How to Become a Model

On the outside, modeling as a profession seems like it is only for individuals who have hit the genetic lottery.

But in reality, those who would like to become a model must put in hard work to find a successful career in this profession.

Individuals who would like to become a Model have many prospects because of the many industries that have a need for experienced professionals.

For example, a model can choose to focus their work in television, the runway or store catalogs.

Education Requirements to Become a Model

People who want to become a Model don’t necessarily need an educational background to enter this profession although having a combination of experience and sought after characteristics will improve someone’s chances of being hired in this highly competitive profession.

Many candidates may opt to attend a modeling school in order to learn specific skills that experienced models have, but going this route may not guarantee job opportunities.

During training at a modeling school, individuals should expect to learn how to apply makeup, perfect their walk and learn how to pose for a variety of platforms such as for a runway or for photo shoots.

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Another important distinguisher for successful models is that they also have a successful modeling agency working in their favor.

However, being accepted into a modeling agency takes work within itself.

Many modeling agencies have professionals seeking out potential models at modeling schools themselves or open calls.

Open calls are events set up by modeling agencies that aspiring models attend to seek representation.

Modeling agencies search for models that fit what their clients are looking for.

Clients can be magazines, clothing lines or stores seeking models to help them sell their products.

The modeling agency seeks what their client is looking for to represent their business.

The most important asset an individual who wants to become a Model can seek is that of a modeling agency willing to use a fresh face and strong talent.

Model Job Description

A Model is a professional who makes a living off of promoting a product or service.

Successful models must master a variety of poses to help sell a variety of products and services.

Models who work for a clothing line must know how to promote the product on the runway or be able to perfect poses for a photographer.

Models promoting a product through photography must master poses in a variety of settings including on site in another location, or in a studio posing in an office setting with a backdrop.

On site models must travel to different parts of the world to complete shoots.

For some models, working on call is a reality and must be able to work with little or no notice to perform for office photo shoots or runway events.

Some models may also work with artists who focus on sculpture or painting while other models must also have some acting skills to create commercials for television.

In any medium, models must also know how to work with other professionals such as makeup artists, photographers, hair stylists and clothing stylists to perfect the finished product for the client requesting a finished creation to promote their service or merchandise.

In addition, models must also work nonpaid hours to promote their own image and catalog of hard work and experience.

Successful models must frequently work on their portfolio with their most recent works to showcase their experience and talent.

In addition, models spend time traveling and meeting with potential modeling agencies and clients to maintain a consistent work flow.

Model Salary and Career Path

Because many models work part time, they are primarily paid an hourly wage.

The median hourly wage for these professionals was $9.02 in 2012.

The actual wage potential Models may earn depends on experience and sector they work in.

Entry level models can expect to earn approximately $7.81 per hour while the top paid models earn up to $20.91.

Because many models work part time, their actual annual wages will be determined by the number of modeling jobs they complete a year.

Hiring is expected to increase for this profession by 15 percent through the year 2022.

This rate is considered faster than average.

Although this growth is considered fast, the actual number of jobs will increase by approximately 700.

This approximate number is impacted by how relatively small this occupation is.

An individual seeking to make a career out of modeling can find success in this profession through a combination of hard work and innate talent.

Although it is a hard career track to get into, the most successful models work hard and remain persistent to achieve a successful career.

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