How Much Do Before and After School Programs Cost?

The Before and After School Programs relate to time outside of official school hours.

They are usually held before and after school, from 7.00 to 9.00 in the morning and from 13.00 to 18.00 in the afternoon, and from 10 to 12 hours during school holidays and days off.

Programs can be organized by schools, youth clubs, community centers, etc.

It is important to remember that enrolment in a school does not guarantee a place in the OSHC service.

How much do before and after school programs cost?

Average Cost of Before and After School Programs

In public schools, average amounts for Before and After School Programs are between $100 and $550 per month.

Some programs are charged by the hour, day, or week.

This is approximately $5 to $9 per hour, $10 to $20 per day, or $120 to $170 per week.

Example of the average cost according to parent data in different places:

  • Alabama – $5 per day,
  • Arkansas – $45 per week or $8.75 per day,
  • California – $16 per day,
  • Delaware – $125 per week,
  • Louisiana – $16 per day for both before/after or $12 for either,
  • Michigan – $400 for the whole school year,
  • Nevada – $80 per week,
  • New Hampshire – $12 per day or $30 on a non-school day,
  • Ohio – $40 per week,
  • Oregon – $35 per week,
  • Pennsylvania – $17 per day for both before/after.

For private facilities, the price can range from $250 to $800 or more per month, mostly for programs lasting up to 18 hours after school dismissal.

Some schools can charge their prices for Before and After School Programs separately.

For example, the West Chester Area Day Care Center in Pennsylvania has the following rates for their before and after school care:

  • Before & After School Care Kindergarten through age 12 $110 per week
  • Before School Care Kindergarten through age 12 $55 per week
  • After School Care Kindergarten through age 12 $55 per week.

So, the average cost of after-school care for after-school sitters is $15 per hour in 2016 or a total of $232 per week for 15-hour work.

For comparison, the price of a nanny for before and after school usually costs $2-$12 per hour, which would be $125-$775 per month for about 3 hours a day.
The price can go up to $15 per hour in some places, mainly for infants and young children.

Most schools, especially public ones, offer Before and After School Programs.

It is also possible to inquire in churches and various clubs in the community.

If you want to choose for your child only those who are known for the quality of their services, you can look for learning centers in your vicinity at KinderCare Learning Centers.


For more children from the same family, discounts range from 5% to 25%, or $5-$15 on the standard tax.

In the case of twins, for example, the Huntington Valley Boys and Girls Club in California charges $68 per week for 1st to 8th graders and $63 per week for each sibling.

Somewhere, students of homeless and low-income families have free programs.

It is good to know that the costs of care before and after can qualify for tax relief up to 30% of the total amount.

Additional Costs

  • The Center would charge a one-time registration fee from a few dollars up to $50,
  • Additionally, pick-up and drop-off services for children may be included so that parents do not have to worry about it after work,
  • Delay fees are usually charged per minute, usually, $1 to $5 per minute, somewhere $5 is charged for a 15-minute delay, and climbs up to $10 as time goes on,
  • In situations where parents need a program during the holidays, prices can be two, even three times higher than the original price,
  • Delays in payment and refunds are charged for about 10 dollars,
  • Cancellation fees of $10-$25 or more are also possible if no notice is given in advance that a child will not attend the program.

Factors Affecting Before and After School Program Costs

  • Public or Private – Public schools have typically lower prices compared to those from the private sector,
  • Location – the cost of living and cost of doing business always plays a role in the cost of almost everything,
  • Family’s income – some centers offer fee schemes based on family’s income,
  • A number of children enrolled – some schools greatly reduce the cost of enrolling another child and thus affect your costs.

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