What To Wear For A Zoom Interview

The rise of the zoom interview in the recruitment process has been one of the biggest changes in the jobs market in over a decade, and it has made it easier for people to find work all over the world, allowing greater accessibility and efficiency for both job seekers and recruiters, as well as businesses seeking talent.

However, the zoom interview also has several confusing aspects that can be difficult to figure out if you’ve never had a job interview before.

One of the most confusing is the dress code for a zoom interview, and many people find this incredibly confusing and a little intimidating.

The reason for this is that zoom interviews have a way of feeling a little less formal than in-person interviews, after all, most zoom interviews are done sitting in your own home.

Failing to prepare correctly, however, and not gauging the tone and dress code correctly can set off your interview on the wrong foot and make the wrong impression, which is always best avoided in the competitive world of job hunting.

Giving yourself the best start and making the right first impression is critical to succeeding, and wearing the right clothing is a huge part of this, as it says a lot about yourself and how you see yourself, as well as how well you will fit in at a particular job or company.

In this guide we’re going to look at some of the best tips and advice for preparing your zoom interview outfit, to make sure you get the very best opportunity to shine and improve your chances of getting hired.

Grooming And Hygiene

First and foremost, hygiene is absolutely essential and key to starting the process off correctly.

Slipping into your interview outfit unshaved and unclean is really unprofessional and will likely make you feel quite uncomfortable, which can have a negative impact on your interview performance.

Getting in the correct frame of mind is critical when interviewing, and it’s important to be clean and presentable before you get dressed, as you would for any other important meeting or interview taking place in person.

Dress Smart!

Dressing smart is key, however, it doesn’t always mean wearing office wear. By dressing smart we really mean you should wear clothing which is clean, ironed, and presentable, that makes you look professional and well organized but that can also show off a little personality if possible.

We’ll touch more on how you can use your wardrobe to win people over later, but dressing in something presentable is key, so avoid tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts and anything with loud slogans or questionable imagery, as you want to let your skill and character shine, not distract from it.

Avoid Busy Patterns And Bright Colors

While this isn’t always necessary depending on the situation, it can be good to avoid patterns which are too busy and colors which are too bright, as these may not show up very well on a webcam and can look unprofessional for some roles.

Wearing something neutral is a little safer, especially if you’re going for a particularly formal position or industry, were something less loud is a good idea.

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating color, but use it sparingly instead of trying to dazzle your interviewers with your blouse instead of your skill and experience.

Dress To Fit

Make sure your clothes fit!

Regardless of what you wear, nothing looks more untidy than clothes which don’t fit correctly!

Ensure that your shirts and trousers are properly fitted and that everything looks neat when its on, especially if its clothing you haven’t worn for a while.

Properly fitted clothing can make you look more professional and neater, and will overall make you a more appealing candidate.

Wear Something You Feel Comfortable And Confident In

While it’s important to incorporate all of the above elements into your decision, try to still wear something you feel comfortable and confident in, which brings out the best in you.

An interviewer is looking primarily at you and your experience, as well as what you can offer, so enabling yourself to feel comfortable and confident will result in you coming across more positively to an interviewer and will likely make your first impression much more striking and memorable.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself and add some personality to your outfit, just don’t allow it to overshadow your neatness and professionalism.

Always Wear Pants And Shoes

It may be tempting to only dress your upper body for a zoom interview, after all if noone knows then its not harming anyone right?


Getting dressed into your full outfit will make you feel much more professional and businesslike when you sit down to your interview, and as already mentioned mindset is a key part of interview preparation and performance.

Ensure you facilitate this for yourself by getting fully dressed before your interview, as this will make you feel more confident and more comfortable throughout, and remove distractions and potential mishaps!

Check Your Lighting

When preparing for a zoom interview, always check how your lighting affects your wardrobe before you start to avoid any embarrassing or time-consuming issues with your lighting and your outfit.

You should be clearly visible during your zoom interview, so ensure your lighting works well with your chosen outfit ahead of time.

Check Your Background

Another important thing to check is your background, as it can be easy to forget about this and to blend in or cause some other unintended embarrassment that will make your interview to become derailed.

Test Everything Beforehand

Always test your computer, webcam, and microphone beforehand, and ensure that your outfit works well with your background and camera as well as your lighting, before the interview starts, as disruption and distractions can totally ruin your chances of getting hired.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring you dress appropriately for your interview is really important, perhaps even more so for a zoom interview, as it can sometimes be hard to get your personality across during a remote interview.

Always dress professionally, practice good hygiene and try to inject a little personality into your wardrobe to come across as authentic, but try to gauge the company culture and try to show you fit in with their style, whether it be formal or a little more casual.

Following these tips will help you navigate this new world of job interviews and hopefully assist you on your journey to success!


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