How to Become a Voice Actor

Voice Actors are most commonly recognized by their voice than by their physical appearance.

They may provide voice material for a variety of productions including for: television shows, cartoons, commercials, radio shows and movie trailers.

Individuals who succeed in this profession typically have a strong and recognizable voice that helps them stand out amongst other individuals.

Individuals who want to become a Voice Actor will need to work on attaining experience, complete training and have some personal characteristics that will help them succeed in this field.

Because this field tends to be highly competitive, individuals are highly encouraged on working on their networking skills to make contacts in the field.

Other recommended skills can include: creativity, persistence and clear speaking skills.

Education Requirements to Become a Voice Actor

There are no exact requirements in order to become a Voice Actor.

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Many individuals have found success in this field without having had a formal education.

However, individuals are encouraged to gain experience and practice using their voice.

Individuals may take formal training through a university drama or theater arts program.

Courses in drama or filmmaking can also help an individual gain the necessary training to enter this profession.

Individuals who want to become a voice actor also have the option to gain experience by being a stage actor; many individuals have a stage acting background.

Individuals who want to become a Voice Actor can work on gaining experience on diction, proper pronunciations and learn new accents and dialects through courses and experience.

Through experience and training, individuals will also have the opportunity to use their creativity to produce and develop characters.

Being proactive by creating characters and learning dialects and accents may help individuals stand out.

Many employers seek individuals who already have experience and who doesn’t need any training after they’ve been hired.

Voice Actors will also need to take direction and be personable and easy to work with.

Because many productions are time bound and have non-negotiable deadlines, completing a job without much direction is one trait that many employers look for.

In addition, individuals who want to become a Voice Actor must work on their networking in order to enter this field.

The entertainment industry is very small and knowing the right people to begin a career in this track is one of the most important assets to finding and keeping jobs.

Voice Actor Job Description

Many Voice Actors work on a freelance basis and spend a good amount of time networking and finding jobs to work on.

Voice Actors will work with sound technicians and directors to create sound bites and recordings for animate television shows, commercials or films.

Using accents, pronunciations and their voice, they will create or enhance a character during their recording sessions.

Some jobs may be long term and last several seasons on air, or for such things as commercials, may only last a few days to a week to complete.

Voice Actor Salary and Career Path

Wages for Voice Actors are not generally tracked, but instead are grouped together with other types of actors including: stage, movie and television actors.

In 2012, the median wage for all actors was approximately $20.26 per hour.

Hourly wages of up to $500 per hour have been reported for many Voice Actors.

Many actors work part time and on a freelance basis which reflects upon their annual wages.

Voice Actors may work inconsistently throughout the year with some of the off time being used to search for new jobs.

Exact wages for individuals will depend on a variety of factors including the number of projects completed per year, professional reputation and the amount of time worked.

The job outlook for all Actors is expected to grow at a slower than average rate when compared to other professions.

Job opportunities for Actors, including Voice Actors, are projected to grow by 4 percent through the year 2022.

However, the exact job growth will depend on the type of production.

For example, movie productions and film opportunities are expected to have a better growth than individuals who would like to work for a performing arts complex.

Voice Actors are professionals who are experienced in creating sound bites for a variety of productions including television and radio commercials, films and animate television shows.

Some individuals may go their full careers without being recognized out in public, but what does stand out is their voice as many individuals who are successful in this career have spent a good chunk of their time creating a trademark voice or character such as the Voice Actor for Moviefone.

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