the physical installation of technology cables and exploring new types of software that can help make a company be more efficient.

IT Technician Salary and Career Path

Individuals who want to become an IT Technician can expect to be promoted throughout their career.

IT Technicians can move up through many levels beginning at the trainee level and going up as high as supervisor and trainer.

Career outlook is strong as the majority of companies rely on computer systems to run their businesses.

Here are some other roles that may interest you:

Wage and salary depends on experience, education and type of employer IT Technicians work for.

Candidates can work within many industries such as in Healthcare, Education, Private Businesses and Governments.

The pay range for IT Technicians ranges from the low $23,000 to approximately $59,000.

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