What To Bring To An Interview: Teenager Edition

Preparing for a job interview as a teenager can be daunting, especially if it is one of your first applications. While you may undoubtedly be nervous, keep in mind that everything will be OK!

You will do well if you completely prepare for the interview ahead of time, and are aware of what exactly you will need to bring with you.

So, what will you need to bring with you? What shouldn’t you bring with you? What should you wear?

Relax, we’ve got you covered!

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about interview preparation.

What Should A Teenage Girl Wear To A Job Interview?

There are a variety of factors to consider while selecting an outfit for an interview, depending on the job you are going for.

Most companies will let you know what style you should wear to the interview beforehand, e.g., smart casual.

Here are some wardrobe ideas for a teenage girl.

Upper Wear

Your best bet is to go for a light colored blouse or shirt, moderately buttoned to the top. Dresses are also an option, providing it is a nice, smart dress. Avoid t-shirts and crop tops!

Even if you are being interviewed to operate at a casual workplace, you will want to appear professional. Wearing clothing that shows too much skin, or is a little too casual, may make you appear unprofessional.

Lower Wear

For your lower half, consider wearing either some dark tailored trousers, or a dark skirt at a reasonable length and/or paired with some pantyhose.

Denim jeans and shorts should be avoided at all costs, as they will be perceived as unprofessional. You might be able to get away with wearing dark jeans for an interview at a casual company, but it’s best to play it safe.


Sensible, closed-toed shoes, preferably in a dark hue, are preferred. You could even wear a tiny heel, but nothing too extravagant, unless the employer has outright stated that they do not want you to wear heels.

Depending on the job you are applying for, you may be asked to work a trail shift during your interview: fast food companies, such as McDonald’s, are known for this.

In these cases, you will not want to walk around a kitchen with a slippery floor in a pair of fancy heels.


If you are applying for a job that revolves around food – e.g., waitressing – you should probably tie your hair back into a neat bun or ponytail. You will be required to tie your hair back if you get the job, so you may as well start as you mean to go on.

You may wear your hair down if you are looking for any other type of employment, but make sure it is neatly styled and presented, and not covering your face.

No extravagant hairstyles are recommended for your first interview: this includes bright hair colors.


You should think about bringing along a bag to hold certain items that you will be bringing along with you to the interview (more on this later). A dark purse or clutch bag should be fine, providing it is large enough to hold all your stuff.

You may have been asked not to wear facial piercings to your interview, but even if this has not been specified, you should play it safe and remove all visible piercings for your first interview, even tiny ear studs.

Additionally, you should remove all jewelry, aside from a simple wedding band if you are married.


We all want to look nice for big events, such as job interviews, but you may want to take your makeup game a step-down for the first, initial meeting.

If you would like to wear makeup, apply a natural, subtle look that won’t draw too much attention. Bright lipstick and colorful eyeshadow looks should definitely be avoided (unless you are applying for a job at a makeup/beauty store).

What Should A Teenage Boy Wear To A Job Interview?

What to Bring to an Interview - Teenager Edition2

As a guy, you will face different issues to girls when it comes to picking the right outfit.

Certain aspects of your clothing may be clear to you, but others may cause you to wonder if they are suitable or not.

Here are some outfit suggestions for a teenage boy.

Upper Wear

A light colored shirt tucked into your trousers is the ideal foundation for an interview outfit. If the place you’re applying for has required formal attire, you can wear a tie, or even a suit jacket. T-shirts are not recommended.

However, if you have been asked to dress ‘smart casual’, put the tie away! You don’t want to look over the top if you are applying for a casual job, as this may give the impression that you are trying too hard.

Lower Wear

Just like we said to the girls, you should think about wearing dark colored tailored trousers to your interview. Jeans may be acceptable if they are dark and not ripped or modified, but we would suggest that you avoid any form of denim whatsoever.

Shorts should also be avoided, even if it is really hot outside.


Once again, sensible, closed-toed shoes are recommended for an interview, ideally in a dark shade.

Do not wear sneakers or any form of sport footwear, even if they are dark colored.


Your hair should be neatly styled, preferably slicked back if it is short so that it does not cover your face. If your hair is long, consider tying it back so that it does not look untidy during the interview.

The most important thing to remember is to appear clean and presentable.


The same rules apply here as for the girls: take a clean, dark colored bag to hold all your belongings during the interview, and take out any visible facial piercings.


Depending on the place of work that you have applied for, you may need to be cleanly shaven for the position. Most places will, at least, require that you have neatly trimmed, presentable facial hair.

If you are applying for a job at a restaurant, or anywhere that handles food, you may be required to wear a hair net over your beard if you have one.

What Items Should I Bring To An Interview?

Firstly, you might want to bring a notebook to the interview filled with questions you’d like to ask, so you don’t forget during the interview.

The interviewer will probably ask if you have any questions for them at the conclusion, and having questions already prepared will impress them.

You could also jot down some notes about what you’ve learned about the company: interviewers appreciate candidates who are well-informed about the position. This will demonstrate that you conducted your own study and learned about the company on your own time.

Just don’t rely on your notes too heavily: maintain as much eye contact as possible to allow the conversation to flow naturally.

You should also bring a piece of paper with your availability printed on it, which you can provide to the interviewer. Although you may have already listed your spare time on your resume when applying for the job, it’s never a bad idea to remind them.

You should also bring along a form of identification, whether that be your passport or driver’s license.

What Should I Not Bring To An Interview?

While it is acceptable to bring your cell phone to the interview, you should not use it at all throughout the interview itself. It shouldn’t ever become visible to the interviewer.

Make sure it’s in your pocket or purse at all times, and don’t forget to set it to mute or Do Not Disturb mode.

Some interviewees have been known to bring gifts with them to give to the person conducting the interview. You don’t want to do this since it will appear a little desperate, and as if you are attempting to buy your way into the position.

However, you should remember to send a ‘thank you’ note over email after the interview, expressing gratitude for their interest in you for the position.

This modest gesture may provide you with the competitive advantage you need when competing against other candidates for the same position.

Final Thoughts

You may have been asked to bring additional items to your interview by the company themselves. In those cases, you should follow their instructions and do what they want you to do.

Otherwise, everything else has already been discussed in this post! If you follow our directions, you’ll be on your way to success.

Good luck with your interview! You’re going to do great.


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