How Much Do Pre Kindergarten Programs Cost?

Children who participate in high-quality pre Kindergarten programs enter school more ready to learn than their peers, and those programs have a long-term effect on the children.

Pre Kindergarten programs provide strengthen children’s skills in a playful, interesting communicative environment.

The program mostly enrolls children from about 2 years and 8 months to four years of age.

Pre Kindergarten is optional and not a required part of the standard education.

These programs are part of public and private elementary schools, kindergartens, preschools, churches, the YMCA, and other institutions.

Average Costs

Public Pre Kindergarten programs are generally free to eligible families.

Eligibility depends on the state.

Somewhere, only homeless students and students from low-income families have the right to attend the Pre Kindergarten program, while some institutions provide voluntary Pre Kindergarten programs.

For example, all NYC four-year-old children can apply for Pre Kindergarten programs.

Even it is free, you can only find lower costs like transportation to school, which does not have to be included in the free tuition.

Costs of Public Programs

Tennessee’s Voluntary Pre Kindergarten Program is a state-funded educational program designed especially for four-year-old children, with priority given to those at risk for entering school ready to learn. Pre Kindergarten classes are available in every eligible Tennessee school district.

Pennsylvania Pre Kindergarten Counts provides free half-day or full-day Pre Kindergarten for at-risk children throughout Pennsylvania.

Costs of Private Programs

The price in private Pre Kindergarten programs ranges from $3,000 to $20,000, depending on the school’s reputation, number of days in school, number of hours per day, teachers, etc.

Heritage Christian School in North Liberty applies tuition of $565 per month or $6,775 per year for a 5day Pre Kindergarten(Monday – Friday from 08.30 am-1.30 pm).

Also, a school applies:

  • $350 tuition deposit (due with application),
  • multiple child discount – 25% off for 3rd child and beyond,
  • financial aid is available for up to 50% off of tuition.

The Walker School in Marietta has a $14,150 tuition for half-day and $17,660 tuition for full-day.

Other expenses may include extended day programs, textbooks, bus fees, school activities, athletic and graduation fees, travel, clubs, and other activities.

The Houston Independent School District offers a program on a tuition basis to students who do not meet the eligibility requirements to attend prekindergarten for free.

The tuition rate for Pre Kindergarten is $5,675 for the 10-month academic year.

The payment plan is broken up into 9 payments of $630.56.

At Barbers Hill Independent School District, you need to pay annual tuition of $7,000 and non-refundable fees due upon registration:

  • $100 application fee,
  • $350 deposit that will be applied to the final payment.

A St. Thomas More Parish School charges $8,060 for Catholics (5days) per one child and $9,708 for non-Catholics.

For two children, the price for Catholics would be $15,347, and $18,478 for non-Catholics.

Also, they offer a 3day program.

Besides that, there are the following additional costs:

  • $300 – registration fee per student,
  • $175 – application and testing fee for the first applicant, $45 for each additional applicant,
  • $200 – new family administrative fee, it’s added to the FACTS tuition account.

Additional Costs

In some schools, additional costs are paid to cover meals and snacks, drinks, transportation, excursions, and various supplies.

The costs vary from $25-$1000.

Most of the schools apply a $25 late fee.

Average costs for the optional Before & After-School Program are $3,600.

The annual textbook, trips, material, and activity fee is about $300.

Some schools charges about $600 for lunch (4-days a week) and about $745 (5-days a week).


Certain schools offer a 5%-25% sibling discount if there are more children from one family.

Also, tuition will be cheaper if paid at once instead of in installments.

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  1. I paid $300 weekly to the pre-kindergarten program I was using, it was locally owned, not a national chain.

  2. $1500 was the price I got but only because I know someone who works where I put my son in and they gave me a discount, it is usually more expensive.

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