How to Become a Celebrity Stylist

Successful Celebrity Stylists are individuals who have a keen eye for the latest fashions and trends.

These professionals not only need that keen eye for day to day outfits, their skills also need to be applied for celebrities who make performances or appearances through many different celebrity platforms.

Because celebrities make a variety of public appearances such as on television, the red carpet or under bright lights on stage, individuals who want to become a Celebrity Stylist must not only have fashion sense, but also have the eye and skills needed to prevent wardrobe malfunctions or prevent any potential embarrassing moments for their clients.

Celebrity Stylists are hired for a variety of purposes and events and may help their celebrity clients pick the perfect outfit for high profile awards events, red carpet events, premieres and public appearances on television.

Education Requirements to Become a Celebrity Stylist

Individuals who want to become a Celebrity Stylist have a variety of routes to take to enter this profession.

Individuals pursuing this field can opt to complete a certificate or undergraduate degree.

Completing either one of these options will assure potential celebrity clients that the person they are hiring was committed to their craft and pursued higher education to get into their career of choice.

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Individuals who want to become a Celebrity Stylist can apply to a Fashion Styling certificate program through a community college.

During their studies, individuals will gain insight into a variety of topics that will strengthen their natural ability to style other people’s wardrobes.

During this type of program, individuals will take classes on prepping the right look for different media platforms, fashion forecasting, color theory, designing clothing and accessories and fashion business practices.

For individuals who complete an undergraduate degree, they can opt to major in Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising at an Art Institute, university, or college.

This career choice will prepare students to not only learn more than just fashion design, but also the history and the business knowledge needed to succeed in this profession.

Example of classes in an undergraduate program may include: Fashion promotion, textiles, history of fashion, trend forecasting, fashion show production and computer-aided fashion design.

This combination of classes will help prepare an individual to be able to forecast trends, market their own looks, research different styles and designs and selecting fabrics that go with one another.

In addition, individuals will need work experience working in this industry in order to build a portfolio of their work.

Gaining experience is valuable because that will show potential clients the amount of dedication and expertise a Celebrity Stylist has.

Celebrity Stylist Job Description

Celebrity Stylists work directly with their celebrity clients to create an individualized outfit or a complete style that lets them express themselves through the clothes that they wear.

In addition, because celebrities make several different appearances as part of their line of work, Celebrity Stylists must be experienced in picking out outfits that look right under different types of lights and cameras.

Celebrity Stylists also work in conjunction with other professionals such as hair stylists and makeup artists to have a complete and unified look.

These professionals must have communication and interpersonal skills in order to work with other professionals that will ultimately benefit their clients.

In order to be competitive in this field, successful Celebrity Stylists must also create a portfolio of their work in order to attract potential new clients.

A portfolio is used as a marketing mechanism that showcases their ability to style a variety of looks for several types of appearances.

Because the fashion industry fluctuates constantly, Celebrity Stylists also need to keep up with the most current trends or create their own personalized looks by using their forecast trends experience.

Experience with this skill can help a stylist predict the newest fashion trend which can ultimately help them launch a successful career for Celebrity Stylists with a keen fashion sense.

Celebrity Stylist Salary and Career Path

The median salary for Fashion Designers, which includes Celebrity Stylists, was approximately $62,860 in 2012.

The exact annual wage will depend on several things including the number of celebrity clients, experience and the number of hours worked in this profession.

The job projections for this profession are expected to lose steam and will lose 3 percent of jobs through the year 2012.

However, individuals who want to become a Celebrity Stylist should not lose interest in this profession as there are many perks to working in this industry including working with celebrities and the type of jobs an individual is hired for.

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