How to Get a CCSP Certification Online

Earn CCSP Certification Online!

If you’re thinking about becoming a Certified Cloud Security Professional to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in cloud security and advance your career — this is the guide for you!

This guide provides an overview of online CCSP certification options that allow learners to earn their certification entirely online.

CCSP Certification – Overview

What is CCSP?

CCSP is an acronym for Certified Cloud Security Professional.

This certification is designed for IT professionals with experience in cloud computing technology who want to gain industry recognition as Certified CCSP professionals who work as independent contractors and employees of top cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

CCSP Certification

Developers must meet CCSP eligibility requirements to earn CCSP certification online.

Once eligibility requirements are met, students can take online courses as self-paced study or instructor-led training courses where they gain in-depth knowledge of the latest advancements and best practices for CCSP.

CCSP Certification Requirements

Qualify For CCSP Certification by Meeting the Following Requirements

  • Five years of cumulative paid work experience as an information security professional.
  • Three years of cumulative (paid) work experience in cloud security.
  • Pass the CCSP exam

Who Administers the CCSP Exam?

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium administers the CCSP exam.

What is the ISC2?

The ISCS is a non-profit organization that develops and administers top cybersecurity certifications worldwide.

It is currently the largest cybersecurity organization in the world.

CCSP Certification Track

Unlike similar cloud-based certifications, the CCSP doesn’t have different levels or tiers to complete.

It has only one certification level, which trains student to validate their expertise in cloud security and to effectively manage security controls in cloud-based environments.

CCSP Online Learning Formats

  • Video Lectures
  • Immersive Instruction
  • Readings
  • Exams

Duration of CCSP Certification Programs

Online certification training courses for CCSP Certification typically take most students between a few weeks and around six months to complete.

CCSP professionals with more years of experience in cloud security and applications may complete their training programs faster than those with lesser hands-on and theoretical experience.

Deciding whether you’re going to dedicate a full-time or part-time schedule to your CCSP education is another factor that can affect how long it takes to complete your training.

Average Cost of CCSP Certification Training

The cost of earning your CCSP certification online will vary.

The type of training, training format, and resources included in training costs are some of the factors that can affect costs.

Other Factors that Can Influence the Cost of CCSP Training

  • Selected Training Provider – Program Options and Cost
  • Training Format
  • Course Duration
  • Additional Resources
  • Retake Options

CCSP Certification – Curriculum

Students taking CCSP certification online learn about the concepts, processes, and software needed to implement and manage security controls for distributed networks and cloud-based environments.

CCSP students will learn about cloud computing concepts and technology, terminology, along with strategies and protocols for securing cloud-based systems.

What Students Will Learn in CCSP Training

Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design

Includes coursework on cloud reference architecture and modeling.

Cloud Governance and Risk Management

Legal compliance requirements in the cloud, Cloud-based risk assessment, third-party management, and risk management.

Cloud Data Security

Data security lifecycles, data encryptions, and data loss prevention.

Cloud Identity and Access Management

Cloud single sign-on, authorization, and identification of cloud-based users. IDaaS.

Cloud Security Operations

Cloud security monitoring and auditing, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning in the cloud.

Legal, Risk, and Compliance

Privacy issues in the cloud, cloud-based contractual agreements, and service level agreements.

Benefits of Completing CCSP Certification Programs Online

Completing your CCSP certification training online is a convenient and flexible option.

Earning your certification online allows you to work at your own pace and set your schedule.

Flexibility and Ease of Access

Online students have unlimited access to their lectures and training materials.

This means students can log in to their classes at any time of the day or night that works with their home and work schedules.

Self-Paced Learning Options

Many online CCSP training programs provide online learning options that allow students to progress through learning materials at their own speed.

CCSP learners can take their time on challenging modules and spend less time on areas of mastery.

Access to Official Documentation and Materials

Many official CCSP certification agencies offer online training materials that align with the certification exam. Students can access documentation and materials created by the developers to ensure they are aware of the latest industry standards, protocols, and CCSP best practices.

Multi-Location Access to Online Coursework and Labs

One of the best perks of earning CCSP certification online is that you can study and take classes from anywhere you have a solid internet connection and a compatible internet-connected mobile device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Unlimited Access to Practice Exams and Simulations

Taking training classes online gives many CCSP students unlimited access to practice exams, practice simulators, and hands-on labs.

CCSP Online Certification – Cost

Taking CCSP certification courses can cost up to $2500.00 for preparation, depending on your selected provider.

The costs included in becoming certified can consist of registering for online learning platforms like Pluralsight or LinkedIn Learning.

Online learning costs can also include instructional fees, materials, fees, and CPE credit per hour fees.

The following fees apply to taking the ISC2 certification exam.

Application Fees – $199.00

Exam Fees – $500.00

It is important to note that many online CCSP education providers include the cost of the certification exam in their program costs.

Check with your program director to learn more.

Timeframe to Complete CCSP Certification

The time it takes to complete your CCSP online can vary depending on a few key factors.

For example, CCSP professionals with more extensive knowledge and those with years of experience working with CCSP will likely complete their certification process faster than developers who are brand new to the field.

Factors that can affect CCSP completion time online include the following.

  • Full-Time Intensive Study
  • Part-Time Study
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Review and Practice Time
  • Prior Knowledge and Experience
  • Training Program Length
  • Exam Scheduling

Top CCSP Certification Programs Online

#1. – ISC2

ISC2 offers CCSP Cloud Security Certificates that train students on the most in-demand cloud security principles.

They offer three certification options at 4 CPE credits each.

They offer discounts for members.


This program offers self-study options without learning support and a secondary opportunity with learning materials and support: interactive video lessons, immersive training exercises, and online assessment.


While most students can complete certification within a few weeks or a few months, this self-paced program can be completed at your convenience.


$129.00 with instructional materials.

#2. – Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers a top-ranked CCSP certification program that teaches learners how to identify and mitigate security threats.


This program offers self-paced learning options with unlimited access and an online boot camp.

Students will immerse themselves in a variety of case studies where they can practice their skills.


The self-paced component of this program offers students unlimited online access.

Students who enroll in the online boot camp will have up to 90 days of access to online classes and lifetime access to e-learning materials and class recordings.



#3. – Pluralsight

Pluralsight offers a CCSP online training program that educates students on the fundamentals needed to excel as cloud security professionals.


Their online program provides video instruction on cloud computing concepts and design principles, the software development lifecycle, and other concepts students will need to learn to pass the certification exam.


This online CCSP training course offers 11 hours of online instruction that can be completed at your own pace.


Pluralsight offers its online CCSP training course for $35.00 a month.

New students can take advantage of the seven-day free trial on their website.

#4. – Cybrary

Cybrary has an online CCSP training program that prepares students to become cloud security engineers and take on similar roles in managing distributed software for America’s enterprises.

They offer the ICS2 certification


Students learn about critical cloud security concepts for implementation, testing, and application through a series of video lectures, textbook readings, simulated assignments, and online exams.


Cybrary online CCSP certification has 3 CEU and 3 CPES courses that comprise just over 13 hours of CCSP education with 2 hours of additional instruction on related topics.


Cybrary offers its online certification course free.

#5. – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn takes its social networking for professionals to the next level by offering free and reduced-cost certification preparation for the CCSP exam.


Students learn from a combination of video lectures, online textbook readings, interactive exercises, and community forums.


LinkedIn Learning’s online CCSP preparation is broken down into a series of self-paced segments that can be taken at times that fit your work and life schedule.


LinkedIn Learning offers new users a free 30-day trial of their online platform.

Users can continue to take CCSP certification classes and learn more about different software platforms by subscribing to their service for $29.99 a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which CCSP Certification Program Should I Choose?

The best CCSP Certification program for you will depend on your individual needs for introductory-led or self-paced instruction and your learning style.

Consider the cost of taking CCSP programs online, which can range from free to around $2500.00, along with desired course formats, course content offered, and expertise of instructors.

Do CCSP Certifications Expire?

Yes, CCSP certifications expire after three years.

Certificate holders are required to complete between 30 and 90 hours of continuing professional education credits each year and they must also pay an annual maintenance fee to maintain their certifications.

How Long Does it Take to Complete CCSP Certification Online?

The time it takes each learner to complete their CCSP education online will vary.

Most students can complete their certification online within around three to six months using a full to part-time study plan.

How Do I Prepare for CCSP Certification Online?

  • Complete the Required Prerequisites
  • Choose a Reputable CCSP Certification Program
  • Set Realistic Goals and Expectations for Completion
  • Create a Daily and Weekly Study Plan
  • Gather and Organize Your Resources
  • Take Advantage of Online Learning Simulators, Tests, and Quizzes
  • Join an Online CCSP Forum or Community

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