13 Careers in Beauty and Fashion You Should Consider

Careers in Beauty and Fashion

The world of fashion and beauty encompasses various careers across the art, design, service, sales, media, management, and personal care sectors.

The work is rewarding, challenging, and rarely routine.

Depending on your career trajectory, the training and education requirements may vary from earning a certificate to traditional medical education for those seeking a career as a dermatologist.

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1. Celebrity Stylist

Celebrity Stylist

Why Become a Celebrity Stylist?

Celebrity Stylists are fashion engineers with an annual yearly salary in 2022 of $50,423 or $24.24/hour.

Stylists working for a celebrity are tasked with selecting the perfect ensemble that speaks to the celebrity’s brand while underscoring a current trend.

Stylists prepare their celebrity clients for high-profile, red-carpet events, public appearances, and premieres, to name a few.

Celebrity Stylist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$83,650
Avg. Pay / hour$40.22
Education2-4 Years

2. Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist

Why Become a Hair Stylist?

Do you possess a passion for all things to do with hair and beauty?

Hairstylists help others feel better about themselves with training completed in months rather than years.

The average yearly salary for hairstylists in 2022 was $52,488.

Hairstylists typically have flexibility in their scheduling as most work as independent contractors, and they have a knack for and love for working with others.

Hair Stylist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$35,990
Avg. Pay / hour$17.30
Education0-6 Months

3. Model


Why Become a Model?

A career as a model requires no formal education.

It offers tremendous travel and mingling opportunities with fascinating people worldwide.

The salary of a professional model varies, depending on the model’s experience and reputation.

The 2020 yearly average salary for models was $31,910, with an impressive job growth projection of 11% through 2030.

Model Key Stats
Education0-6 Months

4. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

Why Become a Fashion Designer?

Fashion design, a career that typically requires a baccalaureate degree, offers incredibly diverse and rewarding career possibilities.

Fashion designers earned $75,810, on average in 2020, with those at the top of the field earning upwards of $146,000/year.

The field of fashion design is hands-on and fast-paced.

It offers a variety of niche markets in which to specialize.

Note most jobs (and highest salaries) tend to be in California and New York.

Fashion Designer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$83,650
Avg. Pay / hour$40.22
Education2-4 Years

5. Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photographer

Why Become a Fashion Photographer?

Fashion photography is a type of photography that is primarily concerned with the fashion world.

Fashion photographers work for showrooms, magazines, websites – covering the latest fashions displayed on runways as they capture the relationship between the model and the fashions.

The median salary in 2022 for fashion photographers was $43,901/yearly.

Fashion Photographer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$48,210
Avg. Pay / hour$23.18
Education0-6 Months

6. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Why Become a Graphic Designer?

Graphic design offers a pathway to a career that requires creativity and imagination.

Graphic designers work with many different mediums, in different projects, and across sectors.

Graphic design offers excellent job stability for an artistic type of career.

Most graphic designers complete a bachelor’s degree program.

The median 2020 annual salary for graphic designers was $53,380.

Graphic Designer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$59,970
Avg. Pay / hour$28.83
Education3-4 Years

7. Textile Designer

Textile Designer

Why Become a Textile Designer?

Textile designers create unique designs for a variety of purposes.

They translate verbal goals to artistic solutions, working in rugs, towels, clothing, apparel, artisanal furniture upholstery, patterned wallpaper, gift wrapping, and paper products, among others.

The base salary in 2022 for a textile designer was $60,051 per year, with those at the top of the scale reaching six-figure salaries.

Textile Designer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$83,650
Avg. Pay / hour$40.22
Education2-4 Years

8. Photographer


Why Become a Photographer?

The world of photography offers a creative career path but one that also requires technical expertise.

Photographers use composition skills and creative touch to produce images for various professions, including the fashion industry.

In 2020, photographers earned a median salary of $43,280/year, with an anticipated and impressive job growth rate of 17% through 2030.

Photographer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$48,210
Avg. Pay / hour$23.18
Education2-4 Years

9. Celebrity Manager

Celebrity Manager

Why Become a Celebrity Manager?

A celebrity manager specializes in the management of high-profile individuals, often actors, singers, models, and other entertainment professionals, among others.

A celebrity manager works to promote and advance their client’s career.

Celebrity managers, depending on their clients, may work with one or many clients at the same time.

The average salary for a celebrity manager was $69,395, with the top-of-the-scale professionals earning more than $150,000/year.

Celebrity Manager Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$48,210
Avg. Pay / hour$23.18
Education4+ Years

10. Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist

Why Become a Tattoo Artist?

Tattoo artists apply indelible (permanent) ink to the skin to allow clients to express themselves creatively.

In 2022, the average tattoo artist’s salary was $41,655/year, with the highest salaries in NY, AK, and CA.

Many tattoo artists build a clientele based on the type of tattoo designs they offer.

Tattoo Artist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$67,240
Avg. Pay / hour$32.33
Education1-2 Years

11. Floral Designer

Floral Designer

Why Become a Floral Designer?

A floral designer is an excellent option for creative types who love working with flowers because the position requires artistry and a creative eye.

Floral designers have no formal education requirements and are often mentored.

They create floral arrangements for weddings, banquets, and other events and occasions.

The median annual salary for floral designers in 2020 was $29,140.

Floral Designer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$32,100
Avg. Pay / hour$15.43
Education6-12 Months

12. Cosmetologist


Why Become a Cosmetologist?

Cosmetology is a great career choice as it opens the option to many career choices.

State requirements for training beyond high school vary.

The median salary for cosmetologists in 2020 was $27,630/year, although the top-of-scale professionals can earn significantly more.

Cosmetology is also a great career for those who want to work for themselves while making others feel good about their looks.

Cosmetologist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$35,990
Avg. Pay / hour$17.30
Education1-2 Years

13. Dermatologist


Why Become a Dermatologist?

Dermatologists, a type of medical doctor, specialize in the treatment (and improvement) of hair, nails, and skin.

Dermatologists earned more than $200,000 on average in 2020, but the field requires a tremendous education and residency commitment.

Dermatologists may treat patients medically or aesthetically.

Dermatologist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$242,190
Avg. Pay / hour$116.44
Education4+ Years

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