How to Get a Microsoft Azure Certification Online

Earn Microsoft Azure Certification Online!

If you’re thinking about earning your Microsoft Azure Certification online and looking for self-paced learning options — this is the guide for you!

Our guide provides an overview of Microsoft Azure Certification options featuring web-based certification courses that are convenient and easily accessible from most internet-connected devices.

The Azure certification programs below offer a wide range of learning formats and resources, making it possible for you to earn Azure Certification from virtually anywhere in the world!

Learn more about Azure certification levels, what certification tests are required to earn certification, and where to get online training from top education providers like Harvard and Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure Certification – Overview

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft is a cloud computing platform featuring a variety of service options for computing, networking, storage, and databases.

Today’s small to enterprise-sized businesses use Azure to build, run, and manage a number of applications and cloud-based and on-premise computing services.

Azure Certification Levels

Microsoft Azure has four certification levels. Each certification level builds on the knowledge and skills learned in the previous level.

Students show mastery of each level by completing required certification exams and maintaining continuing education to keep their certifications active.

Find Azure certification levels and the relevant exams needed to earn certification from Microsoft listed below.

Azure Fundamentals Certification

Most new Azure professionals start by learning the fundamentals level of Microsoft’s cloud computing program that explains the basics of how cloud computing works along with the different cloud services and Azure types available from Microsoft.

Certification Exam Required: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam

Azure Associate Certification

Certified Azure developers who have mastered Azure fundamentals can move on to the Associate level certification.

Azure Associates build on their knowledge of cloud computing and services to learn how to deploy and manage Azure Virtual Machines, configure Azure networking, and manage Azure’s Active Directory.

Successful Completion of One of the Following Certification Exams Required

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate: AZ – 104
  • Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure: AZ-204
  • Azure AI Engineer Associate: AI-102
  • Azure Security Engineer Associate: AZ-500

Azure Expert Certification

Azure professionals with a deep understanding of cloud computing have mastered the fundamentals and associate levels of certification.

They are ready to move on to learning how to design and deploy scalable Azure solutions, implement security best practices, and optimize Azure project costs.

Successful Completion of Two of the Following Certification Exams Required

  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert: AZ-305
  • Designing and Implementing Cloud Operations Solutions: AZ-400
  • Microsoft Security Fundamentals: SC-900
  • Azure Data Fundamentals: DP-900

Azure Specialty Certification

Azure developers seeking a specific service can earn specialty certification by passing one of the Azure specialty certification exams.

  • Azure AI Engineer Associate: AI-102
  • Data Engineer Associate: DP-203
  • Azure Security Engineer Associate: AZ-500
  • Security Operations Analyst: SC-300
  • Microsoft Security Fundamentals: SC-900
  • Azure Data Fundamentals: DP-900

Microsoft Azure Online Learning Formats

  • Video Lectures
  • Immersive Instruction
  • Readings
  • Exams


Online certification training courses for Microsoft Azure Certification typically take most students between a few weeks and a few months to complete.

Most Azure online certification programs offer self-paced options that allow students to complete required coursework and assignments in their own time from almost any internet-connected device.

Certification students who opt for full-time study can complete certification programs within a few weeks.

Part-time students usually complete their program within two months by following a dedicated study plan for assignments and exam completion.

Average Cost

The costs of earning a Microsoft Azure Certification can vary.

Some online programs offer free training and certification exam options, while others charge instruction, tuition, and material fees.

Regardless of what program options you choose for getting your Azure education, Microsoft Learn offers the Azure Certification exam and renewal on their website for free.

Microsoft Azure Certification – Curriculum

One of the best things about learning Azure is that you know you’ll get quality training and education no matter which program provider you choose.

The reason for such top-tier education options is that Microsoft makes its Azure training and education materials available to a variety of online providers who deliver certification coursework to student developers.

Azure-related coursework presented to students in Azure certification programs trains students on the fundamentals of Azure, along with educating them on essential use cases and budgeting for large project implementations.

The ultimate goal of online training programs for Azure is for students to earn their designated certifications by passing Microsoft Azure certification exams.

The curriculum, coursework, and training required to earn certification varies by certification level and number of years of experience with Azure and educational institutions.

Fundamental Level Curriculum Examples

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Overview of Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Core Services
  • Azure Management and Governance

Associate Level Curriculum Examples

  • Managing Azure Active Directory
  • Configuring Azure Networking
  • Deploying and Managing Azure Virtual Machines
  • Managing Azure Storage
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Azure Resources

Expert Level Curriculum Examples

  • Designing and Deploying Highly Available and Scalable Azure Solutions
  • Implementing Azure Security Best Practices
  • Managing and Optimizing Azure Costs
  • Data Solutions
  • Applications and Services
  • Migration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specialty Level Curriculum Examples
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Engineering
  • Security Engineering

Benefits of Completing Microsoft Azure Online Certification Programs

The benefits of earning Azure certification can lead to gaining a wealth of knowledge about cloud computing software, up-leveling your salary career, and staying ahead of the latest trends and updates on the Azure platform.

Advance Your IT Career

IT professionals looking for a quick way to level up their careers and become invaluable employees can earn Microsoft Azure Certification.

Certified Azure developers and specialists can experience an entirely new world of career opportunities and advancement options upon becoming an Azure Certified Developer.

Learn More About Cloud Computing

If you’re a business owner or web developer, acquiring the fundamental world skills and knowledge gained through an Azure certification can help you level up your business when you gain a deeper understanding of cloud computing concepts, services, and how the latest technologies work together to create seamless computing solutions.

Stay Updated on the Latest Azure Technologies and Services

Certified Azure professionals are regularly updated on the latest changes to the platform and software.

Renewing your certification annually exposes existing developers to program updates, modifications, technologies, and best practices.

Timeframe to Complete Microsoft Azure Certification

The average time frame it takes to earn Microsoft Azure Certification online varies from person to person.

Certification level and the amount of time dedicated to education, training, and practice are factors that can affect how long it takes to complete your certification.

For example, a new developer working on Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification can complete the process in as little as a few weeks to two months with daily dedication and practice.

It will take longer to complete advanced certifications like the Azure Solutions Architect Expert, which are more complex and take longer.

Top Microsoft Azure Certification Programs Online

#1. Microsoft Learn for Azure

If you’re looking for the best online Azure certification programs, start with the developer.

Microsoft offers a free online certification program and testing for Azure.


Microsoft Learn offers an online certification program for Azure featuring a variety of interactive modules, video lectures, and hands-on labs.


While most students can complete certification within a few weeks or a few months, this self-paced program can be completed at your convenience.


Microsoft Offers its Azure certification programs free to registered Microsoft Learn users.

#2. – Coursera

Finding the time to complete your Azure certification online is easier when you take self-paced coursework from Coursera.


Coursera’s online Azure Certification programs feature video lectures, readings, and assignments.

They also offer options for live one-on-one question-and-answer sessions with instructors.


This self-paced Azure certification program is completed at the learner’s pace.


Coursera’s online certification pricing includes free and paid options.

They offer financial aid options to help students offset the costs of getting Microsoft Azure training online.

#3. – Udemy

Udemy offers a variety of free and paid training options for students seeking to earn Azure certification online.


Udemy students can take Azure certification classes and exams offered by a variety of instructors and industry experts.

Students learn the fundamentals of Azure and prepare for certification exams through video lectures, assignments, and interactive learning.


Udemy’s self-paced Azure Certification programs are self-paced.

Most students can complete the program within a few weeks or months.


Udemy’s Azure Certification Program costs can vary by instructor or school.

Visit the program directly to learn more about individual program costs and Azure certification fees by instructor.

#4. – EdX

EdX offers several options for students to get Microsoft Azure Certification from various reputable institutions and online instructors.

Their platform links students to top names in technology and education.


Students can choose from a variety of different programs provided by sought-after educational institutions, including Microsoft Learn, MIT, Harvard, and Stanford.

Coursework consists of video lectures, readings, assignments, and online exams.


Self-paced students can typically complete one of EdX’s Azure certification programs within a few weeks.


EdX’s Azure Certification Program costs vary by instructor or school.

Visit the program directly to learn more about program costs and fees by instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Microsoft Azure Certification Should I Choose?

The best Microsoft Azure certification for you depends on your experience, career goals, and personal interests.

If you’re new to the world of Azure and cloud computing, learning the fundamentals required for Azure certification is an excellent place to begin.

More experienced Azure professionals can begin by taking Azure Administrator or higher credentials.

How Do I Prepare for Microsoft Azure Certification Online?

  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Give Yourself Plenty of Study Time
  • Take Practice Exams Online
  • Read Microsoft’s Azure Documentation
  • Use Microsoft Azure’s Free Trial
  • Join an Online Azure Developer Community or Forum

How Long Does it Take to Complete Azure Certification Online?

Most students who get Microsoft Azure training online can complete their certification within two to six months.

Do Microsoft Azure Certifications Expire?

Yes, Microsoft Azure Certifications do expire and require certificate holders to renew their credentials before the expiration date.

Renew Microsoft Azure Certifications online by taking the renewal assessment hosted by Microsoft Learn.

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