How to Get a CCNA and CyberOps Certification Online

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Get a CCNA and CyberOps Certification Online!

If you’re ready to embark on the exciting journey into the world of becoming a cybersecurity and networking expert — this is the guide for you!

This guide provides a brief overview of CCNA and CyberOps certification boot camps that train students on the basics and fundamentals needed to pass their online certification exams.

The programs below offer completely online pathways for students to take individual and bundled coursework options which lead to dual for CCNA and CyberOps developers who successfully complete their coursework and certification exams.

CCNA and CyberOps – Overview

Welcome to the world of CCNA and CyberOps!

If you’re completely new to CCNA and CyberOps, it is important to note that these are two coveted Cisco certifications.

These networking and cybersecurity-based credentials professionally validate the skills and abilities of trained networking and cybersecurity professionals working in small business installations to gigantic enterprise software installations distributed around the world.


The certification programs below offer entry-level education and training for CCNA and CyberOps professionals with no pre-requisite requirements for enrollment.


Online CCNA and CyberOps boot camps below are offered in an online format where students and instructors gather in virtual classrooms to discuss topics related to networking, cybersecurity, and industry best practices.

Self-paced students can take courses online by reviewing a series of online textbooks, interactive exercises, labs, and instructional videos that walk them through completing simple and complex processes.


Most of the online CCNA and CyberOps training programs below offer short boot camps that last from one week to a few months.

In most cases, the length of time it takes most students to absorb the materials and pass Cisco certification exams is dependent on the student.

Experienced students will likely complete precertification much faster than students with little or no experience in networking or cybersecurity.

Average Cost

The average costs of CCNA and CyberOps certification programs vary by provider and can include the costs of application fees and the certification exam itself depending on your provider.

Cisco offers training, education, application, and exam discounts to members of their online learning community.

How to Get a CCNA and CyberOps Certification Online

Getting a CCNA and CyberOps certification online is easy when you can find bundled programs offering both certifications at once.

While some CCNA and CyberOps certifications are offered online as bundled options, other programs require prospective certificate holders to prepare for each required certification exam separately.

Getting a certification for CCNA and CyberOps online requires completing the following steps.

Step One: Choose Your CCNA Track

One of the most critical steps to take when preparing for CCNA certifications that are not already bundled with CyberOps programs is to choose your CCNA track.

Cisco currently offers the following certification options for Cisco Certified Network Associate developers.

  • Cloud
  • Collaboration
  • CyberOps
  • Data Center
  • Routing and Switching
  • Wireless

Step Two: Prepare for CCNA and CyberOps Exam 200-301 or 200-201

Find the best instructor-led training or online self-study programs and enroll in programs that meet your needs for training and budget.

Top programs educate students on the fundamentals, skills, and practical applications needed to pass Cisco certification exams online.

Step Three: Register for CCNA and CyberOps Exams

Register for the CCNA or CyberOps exams through the Cisco Certification website or Pearson VUE.

The CCNA exam is divided into six sections and covers topics related to networking, security, connectivity, and automation.

Students taking the CyberOps exam will need to complete the same registration steps listed above if they aren’t eligible for bundled exams through their education provider.

The CyberOps exam lasts for 120 minutes and is divided into four individual sections that cover topics of security monitoring, fundamentals, host-based analysis, and network intrusion analysis.

Step Four: Complete CCNA and CyberOps Exams with a Minimum Passing Score or Better

Both exams require students to attain a minimum score of 825/1000 to be awarded the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certificate.

Step Five: Receive Your CCNA and Cyber Certification from Cisco!

Once you’ve successfully met all training, education, and certification requirements, you will be awarded the Cisco Certified CCNA Associate Certificate or the Cisco Certified CyberOps Certificate.

Both certificates are valid for three years from the date of issue and require students to complete ongoing CPE credits and pay annual renewal fees to maintain.

CCNA and CyberOps Curriculum

CCNA Curriculum Examples

  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Cisco Technologies
  • Routing and Switching
  • Network Security
  • WAN Technologies
  • IPv6
  • Wireless Networking
  • Network Troubleshooting

CyberOps Curriculum Examples

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Threat Detection and Analysis
  • Incidence Response
  • Network Security
  • Ethical Hacking and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Policies and Compliance
  • Security Awareness

Benefits of CCNA and CyberOps Certification

Variety of Flexible Learning Options

Taking CCNA and CyberOps certification prep courses online makes it easier for enrolled students to log in to their coursework to complete reading assignments or watch lecture videos from virtually anywhere in the world.

Prepare for CCNA and CyberOps Certification Online

Having always-on access to online coursework means that enrolled students can study at their leisure and achieve their goal of passing CCNA and CyberOps certification exams at their leisure.

Gain Access to Official Documentation and Resources

Taking CCNA and CyberOps pre-certification coursework through trusted and well-known providers means students can access the latest official documentation and resources needed to successfully pass their certification exams.

Advance Your Networking and Cybersecurity Career

Students who complete the CCNA and CyberOps exams earn professional certifications that can open doors to a broader variety of higher-paying and rewarding career opportunities with employers of all sizes seeking in-demand CCNA and CyberOps experts.

CCNA and CyberOps Cost

The cost of CCNA and CyberOps certification training will vary by program provider, location, and instructor.

Online training programs offered by top institutions and the developers can range from free to just under $5000.00.

Students will also be required to pay exam application fees and exam fees to sit for the relevant certification exams administered by Cisco.

  • CCNA Application Fee: $179.00-$199.00
  • CCNA Exam Fees: $299.00-$325.00
  • CyberOps Application Fee: $199.00
  • CyberOps Exam Fees: $325.00-$350.00

*Cisco offers discounts for members of the Cisco Learning Network.

Timeframe to CCNA and CyberOps Certification

How long it takes you to complete your CCNA certification online depends primarily on your dedication and time commitment to the program.

Most students meet their programs online within a few weeks to a few months.

Full-time students may complete their online training programs faster than working students, students with busy schedules, and those taking classes part-time.

Top CCNA and CyberOps Boot camps

The best CCNA & CyberOps training boot camps prepare students for varying roles and jobs related to the field of networking and cybersecurity.

Online boot camps cover fundamental and practical skills needed for students to begin or enhance cybersecurity and networking-related careers.

CCNA and CyberOps programs below offer some of the best boot camps with comprehensive and immersive training programs that prepare students to complete CCNA certification exams 200-301 and 200-201 in as little as one week.

Oklahoma State University – CCNA and CyberOps 7-Day Bootcamp

OSU offers a Cisco CCNA Associate and CyberOps Associate pre-certification training boot camps that prepare learners for installing, configuring, and operating network-connected devices.


Their online program is instructor-led, and it operates in partnership with InfoSec.

This Sven day program features networking labs and prepares students to pass the CCNA 200-301 exam.


Seven days.



Baylor University – Continuing Education – Cisco CCNA Certification Training

Baylor U offers its online Cisco CCNA Certification and CyberOps Associate training program as a self-paced dual enrollment option for students on track to take certification exams.


Their week-long boot camp is held online and taught by an instructor.


One week



Cisco CCNA and CyberOps Training

The developer of the CCNA and CyberOps certifications offers online training programs to prepare students to take their exams.

Students can enroll in self-paced or instructor-led lead programs for each certification through Cisco or Cisco U online.


Students will learn how to design, build, monitor, and respond to networking and security issues in their online program, which is available in a variety of different languages in their virtual classroom.

Cisco students can also log in for live instruction via Cisco U.




CCNA – $299-$325.00

CyberOps – $325.00-$350.00


Udemy is one of the world’s leading online education providers offering training for prospective Cisco CyberOps Associate and CCNA programs.


Their online training programs feature hours of on-demand videos that highlight key topics and processes for aspiring cybersecurity grads who need to take the CCNA 200-201 exam.




This program is currently offering a deep discount online at $17.99.

The regular price is listed at $99.99


Coursera provides a variety of online learning options for students and developers who want to uplevel their careers.


Students learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity and networking security via the Coursera online platform feature in video lectures, interactive exercises, graded assignments, and discussion forums.




$39.00 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have prior experience in network management or cybersecurity before I can enroll in the CCNA and CyberOps certification programs?

The boot camps and training programs listed above are designed for developers with varying degrees of experience.

How long does it take to earn CCNA and CyberOps certification online?

The time it takes to complete online CCNA and CyberOps certification programs will vary by person.

However, most online learners can meet the pre-certification requirements and their exams within four to six months.

How much does it cost to complete CCNA and CyberOps certification online?

The costs required to complete CCNA and CyberOps certification online vary by instruction, instructor, and a few other factors.

Students who get live instructor-led training can expect to pay more for their certification costs than students who opt for self-paced study with no instruction.

The programs listed above have learning options and Cisco certification prep classes available that range from free to just under five thousand dollars.

What jobs will I be qualified for upon completing CCNA and CyberOps certification?

Prospective network administrators, security analysts, and cybersecurity specialists will be happy to learn that they qualify for many CCNA and CyberOps-based roles upon completing their certifications.

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