How to Become an Actor

The first impression a person may have of an Actor is that the majority of people in this profession are rich and famous.

However, individuals who want to become an Actor can also look for opportunities in mediums that are not strictly located in Hollywood.

Although Actors based out of Hollywood, CA have the highest earning potential, Actors who perform in other mediums can also make a living out of acting.

Actors on television or on the big screen are the most visible, yet more likely to be closed off.

Because of this, many individuals don’t realize the sacrifice and hard work needed to attain that level of success.

Individuals who want to become an Actor need a combination of talent, patience and tenacity in order to make a career in acting.

Education Requirements to Become an Actor

There are many paths an individual can take in order to become an Actor.

There is no specific path an individual needs to take in order to be successful in this profession.

However, an aspiring actor has plenty of opportunities to work on their skills in order to get better in their craft.

Opportunities to gain experience in Acting can range from taking extracurricular classes, begin taking acting courses in high school or also study acting in a post-secondary institution such as a college or university.

An individual can study acting or a related field at the college level in order to gain experience and enhance their skill set to succeed in this field.

There is no specific major an individual needs to focus on, although taking certain classes and getting a degree in an acting related field will help with one’s acting resume.

An individual can focus on theater arts or a drama degree to build their craft.

Taking classes in film, drama, dance or music can also help individuals develop a well-rounded skill set as well as preparing students for the entertainment industry as a whole.

Actor Job Description

The main duties for an Actor include reading and interpreting scripts or plays in order to gain an understanding of the character they have been hired to enact.

Through acting, individuals perform a variety of expressions in order to fully portray the role of a character.

Through expression, Actors will also communicate ideas and emotions developed through a written character.

They will also interpret the written script for entertainment purposes.

Successful Actors oftentimes hire professionals known as agents.

These agents have connections to production companies and serve as the middle person in helping an Actor attain an acting job.

Because Actors experience a lot of down time during acting jobs, up and coming or entry level Actors will spend a lot of their time looking for and auditioning for acting roles.

For Actors who find consistent work, they will spend their time between acting jobs researching characters, learning about the circumstances and eras portrayed in the script and memorizing their lines and script.

The will also perform rehearsals to make the production more smooth and meet with directors and other professionals working on the set of films or theater productions.

Actor Salary and Career Path

The median hourly wage for Actors was $20.26 in 2012.

There is a large discrepancy between lower earning and higher earning Actors in which lower earning Actors made less than $8.92 per hour in 2012 while the higher paid Actors made more than $90 an hour during the same year.

Individuals focusing on an acting career should expect a 4 percent increase in job opportunities for acting jobs in all mediums.

This increase is expected to last through 2022 and is considered a small increase when compared to other careers as a whole.

Being a successful Actor is more than glitz, glam and fame that we are accustomed to seeing on Hollywood red carpets.

Professionals in this field are also hard working individuals who work on perfecting their craft and network with various professionals in the acting industry.

With the perfect combination of talent, strong work ethic and a talented agent, an individual will have endless opportunities working as an Actor in film, television or Broadway.

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