How to Become an EKG Technician in Virginia

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EKG technicians perform electrocardiograms which check patients’ heart function.

EKG techs perform the tests, and then doctors interpret the results and create a treatment plan. 

To become an EKG technician, you’ll need to complete a training program and pass a national certification exam.

If you love helping people and want a healthcare career, you should consider becoming an EKG tech in Virginia. 

Search EKG Technician Programs

Get information on EKG Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Licensing Requirements to Become an EKG Technician in Virginia 

You’ll need to follow a few steps to become an EKG technician.

Generally, you can become an EKG technician in less than 1 year, which makes it a great career choice. 

Prerequisites for Becoming an EKG Technician in Virginia 

First, you’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent.

You will also need to be 18 years old before entering an EKG training program. 

Most schools and employers require you to be up to date on your vaccinations.

You’ll also need negative Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis tests. A felony free background is also required. 

You should also have the proper skills before becoming an EKG technician.

Strong math and analytical skills are important.

Lastly, you should be good at communicating with others and putting patients at ease. 

 Complete an EKG Training Program 

The next requirement is completing an EKG training program.

Programs range from a few weeks to a few months in length, and most also require clinical experience. 

Some national certifications require you to complete 10 successful EKGs before you can take the certification exam. 

Get a National Certification

After you’ve completed an EKG training program, you are ready to take a national certification exam.

You can choose to become certified through The National Healthcareer Association (NHA), the Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), or National Performance Specialists (NPS).

Costs for the Certified EKG Technician (CET) exam range from $125-$200. 

5 EKG Technician Schools in Virginia 

Virginia Penninsula Community College Virginia Penninsula Community College 

Virginia Penninsula Community College offers an EKG Technician Workforce Credential.

The program takes 10 weeks.

The program includes 70 hours of classroom training. 

You’ll learn how to operate an EKG machine, how to place leads, how to interpret EKG results, and how to recognize EKG patterns in all 12 leads. 

This program prepares you to take the National Healthcareer Association certification exam. 

Piedmont Virginia Community College Piedmont Virginia Community College 

Piedmont Virginia Community College offers an in-person program as an EKG technician.

It’s a Fast Forward Credential Program, which is designed to get students the knowledge they need to begin their careers quickly. 

Students will learn anatomy and physiology, disease processes, how to take and document vital signs, electrocardiography, and monitoring and stress testing. 

The program includes hands-on experience in setting up and using EKG equipment, 12-lead placement, and conducting and interpreting EKGs.

You must successfully complete 10 EKGs as part of the program. 

The program prepares you to take the National Healthcareer Association exam. 

While not required, Piedmont recommends that students follow the medical assistant pathway.

Students following this path will begin with phlebotomy, and then take the EKG technician program.

The final component is the Clinical Medical Assistant program. 

American Institute of Health Science and Technology American Institute of Health Science and Technology 

The American Institute of Health Science and Technology (AIHST) offers an EKG technician program as well.

The program takes 12 weeks to complete. 

Once you’ve finished the program, you are eligible to take a national certification exam.  

Students will learn how to perform an EKG.

They may also assist doctors with other tests, including cardiac catheter exams.

AlliedRx Institute of HealthcareAlliedRx Institute of Healthcare

The AlliedRx Institute of Healthcare offers an EKG technician training program at the Richmond, VA campus.

You can choose an online or hybrid learning model, and there are no clinical requirements. 

The course is 14 weeks long, but it can be completed in your own time if you choose the online program.

You’ll learn the Fundamentals of Electrocardiography, EKG Interpretation and Analysis, and Patient Care and Electrode Placement. 

The program includes a virtual learning lab that features virtual clinical simulations, 3D Interactive Anatomy Simulations, and Virtual EKG Patient Readings.

Once you’ve completed the program, you can take one of the national certification exams. 

Center for Apprenticeship and Adult Training Center for Apprenticeship and Adult Training 

The Center for Apprenticeship and Adult Training offers an EKG Technician program.

Students will study anatomy, cardiovascular diseases, EKG technology and procedures, rhythm interpretation, and troubleshooting.

You will also learn how to handle emergency situations. 

Once you’ve completed the program, you can sit for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certification exam.

School Name Address
Virginia Penninsula Community College 99 Thomas Nelson Dr, Hampton, VA 23666, United States
Piedmont Virginia Community College 501 College Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States
American Institute of Health Science and Technology 6800 Backlick Rd Ste 203, Springfield, VA 22150, United States
AlliedRx Institute of Healthcare 2105 E Parham Rd #108, Richmond, VA 23228, United States
Center for Apprenticeship and Adult Training 520 Butler Farm Road Hampton, VA 23666, United States


The average salary of an EKG technician in Virginia is $42,500.

Salaries typically range from $37,700 to $49,100.

How much you can earn will depend on where you choose to work, your experience, education, and skill level. 

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Virginia Beach $41,000
Norfolk $40,300
Chesapeake $40,300
Richmond $42,300
Newport News $40,600
Hampton $40,600
Alexandria $47,700
Portsmouth $40,300
Roanoke $39,600
Lynchburg $39,300

Regional Salary in Virginia

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Richmond, VA220$71,240$34.25$97,580$37,440
Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC410$68,540$32.95$100,200$36,440
Winchester, VA-WV50$78,760$37.86$129,360$37,070
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians, OCC Code 29-2031, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EKG exam in Virginia hard to pass?

The EKG certification exam pass rate is 72%.

The test is considered challenging, but not overly difficult.

Are EKG technicians in Virginia in demand?

Virginia doesn’t have a lot of EKG technician job openings.

However, the industry is expected to grow by 12% over the next decade nationwide.

Where can I work as an EKG technician in Virginia?

EKG technicians in Virginia can work in a variety of settings.

These include hospitals, outpatient care centers, private practices, diagnostic laboratories, nursing homes, and research laboratories.

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